Birthright Passes to the Erect Palm Tree

Birthright Passes to the Erect Palm Tree

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Last Sunday we explored the passing of the birthright from the RED SOILesau to the SWOLLEN HEELjacob twin of the red soil.

When we look at each step of the generating of the RAPIDLY MOVING SOILADAM and its mate the FIRST RIB OF LIFE GIVING LIGHTEVE  a very different picture emerges.  A picture quite different from the religious myths that have abounded for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.

Religion insists on the stories being human.  However, in human genealogies the birth orders do not change with circumstances; but progressively pass down, creating a new generation.

So the CELEBRATED that comes from using the power of the open handjudah could not possible be found in the same generation as its HUMAN parents.  It would be the next generation and therefore have a different sequence number.

Nonetheless in the 24th generating of the DUAL LIMITSegypt, the birthright passes from the SWOLLEN HEELJACOB (twin of the RED SOILESAU) to the CELEBRATEDjudah.  If this were a human father siring a human son it would be the next generation. (more…)

Annular Solar Eclipse

Annular Solar Eclipse

For those in a Given Pathway

Japan across the Pacific Oregon, NM and Texas, residents can view this event head on.  That is they will see the ring of fire of the sun surrounding the moon as it passes across the face of the Sun.

Makes me think of the first rib of light, the Life-Giver that revealed the shape of the sea monster, the rapidly moving soil that had formed in the primordial waters and heat of creation.

This original text rendition, which we today call the Big Bang, was translated in the Bible as a myth about Adam and Eve and then interpreted as the human parents that failed the children.

Not only failed the children, but the children killed each other.  Not even close to what we wrote.

The parents of Life Giving Light and fertile soil have not failed yet.   The Life Giving Rib of Light caused the soil to become Redesau.   The limits of lower Egypt, earth. The heel, the twin, of the Red Soil swelled  and reached for the limits of the Queen house, upper Egypt heaven.

The heel is the birthright holder that looks, feels and smells like its twin, earth.  It is the neutral branchtribe from which grows the BRANCH EXTENDINGTRIBE.  There is only one united oxhead of creation; there never were 12 nor 13 tribesbranches.  Those are divisions made by mythical religious stories that steal our inheritance.

One vine, one branch climbed over the wall into the everlasting hills and has never stopped growing.  Despite the efforts of religion to stunt its growth.

Time to rethink our religious myths that we hold so dear to our broken hearts.  Waiting for a mythical God to do something.  Something was already completed.  Nothing is lacking except to walk in the fullness of a perfect creation.

I say mythical God because that word is created from 14 different word recipes.  Which God are we waiting for to rescue, heal what has always been PERFECT?  A perfection that is constantly, continually changing, LIVING.

The FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY has never lacked anything.  But much has been stolen through belief in religious myths that steal our power and teach us that our first parents failed, so how could we possible ever succeed.

Time to reclaim what is rightfully ours, the original text from which came religious books that distorted what our pen declared.

I Do Not Share What I have Learned

To Change Your Beliefs

Merely to inform you.  If that information changes your belief then so be it.  If it changes nothing, so be it.  You are the Firstborn Divine Child Humanity and the fullness of creation is part and parcel of who you are.  You lack no good thing.

If what is shared on this site, enhances your creative spirit to be what you always have been PERFECT; then that is reason enough for my writings.

To Reacquaint You With Laws of Creation

When we remove gender and see the laws at work through the word formation, it changes everything; our view is totally rearranged.  Death is a lie, life is a river and cannot die.  It simply keeps evolving, changing, rearranging, renewing, replenishing, restoring

Nor To Argue Points of Differences

Our DNA is 99% the same, but that unique 1% is how the creation is expressed through our presence here on the planet.  Each one a unique flavor, fragrance, color, contrast, shape and spiritual expression. (more…)

ArAn #3 Eve

ArAn #3 Eve

ArAn based upon the INTERPRETATION of the translation of the King James Bible.

 NUMBER #  3   Interpretation of 1645 AD translation

Our second parent is a female gender individual, that was a rib taken out of a male gender individual, living in the Garden of EdenPleasure.

