Releasing Biblical Fountain of Truth

Requires one word at a time.

Unless we go back and discover which words were there.  What those words actually meant at the time of the writing, we just continue to spin our wheels in the same old myths.  Like a car stuck in the bentonite clay of Montana.  Slick as a whistle, the clay keeps the car from  going anywhere else.

So it is with religious teachings stuck in a few chosen words and stories repeatedly taught to each new generation.

Bentonite is great for sealing off the Well of LIving WaterBeer lahai roi that comes from the Mistress ship, lower Egypt earth.  To let that truth out would destroy the entire structure that has been built upon a desert scene.

Can anyone give a logical explanation of why we, the religious community teach our children about failed parents, a father who is willing to sacrifice his son, a brother that kills a brother, a boy that slays a giant and then we point fingers at those who do those things.  Then tell them they need to be saved.  Most especially does it point fingers at Islam.

Is the teaching so that there is someone to save?  Is it job insurance?  Out of the other side of the mouth spews the unconditional love of god.  What god is so frail it could not create something other than failed parents?  What god would ask a father to kill a son?

Those few chosen stories told over and over again for thousands of years have no weight on the scale of the original text.  When we decide words mean people, we are forever lost in the English Tower of Babylon, confusion of languages.

They have huge weight in the present condition of the world.

Until the religious community goes back and sees what was actually written, the creation story, the present condition of war, killing, maiming,destroying  will continue.

We have the power, have always had the power to create the world we desire.  Humanity is the Firstborn Divine Child with the ability to think, reason, create and enjoy it all.

The supplies of creation are not limited except by our puny minds of lack.

Lack is a sack with a hole in the bottom that never has enough.

The 9th Holocaust Step

The 9th Holocaust Step

End of a Cyclenine

The splitting continues. Another major split, the Orthodox Church breaks away.

Egyptian letter #9 represents the serpent of wisdom.  

#9 is an indestructible number.

The #9 means “turn to the next full number”  The next full number is the one united oxhead to the power of ten. 

 Letter #10 is the hand; but it means power; the power of increase from one unIted oxhead to the power of that one united oxhead.

Egyptian math is always WILL ADDjoseph.  It is never about dividing, separating, divisions, quarrels, arguments, wars, etc.

It is the math that created the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest that contains everything.

When Orthodoxy broke away, there was no turning the tide back to original position of one united Oxhead. 

Branch and Branch Extending 

This was once again a new branchtribe striking out on its own.  A branchtrube separated is not the same as the BRANCH EXTENDINGTRIBE.

Not knowing the difference between a BRANCHtribe and BRANCH EXTENDINGtribe makes all the difference in whether or not the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest is manifesting or not.

Same as not knowing the difference between rock and the Egyptian  pile of rocks.  Building on the solid, neutral rock of Petra is not the same as the Egyptian  pile of rocks where Yah is SalvationJesus was buried and resurrected from, the rich Egyptian  pile of rocks where the church is being built. 

Who Divided the Firstborn Divine Child?

Answer is every religious sect on the planet.

Neutral branches pruned from the vine or the tree cannot grow, for they have no roots; they cannot extend, grow.

Neither the Church of PetraPeter/pope, the governmental rule from Rome or from England or any other place on the planet nor the Orthodoxy were willing to turn back to One united Oxhead.

Each remains in its own cycle even today, along with all the other dead branches laying on the earth.  Separated not only by Christian beliefs, but Islamic, Judaic, atheism, Hinduism, Janism, Buddhism and all the other isms that separate us.

The relentless beating on the consciousness of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, HUMANITY has never ceased.  The manifesto of the Man of WarMartin Soldier of the PeopleLuther prevailed and has influenced the major portion of the planet.

There is not one corner, one nation, one tribe, one people, one family that has not been influenced by this Man of WarMartin Soldier of the PeopleLuther.  Set us on a course of action to save the world from itself.  The holocaust of which is unfathomable.

Religious habits continue to distract us with minor holocausts of a single war, the German war. Not that we should overlook that; but it  causes us to forget the holocaust to the entire human kingdom.  Most especially the BLACK, including the natives.  Let alone the holocaust of beheading women and children, regardless of color.  Compounded in the black and native women and children. 

