The Great Theft and Bridge Destruction

The Great Theft and Bridge Destruction

To Substantiate Religious Myths

How long have the religious myths been around?  Who can tell?  Who can count?

In the mid 1600s the King James  Bible was produced for the masses who could neither read nor write.  Stories to substantiate what had been being taught for who knows how long.  A book in retaliation to a challenge to the church teachings at that time.

bridges King James to original textIn the 1800s a team of more than 100 people produced the James Strong Concordance that gave us a bridge back to the original texts and the meanings of the words we used (1845BC to 70AD).  This work was not published for the public until the 1900s.

What is revealed

  1. the tremendous amount of TRANSLITERATED words.
    1. Words that have no meaning in English or any other language.
    2. Simply replacing symbol of one language for the symbol of another language….means nothing; except the ability to go back.
  2. those words were capitalized, an English language function.
    1. this created the illusion of names of people, places and things.
    2. this reinforced the RELIGIOUS MYTHS that abounded.
    3. it also was a duplication, increasing the size of the Bible
      1.  one word uncapitalized was used and translated with certain English words.
      2. The same word with capitals was used with different English words.
      3. Creating a Tower of Babel which means Confused languages.
  3. gender was infused; an English language function.
    1. this also reinforced the RELIGIOUS MYTHS
  4. English words infused to explain the few TRANSLATED WORDS …..
    1. this alone, increased the size  of the Bible to more than triple
    2. we wrote a sweet little book about the big bang of creation and its creative processes; we wrote it over and over again.
    3. Ever wonder why those writings were selected from the HUMAN LIBRARY?
    4. Ever wonder what they said, what story was so important?
  5. Words meaning the same were used in different times and places with different spellings.
    1. these duplications increased the size of the Bible
    2. sometimes these words are lumped under one number; but often each has its own number. 1/8673 Old Testament words.
      1. Many of which are referred to in the New Testament’s 5624.

Dismantling the Bridge

There has been a steady dismantling and altering of the 1800s work of more than 100 persons.  This dismantling is obliterating the rabbit trail back to the original source of words and their true meanings..

  1.  Translated words are given, but lumped into a group without the JSE numbers to discover their original meaning.
    1. no way to know if any one of these is an added word or an original word translated.
  2. Thousands of scriptures are listed with no connection to the JSE numbers.
    1. no way to discover the original truths

Where are the Original First Editions?

The oldest copy available to the general public are the 1940 edition; which presumably still has the entire original work intact.

Interestingly when First edition is typed into the search engines, all that comes up are the first editions of recent years, like 1977, 2010, etc.  The first editions with the huge new revisions described above

Where are the original James Strong Concordances held?  Where are the first editions?  Who and for what reason is this work being dismantled?

Who has an interest in dismantling this Strong Bridge?  Why is it being destroyed?  Why have we neglected to use this beautiful gift produced by the hands of more than 100 persons interested in reclaiming our original writings?

Why are we willing to let it slip through our fingers?  An action that leaves us with the RELIGIOUS MYTHS.  An action that enabling them to continue to abound.

……back to the unveiling…..

Words Called Numbers

We have been looking at the difference between 1,2,3,4 etc and the words one, two, three, four; which have no relationship to each other in meaning.

We will be looking at another word seven, for which the translators could not identify an English/German word that adequately conveys the meaning.

It is referred to in the JSE as a PRIMITIVE NUMBER. We see seven and we think 7 and that is fine; but they are not the same meaning.  The word seven is created in a very unique way.

And it has two forms a  NEUTRAL and and a REMEMBEREDMALE, non gender word.  The way it is formed reveals much.  What grows from it reveals even more.

The base for this word  is the cycle of a primitive root neutral word meaning BE COMPLETE-with the—seven/seven and the cycle is repeated over and over again.

BE COMPLETE and seven/seven feed each other. Neither can stand on its own foundation;  it forms the foundation of the cycle of creation; which we wrote about.  Which came first, be complete or seven or seven?  

When we understand the difference between the neutral and rememberedmale words seven/seven we can see differently and understand differently.

These distinctions are not found in any of the Bible translations.  That would only add confusion to the gender based words already infused in the translations.

When we go back and reconstruct just that word seven/seven and what grows from it and how it connects to other primitive root word trees; we discover a well of living water so deep that it seems bottomless.

The next blogs will give a glimpses of what is hanging on the word tree that emerges from the cycle of seven/seven complete.

