Understanding the Unique Language

The Original Text is a Unique Language

In order to understand the unique language of the original text from which the KJB was translated, we must understand the individual words.  After the “read more” there are some examples of how words composed of EXISTENT tell the story as opposed to the KJB translated foreign words.  Crossing the borders between Old and New Testament.

Primary words such as father, mother, brother, which are neutral words are relationship.  No gender, they are relational, relationship words. There are quite a few primary words, might surprise you what they are.  JSE tells us that brother is like father and father is like mother and therefore brother is like mother

On the other hand sister is an irregular form of brother. It is not a neutral word it is puncturedfemale, this is not a gender word.  Gender is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in understanding.

English Tower of Babel Confusion, confusion of language sets in when there are other word meanings for the KJB translated word MOTHER.  One of which is MOTHER IN LAW, again this is a puncturedfemale word, non gender.  It means that the neutral position has opened up has broadened is now including something else.

When we make assumptions based upon how we view, live and understand life today and try to make it be the same thousands of years ago, we fail.

Mother as a primary word means BOND, the glue.  When we make this be exclusivelya human reproductive process we fail to see the creation story.  Yes in human reproduction the mother is that which is in between the father and the child. the glue, the BOND.

MOTHER is also the mother measurement the cubit.  When we apply this to human reproduction only, we fail to see the creation story.  We fail to see the gods of fire, wind, water, earth and all that proceeded after them.  First of all because the word gods was translated 2606 times as as singular God starting in the very FIRSTGENESIS book of the KJB.

MOTHER is also translated from a word that means give in marriage.

Unless we know what each and every word in each and every scripture truly means, we cannot possible know what our pen wrote 1845BC -70AD. (more…)

Update on Existent Open Wide Free

Update on Existent Open Wide Free

Two more Words Added

In several recent blogs I referred to a graphic depicting Existent Open Wide Free.  This graphic displays the words of so called people that all mean the same thing EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.

There are in fact several different graphics based on the word EXISTENT translated in KJB as God, Lord, Jehovah, etc.  As stated before the meaning of any word does not change just because it is rendered in a different language with different letter symbols and sounds.  Fire always means fire.  Water always means water.  Existent always means existent.

Another word need to be added New Testament Esaias.  Just because words are spelled differently due to being written in different time frames and places; does not change their meaning.

Knowing this can, however change our view of the stories that have circulated for thousands of years.

There is another graphic with the Existent that is half of creating other words.  One of those words means EXISTENT TO BEND.  Which points us back to the HUSBAND TO BEND.  We need to add the New Testament word John to that list.  John means EXISTENT TO BEND.

Not to helpful unless we understand the creation story and what words actually meant. The graphics on this blogsite are available to Premium subscribers in all cases.  Some are available simply as a free subscriber.

Others are available in the store.

This is much like sorting the jigsaw puzzle pieces.  First getting them all facing up and then finding the corners and then looking for shapes, colors, that fit together.

It has taken almost 25 years of diligent seeking to bring me to the point where I can begin to share what I have discovered.

So while it may seem scattered so are the pieces of any jigsaw puzzle.  When the thousands of pieces  of other puzzles are dumped on top, it makes it more of a challenge to discover what pieces actually belong in this puzzle.

Creation’s story written over and over again 1845BC to 70AD.  It is possible to recover the Sweet Little Book, just takes desire to know, time to discover and an OILEDCHRIST mind to slip in between all the extra pieces that do not belong in this puzzle.

Buddhism, Hinduism Native American Coincidence?

Buddhism, Hinduism Native American Coincidence?

Fascinating These Three

I find it intriguing that the Buddhist, Hindu and Native American traditions, beliefs and stories parallel what we wrote,  1845BC to 70AD

How is it then, that  the three major religions on the planet claim to base their beliefs on the WORD OF GOD.  Those beliefs do not reflect the same beliefs as the BHNA? Nor do they reflect our writings nor what was intended.

How is that we wrote about creation?  We wrote about the interrelated, interactive beautiful dance of ONE UNITED OXHEAD, one creation, unified by, honoring and respecting all parts of the creation.  No part better than any other part.  Looking to the elders for direction.

Humanity is the Firstborn Divine child; but the littlest kid on the block; with the greatest giftMatthew.  The gifMatthewt of Bringing LightLuke that has been squashed by the religious entity consuming human energy.  Causing us to miss Existent MarkJohn

In 75 years on the planet I have never heard a teaching on the water builders of  PERFUME of a Multitude of Nations of Laughter.  Let us take a closer look.


Camel Coat and Water

Why Did John the Baptist Wear a Camel’s Coat and is Associated Water?

John was the precursor of Yah is Salvation/Jehovah has Saved.

  • When we use the Egyptian Hebrew gimel, meaning we get camel.
  • When we use the Egyptian Chaldean meaning, the older language, we get gomer which means completed.

Any three/three/three things: ideas, processes, concepts, thoughts joined together make a gomer/completed/completion.  A REMEMBEREDMALE form, concept, idea, construction, etc, etc. etc.  (more…)