1688 BC  FirstGenesis We wrote this

The first rib of light, the Life GiverEve emerges from the seven previous luminaries (lamps), the cycles of heat.  This first rib of life giving light; that is light risingzerah, reveals the curve of  the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH.  

The rapidly moving soil, the sea monster in the spit of the primordial water, has now taken on a curved shape.  It is pregnant with all the seed of all the kingdoms that would ever sprout and grow on the planet, the Garden of PleasureEden.

Ponder on what those seven luminaries (lamps) were/became/are.  Ponder that the translated male/remembered word seven is indefinite/undefineable.  It was not an amount that fell between five and six, as it does today in our current numbering system.

No wonder it was translated into a variety of numbers, other than 7.

Clue:  Luminaries from the  QUEENS HOUSEUPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN.What other first sparks of light falling have been relegated to the lowly status of an individual human?

REMEMBER this website is based upon King James Bible and the James Strong’s Concordance that is the bridge back to our original writings 1845 BC to 70 AD.  These are just tidbits to whet your appetite to learn more.

Lost Flaming Sword of the East

Lost Flaming Sword of the East

Losing the Black Madonna and the House of the Queen


How did we the FBDC, Firstborn Divine Child, lose sight of our mother the BLACK MADONNA?  Excerpted from the 14 steps of the Argumentum ad nauseam.

We, the FBDC clearly defined the Big Bang in 1688BC.  Our pen wrote the FIRSTGENESIS  story.  

Coming out of the dark void of the Great House and Landpharaoh came the description of our modern day version of an atomic explosion.  Single atom, ONE UNITED OXHEAD, breaks open releasing wind, heat, light and creating water from two gases.  Water in its three forms, ice, liquid and steam are an Egyptian Gomer, completed.

The argumentum ad nausem taught by teachers of English starting in 1640 AD using the KJB brain washingtold a different story.  They told about an instantaneous appearance of all life, as if a magic wand had been passed over the black void and suddenly everything was present.

A picture is painted of plants, animals, fish, birds, etc.  None of which exists in our original documentations.  Only the spit is there.

We not only have lost sight of the BLACK MADONNA LOWER EGYPT/EARTH our mother, we lost sight of the first rib of light of the QUEENS HOUSE UPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN.

brain washingThe teachers of English, teaching the  ArAn overlook that first rib of light and then go on to paint a picture of a female gender being taken out of a male gender.  When the KJB clearly says look at the creation and understand how it works.  Female humans coming out of male humans is not how it works.[emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

They say the first rib of light, the Life Giver is a female gender called Eve.  Forever obscuring the light of the QUEENS HOUSE UPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN.  That rib of light continues to increase in fire, light and heat until the WhiteLebanon mountain of ice releases the BLACK MADONNALOWEGYPT/EARTHER .

Releases the BLACK MADONNA LOWER EGYPT/EARTH out into a Conspicuous Hot Expansion of Rest.  The teachers of English teach the ArAn that these are the human sons of a human male called Noah.  Lay the basis for white supremacy, black failure leading to increased slavery.

In 1688 BC, we did not write about individual human beings.  We wrote about the creation story.  Something that had happened in the far distant past.  Probably in relation to the last ice age 70,000 years ago. 

The teachers of English starting in 1640AD were teaching the ArAn, which has caused us to lose sight of both our mother BLACK MADONNA LOWER EGYPT/EARTH and our home QUEENS HOUSE UPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN, where we have always lived.

The teachers of English are unable to keep a continuity in the stories and therefore the FBDC also lost sight of the FLAMING SWORD OF THE EAST.  The opening of the single eye of Egypt that allows the QUEENS HOUSE UPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN to once again bath the BLACK MADONNA LOWER EGYPT/EARTH with its strength.


The FBDC has free will and lacks no good thing, all the SKY RECORDSakashic/akasha are resident within and can be accessed if we leave off listening and believing  the ArAn.  It has has been crippling us for too long.

 axeTime to lay the axe to the root of the tree that is producing rotten fruit. Written by Light Bringer Egyptian Gomer completed cycle; otherwise translated as Luke 3:9