Once again, Man of WarMartin Soldier of the PeopleLuther is not alone, but is a key figure in the steps toward brainwashing the planet. A deluge of concepts of death, hell, damnation, struggle, strain, war, die and be judged. 

Concepts of male dominance, white supremacy were endorsed by the religious dead branchestribeof the church. Therefore must be GODS WILL to suffer and so we must beat ourselves up and prefer other, smarter more intellegient leaders of the dead branchtribe


This is not what our human pen wrote between 1845BC and 70AD.

Good Faith Good Intentions

All of this was done in good faith and in good intentions.  Good faith and good intentions do not always play out that way.

Jesus said BE PERFECT.  We have been sold a bill of goods that we must PERFORM PERFECTLY according to different standards set in different cut off neutral branchestribes.

Instead of teaching BE PERFECT, the teacher was set on a pedestal too high for mere humans to attain to.

YAH IS SALVATIONJesus posed the question “WHO MADE ME DIVIDER OVER  YOU?”  The answer is we choose to give our power away to other people and choose to believe what they said/say.

We cut off our own heads and put on them a platter.  Then we served them up to the religious habits we choose to adorn ourselves with.

The Beheadings

The Dance of PeaceSalome has cut off our heads; keeping us from doing all that YAH IS SALVATIONJesus did. 

YAH IS SALVATIONJesus said “do not say peace, peace, when there is no peace”.  “I came not to bring peace; but a sword”.  This sword is not to kill people, but to kill the concept of war within ourself.  To be at peace within and therefore at peace without. 

So we pretend to live in peace on Sunday mornings and turn our backs on the holocaust of division

Division is the main weapon of warfare to keep the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, humanity, from walking out its position.  A position of self determination to be ONE UNITED OXHEAD with the power to rule and reign over SELF.

Who is in charge of that weapon of division?

ANSWER Either the individual or that which we give away to.

Holocaust/step number nine gives us a choice.  Stay in the old cycle of the past or turn to the new age, the new eon, the new revolution of time.

Some will and some won’t.  Some will continue to recycle back into the BLACK MADONNAlower egypt/earth.  That energy will resurface again and again until mortal takes on immortality. 

Death is a lie.  Life cannot die; else it is not life.

The 6th Holocaust Step

The 6th Holocaust Step

As we have been seeing, the main stream of humanity continually grows, learns and begins to understand things in a different way. 

 Instead of the mass or any given religious, national, familial, cultural coalition expanding and adding in the new ideas and concepts,  it tends to break away from the old.  This causes an increased fragmentation of the mass of humanity.

Is This an Error?

This is not necessarily an error; as the status quo can be a stabilizing factor.   Roots stabilize the plant.  The main stem or trunk stabilizes the branches.  The branches stabilize twigs.  Twigs stalibize leaves, etc. 

Without the root of knowing we are the DIVINE FIRSTBORN CHILD, the entire human plant loses its footing, topples and dies.

What Happens is We Forget the Egyptian Math

What  did/does happen is the new concepts are often rejected by the masses due to a plethora of reasons. Mainly due to the religious habit having been formed, now has a strong hold that resists change.   This in turn causes us to forget that the basic Egyptian math is WILL ADD.  A continual adding to, increasing, growing; not division and fragmentation.

When we forget Egyptian WILL ADD we lose the root of our inheritance.  Egyptian WILL ADD is the thread that connects us back to the root of our being.

We began as the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, HUMANITY.  Family broke into tribes, then nations, cultures, etc.  This included different religious groups.  

Remember we are looking at the three major religions, that today influence the largest portion of the planet, Judasim, Christianity and Islam.  This does not limit nor exlude all the other the religious and non religious influences; they are merely the example being used.

A Pattern of Thinking

The pattern of forgetting can be applied to any  part of our thinking.

These three not only broke away from an old form taking along some parts of the old form, but also taking from the outside. This is REMEMBERING, RECALLING, REFORMING which is a male non gender process. 

 These in turn broke internally into sects of Judaism and denominations of Christianity; which disagree and fight with each other; all the while holding onto some basic premises.  

This same pattern held true for the new kid that appeared on the block in 622 CE (common era or AD after our Lords’ death) Islam.

Islam is the 6th step in our forgetting the womb of the Black Madonna lower egypt/earth.  Which in turn caused us to forget where we live; we live in the Queens house upper Egypt;heavenWe do not die and go there; we already live in the Garden of PleasureEden this very moment.

