Existent Open Wide Free is Risen

Risen From the Puncturedfemale Rock

Existent Open Wide Free was translated as Joshua, Isaiah, Jehoshuah, Jehoshua, Jesaiah and Jeshaiah, Jesus, Esaias.

Most of the US and a huge portion of the world today is resting, celebrating the event. Gathering beautiful decorated eggs, eating ham and feasting on this glorious day.  Happy to have a holiday, a respite.

Existent Open Wide Free arose through the Mistress ship, the place prepared by the Egyptian father by law, Will AddJoseph.  The Mistress ship came through Prophet of Graceannah as a Rebelliousmary TowerMagdalene.

People perish for lack of understanding what the human pen wrote 1845BC to 70AD.  Nonetheless the effects, affects, outcomes are everywhere present; not necessarily in the religious  houses built upon the solid rockPetra.  There is no place in a solid rock for anything to rise.  The solid rock holds them down under.

This is a summation of the Egyptian math principle of adding to the power of ONE UNITED OXHEAD; for that is all there is, ever has been, ever will be.

Existent Open Wide Free asked “who made me judge or a divider over you? ” The answer is we did.  The question is found in the Light Bringer governing the motionfish inside.  Translated as Luke 12:14

The Light Bringer completed a cycle of wisdom inside.  Luke 3:9 “the axe is laid to the root of every tree that does not produce good fruit”  (rememberedmale cycle). Absolutely nothing to do with gender.

A solid rock cannot produce anything until it is puncturedfemale opened up.  Nothing what soever to do with gender.

It is a Sweet Little Book engorged with English words trying to describe it and failing to come to the birthing place.

Nail in the Hand of the Egyptian Builder of Adding

Nothing About Sacrifice

The story of the nail in the hand of the carpenter on a wooden cross, has absolutely nothing to do with human sacrifice.

Ignorance of what the human pen scribed 1845BC to70AD has perpetrated a story, a myth because there was no way to explain it any other way.  Leadership paints the story daily about a human sacrifice on a cross.  Book shelves are jammed around the world with that myth. (more…)

Egyptian Math Will Add Alive and Well in Santa fe

Palm Sunday April 1, 2012

Sometimes called April Fools Day.  Wonder who the fools are?

I love to visit the Santa fe Plaza area on Sunday mornings.  Stroll around in different directions and pathways.

This particular Palm Sunday was gorgeous and so I stopped to have coffee on the patio of the a little coffee shop at the crossroads of Old Santa fe Trail and what used to be called Sparks Street.  Today it is called Alameda.

For some reason I felt drawn to go into the visitors center at the Loretta Chapel, just across the street.  I questioned my decision as it would probably be busy due to the season.  Nonetheless I have learned over the years to just do certain things at certain times, even when I do not have a good reason. (more…)

Head of House Completed

Egyptian Math Will Add Height

These two titles summarize what the Light Bringer brought to us.  Translated Luke 23:50, 51.

Lo, man conspicuous position Will Add advisor, good and equitable Height.
Place of waking Judasim who/who admit royal diety.

What does the mean?  What is this saying to us?  Remember I write from the original word, number and letter meanings.  This is not my interpretation; but what James Strong revealed to us in the 1800s.

 Capital words are merely an identification of translated words that today, we mistakenly call names of people and places.  They are most often the story line. (more…)

Black Madonna is the First Fruit

Black Madonna is the First Fruit

BMLEE, First Fruit of Creation

The human pen between 1845BC and 70AD documented on papyrus,  many times in many places the creation and its story.

The Black Madonna lower Egypt/earth sprouted from the primordial waters of creation.  Pushing up through the White Supremacy of the Ice Mountain.

That first sprout deep within itself, reached for the strength of the Queens House, upper Egypt/heaven.  That sprout grew and in turn nourished the seed within itself.  That is the seed of all that would ever sprout and grow in the universal creation.

The First Fruit of the BMLEE/QHUEH is the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest. This is the seed container WILL ADD.  The Egyptian math principal is WILL ADD.  Adding produced: (more…)