High Father With Dominant Head

Father of a Multitude of Nations

These are not the same.  When we take two different original words and make them be one personage; we fail to grasp the story.  It is not about personages; it is about creative processes

Without the High FatherAbram with Dominant HeadSarai that fell from the Flamesur of the Eastchaldees; there would be no Multitude of NationAbraham.

Still the religious entities fight over who came first  LaughterIsaac or Will HearIshmael or Yah is SalvationJoshua/Jesus..  They have no interest in teaching the masses the truth.

The Contestmidian was ended with the InitiatedHenoch Father of KnowledgeAbida, the Strength of KnowledgeEldaah.    This is found in the FIRST WORD OF THE HOT DAY  translated as 1 Chronicles.

Chapter 1, verses 1 – 54 paint a very clear story of the creative progression starting with the Ruddyadam to the Gentle Bullocksdukes of Redesau..  

We have a choice to continue to let this planet feed on sour milk and rotting meat or discover the simple truth of what was documented thousands of years ago.  Simple  truth that has been defiled by sour milk and rotting meat stories.

Failure to seek understanding  of that which we already know and understand deep in our own being has led to allowing the religious entities to feed us their sour milk and rotting meat.

There are no keys, no secrets, no magic formulas that are not already resident in our holy temple/body.

We lack no good thing; but when we feed on sour milk and rotting meat we become weak, frail, at dis-ease and die.

Why People Will Contend?

Why People Will Contend?

1 Kings 11:26

First king power in the house/palm of the hand11; holding the head20 of the house2 nail6.

How do these symbols of Egyptain math Will Add play out in the original text?

This blog is not intended to give a full story; but to tweak your interest.  Only a tidbit is being offered. What do the words mean in this particular verse?   Which is really only helpful when we understand the creation story that went before.

These words are not people; despite the INTERPRETATIONS that have been taught for hundreds of years; these words are the story line of creation.

Why is it that the  majority of words in the KJB are never even looked at in terms of teaching the masses of people?  Let alone going back and discovering their original meaning.

To do so would mean changing the religious teachings.  Changing the religious order, doctrines, laws, doxologies, monologues and all other manner of piercing, warring against the servant of PEACE.


Egyptian Math Will Add

What is Egyptian Math?

Many blogs and tweets refer to Egyptian Math Will Add

Everything was measured by the size of the ONE UNITED OXHEAD.  It was not about dividing up into pieces.  It is always about WILL ADD and WILL ADD more strength,growth.

  • The oxhead increased to the power of ten, which is the open hand of power
  • increased in power to 20 the head
  • etc.

The symbol of the one united oxhead was represented by the first letter, Egyptian athoim, Hebrew aleph and  now English A.

Language is organic and changes with time. So does the way we write the letters and numbers. THAT DOES NOT CHANGE THEIR MEANING. (more…)

Before the 14 Holocausts/Steps of Forgetting

Before the 14 Holocausts/Steps of Forgetting

Forgetting our Mother, the Black Madonnalower egypt/earth

Just a reminder that this entire website is based upon two documents, the King James Bible and the resource that allows us to discover what our pen wrote between 1845 BC and 70AD. 

Those writings are the source from which the King James Bible was translated, distorted by very nature of the English language.

The original documents form a unique language created by pulling together a variety of words from different languages, written by different authors in different time frames. 

Stories repeated over and over again, with different words; at different times in different places, but always the same message of creation.  The message is buried even deeper, under 750,000 English words of today.

James Strong spent 35 years building this unique  bridge to this unique language.  All of blogs on this website, are relative to what was discovered by crossing that bridge for more than 20 years.

When we slapped the English language on top of the approximately 10,000 +- words of that unique language, we forever distorted it into a genderized version of creation.  

Forever unless we go back and rediscover how to think and then REMEMBER in the language of 4000 years ago.  REMEMBER, we the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD wrote those documents.  They are our stories.

In the Beginning

According to the record of FIRSTGENESIS, there was a dark void from which came a Big Bang. The dark void is the source of all that is the creation.

The record of creating  and birthing our mother, the Black Madonna lower egypt/earth. ends and the birthing of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD BEGINS with THESE TREBLEDEXODUS

In between  the big bang, is the creating and birthing of all the elder kingdoms, our womb matesbrothers. The plant, insect, bird, reptile, stone, mineral, air, water, fire, etc. etc. 

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brain washingThe 14 holocausts/steps are simply a broad outline of how we became influenced by an argumentum ad nauseam that has perrmeated the entire planet with DIS-EASE.

Causing us to forget that we live, move and breath with our mother, the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH  AT RESTNOAH/NOHAH/MANOAH  in the QUEENS HOUSEUPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN.

That our elder womb matesbrothers  are readily available to assist and teach us their limited consciousness, so that we can manifest the full consciousness of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.

Whether or not you ever entered a church, synagogue/temple/ashram or not, you have been infected with DIS-EASE

The single human pen wrote that our destiny is to enter into REST.  The arguementum ad nauseam translates that as death.  Death is a lie; life cannot die.

Life is in the blood. 

