What if we had no Point of view?

 What if We Simply Were Open to Possibilites?

“Polarity is the way…..that this reality….. is created by most people.

They decide what is right and try to head for that.

Then they decide what is wrong and try to eliminate that.

What if you (WE)  could embrace it all?”  Dr. Dain Heer.com

We have created and live in a world of endless religious dogmas, beliefs, opinions, viewpoints.   These viewpoints and opinions about right and wrong have for too long divided and polarized us into compartments.

The deep desire of the release of the new database is to provide a different viewpoint of an incredible work that has been around for more than 100 years.  Namely the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance. A viewpoint that was not about right and wrong; but was and is  used to reinforce right and wrong.

What is the potential, the immense possibilities when we look at that incredible work from a slightly different viewpoint……changing nothing; but simply making it more functional.   Easier to use.  Easier to pull together a variety of viewpoints; emerging out of the same foundation.  A foundation built in the mid1800s by a team of 100 person seeking to know the truth about a book called Bible published in the mid 1600s.  Published for the common population that could neither read nor write.

A different viewpoint gives a different view so that comparisons can be made….not to determine right or wrong; but to have a fresh perspective of the 66 ancient scribings.  Notes put to paper 1845BC to 70AD.

The evidence that a  multitude of viewpoints are confused  is the 1100+ attempts at rewriting the English Bible in new versions.   Each one is still based upon the viewpoint of the English words.  Still based upon old teachings about right and wrong behavior.

When we look from the viewpoint of the MEANING of the WORDS used in the original languages…..we see something quite different..

Light oxhead10 + house = Completion;   (inside) oxhead10  + door = window… which is interpreted as Luke 12:14

The existent open wide free  (interpreted as the name Jesus and many other names) inquires  …who made me (the existent open wide free) the divider over you?    the answer is WE DID.  We made the existent open wide free a person and then kill each other over the very person we claim is GOD.

A different viewpoint allows us to make changes in our previous viewpoints about right and wrong…increases our ability to embrace it ALL.  That is what all of the deities of creation do…embrace all….allow all…invite all forms to emerge, evolve, grow and change.  Creation does not judge rightness nor wrongness.

We did and do that based upon an English created word GOD.

When we remove all of the words that are interpreted as the English created word……God….. and all the words that are formed from that word God…there is nothing left but a few common everyday words.  Nothing left to fight and argue about.  Nothing left to judge as right or wrong.

A completely different viewpoint.

Hidden Keys Unlock Hidden Doors

Hidden Keys Unlock Hidden Doors

Understanding what the original text actually says, is not an easy task.  King James was INTERPRETED, but not TRANSLATED.  KJB is the text to which the JSE was keyed.  Why?  Because it was the only document created for the common people; who,, for the most part could neither read nor write.

100 + years ago, a team of 100+- persons built the Strong Bridge, James Strong Exhaustive Concordance.

letters, numbers

They assigned 5624 numbers to various words in the original manuscripts of the NEW T. and 8674 words in the original manuscripts of the OLD T.

Key in handHowever, there are also thousands of words in the NEW T. that have no numbers assigned.  The original meaning of most of these unnumbered words has been identified.  They are part of the formation of other words; some numbered and some not numbered.

The situation in the OLD is quite different and reconstructing the word trees is an easier task.  The word trees give us a comprehensive look at the meaning of a group of words.

In both cases we now have, or soon will have a much broader more comprehensive  view with which to compare the true original meanings with the words chosen by the INTERPRETERS.

It is not so much that the religious world did not want to reveal this information; but more likely because up to date, there has been no way to put this information into a format that could be easily used.

That changes with the database being developed.  We will be able to more easily see the big picture.  Groups of words are families and they are similar in meaning.

Words do not lie.  Language does not lie; it is our way of communicating.  Or not.  Oranges do not grow on an apple tree.  The more we understand what a word meant and how it was formed.  Who its cousins are is important information.  What the root word means is invaluable in reconstructing the original text.

Key in handThe keys, are unnumbered; but the meanings of those words are given.  Keys  unlock the mystery doors created between 1845BC to 70AD.  This is the time frame of the writing of the original texts.

Let me repeat there is no NEW testament without the OLD testament.  A fact easily seen through the new database way of looking at the JSE research.

The Religious Myths of sin, shame, blame, devil, death, hell and resurrection, have held us in their bondage for thousands of years.  Myths told long before there ever was an INTERPRETATION which is titled Bible.   A book written to conform to the common held beliefs; which would have had a huge influence upon what words were used and what messages were conveyed.

The 66 writings that make up the basis for the Bible were scribed in many different places (mostly Palestine), by many different authors (most, if not all unknown).

They do however hold the common theme, the story of creation as we viewed it at the time of writing.  It is a very little book, sweet in the mouth, bitter in the belly. Rev. 10:9, 10 (revolution of the oxhead with the power of nine….ability to return to full house) (the power is in the palm of the hand, which is the house that holds the power).

Bitters are what assist digestion of food.  We have been eating off the knowledge  of good and evil and need to digest out all the evil that we have believed existed.  Did exist according to our beliefs.  Gen. 2:9  (First house and inside is a cycle of wisdom)  The word nine means turn to the next full # which is the oxhead to the power of 10.  

oxhead to power of tenNot ten oxheads.  One oxhead, one creation,  with more power, more understanding, more knowledge, more wisdom.

If we pick up the keys, unlock the door of our understanding, wisdom will be more than happy to help us remember what we have forgotten.  Creation is one, we are one with that creation.  Creation is perfect and is constantly changing into new forms of life expressions.

