Who is Bar-Jesus

I usually blog about the Old Testament because unless we understand what we wrote 1845BC to 400BC, we cannot hope to understand what we wrote after that.

Previous blogs have explained that the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE is translated into several different so called names.  All of which are not yet revealed, as they are yet to be discovered.  Amongst them was Jesus, Esias, Joshua, Joshiah. Jehoshuah.

New Testament is based on Old Testament and many words refer back to the OT.  The JSE gives us the numbers that are used to identify words in the OT.   So we can discover their meaning. Provided we travel all the way back to the roots.

Many of those words are directly connected to the OT meaning and we find a word.  Some are not.  Sometimes two or more words from the OT are joined together in the NT to create a totally new word.  Just as Bar-Jesus. (more…)

What Relationship is There Between Mole, Heron and Swan

What Relationship is There Between Mole, Heron and Swan

All Three Mean the Same Thing

Something that breaths hard.  The mole breaths hard when digging the tunnels in the meadow.  The swan and heron breath hard when migrating.

Is a Mouse an entangling spider?  Is a Hawk a brilliant flower?  Is vomit a Pelican?  Is Raven a dusky covering?  Is lacerate an Eagle?  Is the night violent? Is the Great Owl the breeze?  Is Ospray the strength?  ????? Read on and discover more.

The KJB translation and the interpretational stories all indicate that these words are physical  animals and  birds that we are not to eat.  It is not the physical animal nor the physical bird but what they represent that we are not to eat.


What Was Actually Denied Us?

What Was Actually Denied Us?

Leviticus 11:29, 30

Approximately 1688 BC our pen wrote.

 not to partake of the gliding, attacking, establishing, shreiking wail, secrete, hide, lie low, hard breather.” 

Why do you suppose that this is not good to partake of?

Do we arrive at the same understanding when we read the KJB?

“unclean to you among creeping things, that creep upon the earth, the weasel, and the mouse and the tortoise after his kind. and the ferret, and the chameleon and the lizard and

the snail and the mole.”

Which one of these writings has more weight and more value in living daily life?

Which one dishonors our elders?

Which one can we understand and apply?

Using Egyptian math Will Add symbology expressed by usng words we discover this: (more…)

Are You Also Confused

Are You Also Confused

Tower of Babylon means Confusion of Languages

Some have said they are confused by my writings, videos, graphics, etc.  Desiring me to wave a magic wand that will open blind eyes and deaf ears.

I have no magic wand but I do have a Strong Bridge that has supported me for 25 years.  Years of passionately seeking the unconditional love.

Ears and eyes tuned to Christianese language created through the many INTERPRETATIONS was a stronghold for me to break through.  Break through until I could hear the beautiful stories of creation that we the human wrote 3000 yrs ago.

Stolen Property

     Our stories written between 1845BC and 0AD do not belong to the Christian (more…)

Good Food

What is Good Food?  Where Do We Find it?

After the  master human kingdom, These Trebled (Exodus) was birthed out  of the mastership Egypt (heaven and earth) there were instructions.   These Trebled (Exodus) is a female, non gender word simply means alive, generating, growing, etc.

Instructions of what was good to eat and what was to be avoided. Told in the original word meanings; we see this food is not plant and animal but phantom illusion (spirit) food. these instructions were given to the Accosted, Called Out (Leviticus). 

Please enjoy this video.