Jesus was a Bachelor???

Food for Thought During the Season Was Jesus Mistook?

Is the Bible misunderstood?

This is a very tongue in cheek joyful song that should cause us to pause and ponder what we believe….

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Jesus was a bachelor


The man I most admire spread love throughout his world
The man I most admire didn’t mess with girls
He looked around, saw the deal, said I can’t do this
I’m gonna get my 12 best buds, go drink wine and fish

Jesus was a bachelor, and so was Buddha too
Could it be that they knew something more than me and you
Buddha cut the ties that bind and headed for Nirvana
Women tried to marry Jesus, but he said I don’t wanna

Relationships take lots of time and compromise at best
Maybe all the saints knew they could never pass that test
Take Mother Teresa, she chose good works instead
Nuns all marry Jesus, but, well, ’cause he’s dead

Jesus was a bachelor, and so was Buddha too
Could it be that they knew something more than me and you
Buddha chose enlightenment over married life
Jesus couldn’t save mankind and satisfy a wife

So if all your friends are saying I do, but you just won’t
Take comfort in the fact that even Jesus said I don’t
If you want to meditate on more ethereal worlds
Don’t let your lower chakras chase material boys and girls

Jesus was a bachelor, and so was Buddha too
Could it be that they knew something more than me and you
Buddha left his family for much less worldly pastures
Jesus was too busy getting ready for the rapture

Some folks now dispute this thought that Jesus was unwed
A rabbi, single? in those days? there is no way, they?ve said
As for me, I think the way of partnering is best
I?d like to be enightened and still be having ____!

Jesus was a bachelor, well maybe, maybe not
Maybe he was married and that church in Rome forgot
Some say Mary Magdalene was wife and apostle
I don?t know what you think, but I say hey, it?s possible

There?s one more possibility we cannot overlook
Maybe there?s another way that Jesus was mistook
I know what I?m suggesting is not what some want to hear
But if it troubles you, then it?s not love you feel but fear

If Jesus was a bachelor, then maybe he was gay
That would be quite frightening for some Christian today
They want to ban gay marriage, but their Bible?s misconstrued
What kind of Christianity judges and excludes?


What is Name?

What is Name?

Conspicuous Position

CP  translated  in KJB as name and Shem.  CP is what is meant.  Wherever a specific CP/name appears tells us what that position is.  Citing a name as if it is a person in the KJB translation tells us nothing.  Leads straight to the Tower of Babel confusion of languages.

When we see the CP as being in the spotlight and we look at the surrounding environment; we see much.  Provided we are using the original meanings and not the English translation; nor its multitude of additional words.  Nor the infused gender, nor the infused time, ad nauseaum.

Using Egyptian math WILL ADD and seeing the conspicuous positions through the symbols representing the creative processes, every single scripture can be understood in its original intent.

Egyptian math symbology, reveals the creative processes.  The original words explain what the CP is all about.

Basic Egyptian Math Wheel

Here is a EM wheel WILL ADD  with the CP at the center.  These are not all of the EM symbols, however they are the first 18 basic symbols in the wheel.

Symbols of creative process; that cannot be understood by using todays numbering system.  Todays numbering system is helpful in keeping track, but gives no information about the creative  process of increasing the ONE.

Following is the CP of Rest and the symbols that apply to that part of  the familiar story of a man in an ark with a bunch of animals.  Wow what a stench that must have been. What did that CP of Rest really produce?

One thing to be observed is that the copulative door of strife had no offspring.

If this is origin of today’s people coming out of an ark; as interpreted; then where did the conspicuous position of today’ strife come from?
Where does the concept of war come from?
Who/what built the CP highland of fear?
Why is the CP of the twins Little Earthquake important to know?
Why did the CP hidden distant CP successful house CP completed fail at the breast?
What is the CPStation?
How did the CPFriend lead to the CPStation?  and where does it go from there?
Did you discuss or learn  any of this in Sunday school or church?


The First Mass

Mass is Not an English Word in the KJB

The word mass is used today as a gathering of people to do a common ritual performed by a special chosen person.  Others refer to it as church service.

The laity, the Firstborn Divine Child/humanity is not allowed to conduct mass.  However it is encouraged to become part of the army and participate in war.

Mass from the original text, is an open punctured non gender word.

Mass is translated everything but mass. Consider these English words used in the KJB, all of them the same word and therefore all of them puncturedfemale mass.  That means actively open for something to change, happen, be remembered.

appointed time, army, battle company, host, service, soldiers, waiting upon, war-fare.

Wonder why these words were used instead of mass? (more…)

Black Madonna is the First Fruit

Black Madonna is the First Fruit

BMLEE, First Fruit of Creation

The human pen between 1845BC and 70AD documented on papyrus,  many times in many places the creation and its story.

The Black Madonna lower Egypt/earth sprouted from the primordial waters of creation.  Pushing up through the White Supremacy of the Ice Mountain.

That first sprout deep within itself, reached for the strength of the Queens House, upper Egypt/heaven.  That sprout grew and in turn nourished the seed within itself.  That is the seed of all that would ever sprout and grow in the universal creation.

The First Fruit of the BMLEE/QHUEH is the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest. This is the seed container WILL ADD.  The Egyptian math principal is WILL ADD.  Adding produced: (more…)

Camel Coat and Water

Why Did John the Baptist Wear a Camel’s Coat and is Associated Water?

John was the precursor of Yah is Salvation/Jehovah has Saved.

  • When we use the Egyptian Hebrew gimel, meaning we get camel.
  • When we use the Egyptian Chaldean meaning, the older language, we get gomer which means completed.

Any three/three/three things: ideas, processes, concepts, thoughts joined together make a gomer/completed/completion.  A REMEMBEREDMALE form, concept, idea, construction, etc, etc. etc.  (more…)