  1.  BUILDER SEVEN/SEVEN COMPLETE.  A word that RELIGIOUS MYTH TELLERS say is a human female married to a human king.  A transliterated word spelled bathsheba.
  2. We can see FREEDOM BUILDER that connects PEOPLE with STRENGTH.  A transliterated word spelled bath-shuah.
    1. Religious myth tellers say these are the same two human female beings.  However half of one word is REMEMBEREDMALE  word and half of the other word is NEUTRAL….both connect to the  BUILDER.
    2. if human is this hermaphroditic?
  3. One of the 14 recipes for the word God intersects and forms new words.
  4. Primitive root to build is vital in this reconstruction process of complete seven/seven.

None of which is human.

We can’t have it both ways; either we were writing gender or we were not.  WE WERE NOT!!

Time to use the pick axe and dig out the truth.

Graphics will be available to PREMIUM SUBSCRIBERS.    They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Hope you enjoy this journey into the world of WORD TREES that reveal their trunks, branches,  twigs, leave, flowers, fruit and back to the seed.

Light Does Not Wrinkle, Only Tinkles

 Isn’t it marvelous that light does not wrinkle.
We are light and do not wrinkle.
However sometimes we cast shadows and think that that reflection is who we are.
Not so we are the Light, which cannot die, wrinkle, fade nor ever go away.
Light tinkles; but does not wrinkle.
We are from the OTHER SIDE transliterated as eber and changed by English language rules to Eber.
We are the LIGHT RISINGzerah from across the LITTLEJoktan EARTHQUAKEPeleg through  the UPRIGHT PALM TREETAMAR and the CELEBRATED power of the OPEN HANDJUDAH and therefore  WE HUMANITYFIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD  are that….Light Rising.
All of that was transliterated into the word HEBREW.  Transliteration is not translations.  Transliteration is merely taking the symbols of one language and transferring them into the symbols of another language.
Most of the Bible is TRANSLITERATED and therefore has no meaning in the English language.
We can recover the meanings by using the Strong Bridge.  We must do it now.  The Strong Bridge is slowly being dismantled…..mostly due to copyright rules.  The latest editions, the new updated editions, thousands of scriptures are lumped together with no way to associate the JSE numbers with them.  They have lost the number connection provided by the James Strong Concordance, the Strong Bridge, that takes us back.
Religious myths abound today because we have been remiss in reclaiming our property.  Our, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD wrote the story of creation.  We wrote about the Big Bang.  We wrote about the plural gods of wind, water, fire and earth.
We documented it over and over again.  Specifically our writings between 1845BC to 70AD were pulled from our HUMAN LIBARY and used to create a book called Bible that reinforced the ancient RELIGIOUS MYTHS that were and are used to control HUMANS.  The main method of control is saying these storiesm these RELIGIOUS MYTHS  are stories about humans.
Our stories about creation and its processes were translated with transliterated words into the book called Bible to control the masses.
When will we reclaim what rightfully belongs to us, THE FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD was and is the light of the world.  We came across the Little Earthquake and arose from the depths of the lower limits earth, translated as Egypt.  We grew and we live in the upper limits heaven, also translated as Egypt.
Does anyone out there care?  Is there anyone willing to help reclaim our property?
Does anyone care that the LIGHT RISINGzerah created a COURTYARDHEZRON,  Just another TRANSLITERATED word that has no meaning in English or German or any other language except the original text.
We are the PREVAILING STRENGTH transliterated as ISRAEL.  PREVAILING STRENGTH is not a people group, a nation, a country; it is the composite of HUMANITY.
 Why do we still use that strength to kill each other.  Why?  Because we believe in the religious myth about a brother killing a brother.  We say that is the word of God.  First of all the Sun has never ceased to kill its brother night.  Brother night has never ceased to resurrection every morning.
The strength of sunlight is called SAMSON and then taught as if it is  a person.  Time to revamp our thinking.

One Two Three Four 1 2 3 4 are not the Same

Why is the Translation One Two Three Four?

Why do we read one two three four, etc but think 1, 2, 3, 4?

1, 2, 3, 4, etc. are symbols that represent mathematics, calculations, measuring, amounts, etc.

One, two, three, four, etc are words that have distinct meanings.  Some are related to the math, but these words are definitions, not calculations.

When we replace one, two, three, four, etc with 1, 2, 3, 4 we stay in the Tower of Babel which means confusion of languages.

When we use the creative processes that are connected to one, two, three four, etc. plus their numeric order we discover much more information.  Information regarding what our pen scribed 1845BC to70AD that was semi translated into the book called Bible.

If you are regular reader of this blog you have seen some basic repetitive symbolic colors, PUNCTUREDFEMALE and REMEMBEREDMALE words.  Absolutely nothing to do with gender; but symbolic of creative process revealed by the James Strong Concordance.

A passing glance at the the words so designated in the James Strong Concordance leaves absolutely no doubt, that gender is absent.  The language groups from which we wrote were not gender based.

When male gender is assigned to puncturedfemale words and neutral words we get knocked off the trail of discovering the truth.