Death is a lie, life cannot die.  Else it would not be life.  People perish for lack of knowledge.  Knowledge is denied by religious myths that denigrate it and portray life as something we have no power to cooperate with.  These myths place us at the mercy of  man’s laws that we cannot possibly follow.

Law denies. life allows.

Watch for news of database release.  You too will be able to more easily glean knowledge from the fields of yesterday.

One Two Three Four 1 2 3 4 are not the Same

Why is the Translation One Two Three Four?

Why do we read one two three four, etc but think 1, 2, 3, 4?

1, 2, 3, 4, etc. are symbols that represent mathematics, calculations, measuring, amounts, etc.

One, two, three, four, etc are words that have distinct meanings.  Some are related to the math, but these words are definitions, not calculations.

When we replace one, two, three, four, etc with 1, 2, 3, 4 we stay in the Tower of Babel which means confusion of languages.

When we use the creative processes that are connected to one, two, three four, etc. plus their numeric order we discover much more information.  Information regarding what our pen scribed 1845BC to70AD that was semi translated into the book called Bible.

If you are regular reader of this blog you have seen some basic repetitive symbolic colors, PUNCTUREDFEMALE and REMEMBEREDMALE words.  Absolutely nothing to do with gender; but symbolic of creative process revealed by the James Strong Concordance.

A passing glance at the the words so designated in the James Strong Concordance leaves absolutely no doubt, that gender is absent.  The language groups from which we wrote were not gender based.

When male gender is assigned to puncturedfemale words and neutral words we get knocked off the trail of discovering the truth.

Gender was infused by the nature of the English language.  This creates gross errors in our understanding.  As I have stated many times, the errors are not so much in the KING JAMES TRANSLATION but in the INTERPRETATION of it.

Subscribers click on the more button and learn more about one, two, three, four……


Laughing Now

Laughter, Isaac is our Inheritance

What a wonderful adventure going back through some of the notes of the past 20+ years and discovering how much has been revealed over time.

How We Can Learn the Unique Language

We start to learn any language with the letters ABC and then the numbers.  From which we can then begin to form words.  Once the functions of letters and numbers to create words is understood we begin to make sentences.  Sentences evolve into paragraphs which evolve into stories.

So this has been my journey of discovering what the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY actually wrote 1845BC to70Ad.  Letters, numbers, words from a variety of languages were translated into stories.  Stories that have been interpreted into myths that have infected the entire planet with dis-ease.

What a Joy to have the PLACE OF WAKING translated as city begin to open even wider.  First seeing there was/is NO GENDER then rememberingmale to eliminate all of the added English words placed there by translators to explain their translation.

The next allahstep was to study the individual letters and numbers moving on to the individual words.  Discovery of how words are formed, where the roots are and where the branches lead is crucial to reconstruction of the sentences, the phrases.  Then the stories can begin to emerge. (more…)

English Test

English Test

What Do You Choose?

Of these 8 different word meaning taken from the original text, which one/s accurately depict the English word CATTLE based upon the English language as we use it today?  Which one/s would you use instead of CATTLE to convey what CATTLE means to you?

  1. mute, dumb
  2. bought that comes from be erect
  3. pushing that comes from rush
  4. deputyship that comes from dispatch
  5. eating that comes from kindle
  6. sculpture that comes from to sling
  7. beeve that comes from to plough
  8. to erect

All eight were translated as cattle; but also translated into which of these words?

  1. beast
  2. flock, herd
  3. possession
  4. purchase
  5. substance
  6. ewe
  7. lamb
  8. sheep
  9. business
  10. industrious
  11. officer
  12. thing
  13. use
  14. workman
  15. manship
  16. curved figure
  17. carving
  18. graving
  19. inquire
  20. search
  21. attain
  22. buy
  23. buyer
  24. teach to keep cattle
  25. provoke to
  26. search
  27. got
  28. jealousy
  29. possessor
  30. purchase
  31. recover
  32. redeem
  33. surely
  34. verily

All 34 plus others were used in place of CATTLE.  If I read sheep, lamb, flock, my mind would not go anywhere near the word CATTLE.  Let alone any of the other words, like jealousy, without qualification of some kind.

If I read workman, I do not think of cattle in English terms.  However I know that the word man is mortal and is not exclusive to humans.  Which means one step closer to the original text meaning.

Which of those above words would cause you to think CATTLE?  So unless we understand what any given word means in the original text, we wallow in a cesspool of confusion.

A word means what it means in any language and unless there is some other qualifying, explanatory reason alongside giving a broader definition, the meaning is not altered.

bridges King James to original textThis is the confusion presented in the Bible translation.  There are so many different words used to define something we cannot even associate the translated word with the original meaning and therefore dismiss, displace, refuse the Strong Bridge.

The bridge was properly built, structurally sound.  It is our confused mind that needs setting straight.

The redemption is found in the vast portion of the Bible which is actually not translated.  We can begin to build an understanding by using some basic words and their real meanings.  Replacing what we have been commonly taught.

See tomorrow blog for examples of that.  A simple task, but changing old habits takes intention, diligent application and endurance to attain.  So this task may not be so easy.  There is no magic wand, magic pill, secret hidden chamber, locked door, lost key, that is not resident within our very beings.

I hope this intrigues you into a journey with me, exploring what our human pen actually scribed.  It belongs to us the ONE UNITED OXHEAD,  the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY.

It has been misused for too long.  Time to reclaim our property.  Time to slay the fatted religious calf.

Let me know what you think.  How did you score on the quizz?

There are many ways to redeem our writings; just like there are many different shapes, sizes and colors in a jigsaw puzzle.  Just difficult to see how they fit when the box has been loaded down with unnecessary pieces.