Pluralities Build the Tower of Babel

Singular Solid Rock Petra is the Base of Pluralities

The foundational base of the solid rock Petra  is crushing the backs of the sand of the sea.

First the plural gods, wind, water, fire and earth were changed to a singular all powerful God. Not to mention the 14 different recipes used to come up with the word God.

All the singular words, which is most of the original text was made pluralities.

There is only a single Egyptian eye, not eyes,  a single Egyptian tooth, not teeth, a singluar branch and a branch extending translated as plural tribes.  The branch and the branch extending come from the original water door of creation. (more…)

Why did the Lord Destroy the Crawling Serpent

Why did the Lord Destroy the Crawling Serpent

1 King 1:9

To understand this requires understanding Egyptian math Will Add.    Will Add to the one united oxhead which is all there ever was or is.  Always and forever increasing the power of one.

Letters were translated into numbers and are treated today as if they are mathematical calculations.  This is misleading.  If we understand Egyptian math Will Add; it clearly reveals what is in any given scripture according to the original text.

First King  the Oxhead1 with the crawling serpent inside. (more…)

The First Mass

Mass is Not an English Word in the KJB

The word mass is used today as a gathering of people to do a common ritual performed by a special chosen person.  Others refer to it as church service.

The laity, the Firstborn Divine Child/humanity is not allowed to conduct mass.  However it is encouraged to become part of the army and participate in war.

Mass from the original text, is an open punctured non gender word.

Mass is translated everything but mass. Consider these English words used in the KJB, all of them the same word and therefore all of them puncturedfemale mass.  That means actively open for something to change, happen, be remembered.

appointed time, army, battle company, host, service, soldiers, waiting upon, war-fare.

Wonder why these words were used instead of mass? (more…)

What Was Depression?

What Was Depression?

What Did Our Pen Write About Depression?

A word translated in the KJB as Maachah, Maacah.  From which comes the Machathite, Maachathi, Maachathites.  Then interpreted as personages.

This word is used at least 29 times.  The table below is not in any special order.  Following the table there is one story written in the original meanings from one single verse.

Lest you think Depression is not important because it is Old Testament.  There is no New Testament without the old.  Remove all the references to the Old Testament words and the New Testament has no leg to stand on.

1 time in FIRSTGENESIS  written 1688BC place unknown
1 time in EXISTENTJOSHUA from OPEN WIDE builder of PerpetuityNUN (1646BC in the place of the skullGilgal.) (more…)