Gender was infused by the nature of the English language.  This creates gross errors in our understanding.  As I have stated many times, the errors are not so much in the KING JAMES TRANSLATION but in the INTERPRETATION of it.

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When Five Primitive Root Words Converge

When Five Primitive Root Words Converge

What Do They Have to Tell Us?

We start with primitive root I have assigned #1 which has nothing to do with the JSE numbers.

Words by themselves reveal their true meanings and their growth processes.  They cannot lie. Humans take words and connect them to create what they want them to mean.  Here is but one example of how the word meanings reveal their truth.

The graphic and the following information, is by no means exhaustive of the primitive root word that means BE HIGH.  This is merely an example of how to use primitive roots to clarify the muddy waters of religious myths.

Starting with primitive root #1 we can construct a rabbit trail that helps us reclaim what we wrote 1845BC to 70AD translated into the Bible in 1640AD,

The JSE numbers lead us to discover that there are  14 growths coming from this primitive root.

There is a PUNCTUREDfemale non gender growth directly off of the root #1 which means BE HIGH.

There is also a PUNCTURED female non gender word as a secondary branch from the primitive root word BE HIGH.

Four branches are joined by growth from other primitive roots to form other words.

English translators  took 10 of these word meanings  and capitalized the transliterated word..
English translators added gender  and place designations to these transliterated words.
English translators then take these 10 words and translate them into 12 different words.
English interpreters teach those words as if they are human and or places.
The other growths coming from the primitive root word BE HIGH are translated as haughtiness, height, X high, extol, lift self up, height, on high, haughtily, far above, dignity, haugtinenss, height, most hihg, on high, high one, high place,loftily, upward.

English translators then translate the primitive word meaning BE HIGH in these terms: bring up, exalt self, extol, give, go up, haughty, heave up, be high, lift high, upon high, make on high, set up on high, too high, higher, high one, hold up, levy, lift, lifter, lift up, be lofty, X a loud, mount up, take way, take off, take up, breed worms.

Which of those words are the synonym  for BE HIGH?  What does breed worms have to do with BE HIGH?  There is an answer if we understand what the worm is and where it comes from ad what it produces.  Not discussed here.

How does X a loud a synonym for BE HIGH?

Note none of these word meanings are REMEMBEREDmale words.  Why because they have nothing to do with gender which is infused by the nature of the English language.

Two are PUNCTURED female words; but neither of these designations has anything to do with gender.  It is about creative process.  When we use this information about creative process we can reclaim our property.

If you are a premium subscriber you can have access to more details about this graphic plus additional information.  Such as the primitive root I gave the #2 which means TO EXIST is part of more than 2000 other words.


New Updated JSE Has Changed the Numbers

New Updated JSE Has Changed the Numbers

James Strong Concordance has been around since the mid 1800’s.

This is a work of more than 100 people that gave us the Strong Bridge back to our original text. Given to us after more than 300 years after the Bible was translated for the commoner.

Studying primitive roots and the trees formed from them, is  an excellent way to understand and uncover our hidden stories. Hidden under a pile of religious myths.

A circular root word (see graphic below) that is especially informative and sheds great light on the religious myth about a body of a male person being cut into and a rib taken out and a female person being formed.

Totally contrary to the scripture that says we are without excuse.  Just look around at the creation and see how it works.  Where in the creation around us; do we see anything like this religious myth?

The primitive circular root helps us to reclaim the story.  However, the new, updated version of the JSE which has removed thousands of numbers to specific words, obliterating the trail of meanings, has also changed some numbers.

Specifically #5967 has been changed to #6763 in the Chaldean book of the JUDGE  RULES with STRENGTH from STRENGTH from the TWIST translated as Daniel.   Written about 606/616 -536 BC in Babylon and Sushan.  Why was this number changed?

Let us look at what the circular root word has to tell us about #5967.  Before that let us look at the JUDGE  RULES with STRENGTH from STRENGTH from the TWIST.

STRENGTH from STRENGTH from the TWIST is one of the word recipes used to create the word GOD.  The basis of thousands of other words, translated and taught as if they are human beings.  If so then Daniel is half human, half God.  These words are examined from time to time on this site.

Primitive root TO CURVE is fed by the word that has both a neutral and punctured female 

component.  Whether we use the neutral RIB  or the punctured female RIB that feeds the CURVE to create a curved RIB/RIB, there is no REMEMBERED MALE component.

Why, because there is no gender in our writings.  Creation and its’ processes are not gender based functions.

The word rib/rib is not plural.  There are no ribs/ribs.  There are no male gender ribs.

Gender is the basis for all of the religious myths that have clouded what our pen scribed 1845BCc to70AD.  (more…)