  •  In the blood of mortal/life at the center of every blood cell is iron, that came from our mother, the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTh.   That iron core of hemoglobin never dies.
  • In the blood of mortal/life are two gases, the BREATH OF LIFE,  oxygen and carbon dioxide.  A perfect example of the purpose of duality, working together.  Plants feed on light and then feed us,.  We give back the gift of life, carbon dioxide
  • The breath of life never stops breathing; we set up resistance and believe that we must die, so that we can go to heaven.  The place where we already live in, the Garden of Pleasureeden.

brain washingThe argumentum ad nauseam could not kill the SPEAKER that brought the message of abundant life.   It, however, has attempted to kill the words.  Words are energy and they do not die.  We live in the SKY RECORDSAKASHIC/AHASHA and today we continually contribute more records through our fingers tapping on the computer keyboard.

Hidden Secrets

The lament of forgetting is  that something is hidden, some secret, some key, some magic alchemical formula.  So we keep searching, when all the while, it is inside. Always has been, always will be. 

The FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD is destined to master self and has all the necessary tools to do just that. We are the key, the secret, the magic formula, the code, the way, the life.

So next we will begin the journey starting with the first holocaust/step.  A holocaust is a burning of the previous step, with the intention of not going back. 

However, the baffling wind can be discovered in our original records and it always takes us back to the first estate of our being, FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.

Mayan Codex and the Unique Language

The meanings of the original words/letters/numbers tell our true story.

We have in recent times, managed to let the codex of the Mayan records reveal themselves.  That is after decades of struggling to slap our understanding on them only to fail to connect the symbology.

It is time to do the same with our symbology of words/numbers/letters that created a unique languge, all its own, starting 4000 years ago.  A much older record than the Mayan codex.



Remembering the Black Madonna

Remembering the Black Madonna

Before I outline the 14 “the motion of the fish hook” of the holocausts/steps.  Holocausts/steps of forgetting our mother, the BLACK MADONNALOWER EYGPT/EARTH;; I want to address how can we remember/recall.

Remember is a male word that means pulling together something from the past. This creates a form, either a thought/remembering or a manifested thought/remembered into an object.

There is no point in knowing the holocausts/steps, the burning of the past road map, if we cannot brain washingrecover, remember that which the argumentum ad nauseam pushed down into our subconscious.   First we remember the big broad brush strokes.

What was pushed down, covered up by 750,000 English words of today is the remembrance that humanity is the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.  Living in the QUEENS HOUSEUPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN with our mother, the BLACK MADONNALOWER EYGPT/EARTH;.

Keys, Marks, Markers, Milestones

The big broad brush strokes were scribed using about 10,000 different words.  A unique language as it crosses several languages over a time period between 1845 BC and 70 AD. 

 Some of those words appear only once, or twice or three or four times.  These are keys. Others frequently appear.  These are marks, markers, milestones.

 666 is a mark of the man beast in which is wisdom.  6 + 6 + 6 = 9 cycle of wisdom.  6 is nailNail, nail, nail, pound it in to the psyche.  What was pounded in, is not what we wrote. [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

This NAIL is a key connector between the writings of 1645 BC and 70 AD; Old and New Testaments. 

Old story, told in a new way. Nonetheless the new story is a baffling wind, a wind that takes us back.  This baffling wind is a marker, that appears frequently; but not always the same manifestation.  Listening to the baffling wind is wisdom.

How to use the Baffling Wind

The task of remembering is simply; but not easy.  We learned English starting in our mother’s womb and have been emersed in it all of our lives.

The not so easy task requires laying aside words of gender, separation, duality that is oppositional, instead of co-operational.  Concepts about directions, colors, lineages of people, etc. etc. etc.

The not so easy task is the time required to trudge back and forth across the Strong Bridge uncovering the original stories.  I have personally spent more than 20 years doing just that.  Seeking no other resource.

First task is eliminating all the words added to make it grammatically correct in English.  These additional words more than doubled the size of the original documents

Another task is to accept that what we think any given word means, may not mean that at all.  This website is full of examples. For instance a word that means leap for joy, an expression of emotion.; was translated in the King James Bible into horse, crane, horseback and horsehoofs. 

The baffling wind of the NT leap for joy in the mother’s womb, takes us back to the OT mother’s womb of the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH. A story not to be told here. 

Another example is the word west, for us today it indicates a direction; it was translated amongst other words as south in the King James Bible.  The original word actually meant roar and was translated as west, south, sea and other English words.

What the argumentum ad nauseam insists to be the word of god, may not be the word we are thinking at all.  It may be and usually is something far different than todays understanding.

The not so easy task is understanding concepts such as the relationship of the creation to itself.  Creation has no north, south, east, west.  Those words and their concepts are added. 

The use of directions, places self and its creation in relationship to the planet.

    • The pen, the vehicle of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD was/is Egyptian Toth. 
    •  The movement of the pen on the paper was/is Egyptian Seshat. 
    • The energy that documents,  leaves a mark, a conspicous position/shem  on the  paper comes from the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, HUMANITY.

I invite you to become a regular reader of this website.  That is if you are interested in remembering you are the FIRSBORN DIVINE CHILD.  If you want to shake off the argumentum ad nauseam that has been telling you something else.