The Weapon

These three major influences on the planet are enabled to spread their doctrines, beliefs and ideas when the  7th  holocaust/step comes into play.  Letter number seven represents weapon.  This weapon increases the divisions, separations, wars, struggles, strains and despair on the planet.

ArAn #4 Brother Kills Brother

ArAn #4 Brother Kills Brother

ArAn based upon the INTERPRETATION of the translation of the King James Bible.

 NUMBER #  4 Interpretation of 1645AD translation

An individual human male named Cain killed his human brother Abel.  Cain is forever banned from the Garden of PleasureEden.

1688 BC GenesisFirst iof  We wrote this.

Outside of the Garden of PleasureEden from striking a musical note, came a LANCECAIN .  The LanceCain of the Flaming Sword, fire, guarding the Eastern Gate, destroyed the wombmatebrother, House of VanityAbel., the cold/dark/night.

What comes from striking a musical note?  Sound of fire.  Sound of thunder?  Sound of water hissing?  What is the sound of the Eastern Gate opening?

The single Egyptian eye of the QUEENS HOUSEUPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN is continually opening the Eastern gate,  The single Egyptian eye never sleeps nor slumbers. 

 It FIRSTGENESIS  destroyed the cold/dark/night.  Subsequently continues to destroy the shadow of the REPLACEMENTSET/SETH..  The origin of Mortal Manenos.

Another Eastern Gate Found Today

An eastern gate in a place called Jerusalem has been sealed up for years, for fear that the sound of fire bringing light might come through.  That the Place of Wakingcity might come out of its slumber.

The Quartered Place of Wakingcity

That place of wakingcity has been asleep under the divisions of religious beliefs.  Quartered, like a slaughtered animal, into Judasim, Christianity, Islam and then everyone else relegated to the fourth quarter.

NOTE:  Fourths are neutral as are the individual parts. Neutral goes nowhere. Only when engaged into movement does anything happen.  None of the four parts want to budge from their precious long held beliefs; that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

If there is no dialogue,how can anyone know what someone else believes.  The argumentum ad nauseam from the four quarters becomes the guiding principles regarding OTHER.

Combine the fourths and a door is formed.  The door becomes a window, if it is opened to the light  that wants to come through.

NOTE:  There are rare instances of words that are plural in meanings.

REMEMBER this website is based upon King James Bible and the James Strong’s Concordance that is the bridge back to our original writings 1845 BC to 70 AD.  These are just tidbits to whet your appetite to learn more.

Update Steps 2, 3 6 Today

Update Steps 2, 3 6 Today

Before I go on with step three I want to pause and take a look at todays scenario. 

The 14 steps is an historical view of how we forgot our mother, the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH and consequently forgot who we always have been, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, destined to MASTER SELF.

 Where are we today in terms of steps 2, 3 and 6 and mastering self?  Remember these three are not exclusive; however they do represent the largest mass of influence of the past and  today.

Across the Planet

There are many movements, steps toward creating atmospheres to dialogue amongst the three major religions, Judasim, Christianity and Islam.  These movements are aimed at discovering who we are as humans, not as religious entities.

The one I am most familiar with is the Interfaith Church in Seattle.  The building is the oldest church in King County.  It was/is pastored by a native american woman.  Over the years attempts were made to facilitate healing amongst the religious sects.

In the early 2000s a Sufi came on board and together they started an Interfaith Work.  The month was set up so that the first Sunday was music, celebration, thanksgiving. 

  • Second was message from the Christian perspeitive. 
  • Third the Sufi perspective. 
  • Fourth an outside religious group was responsible for the service.  This was followed by a potluck.  A time to discover who we were as humans. Introduce some new thoughts, ideas.
  •  Fifth Sunday, if any was under the tender loving care of one of the members of the congregation.

You did not need to sign up to be a member, confess any partiuclar creed, faith, ideology, just come and be part of the service.  This made you a legal partner in owning this historical building.

There were many opportunities to learn mastery of self.  Loving self, which meant embracing the OTHER self.  Mastering self is not limiting self, but expanding and discovering that which we have not seen, heard; but has been prepared for us by OTHER self.

Example  The Wiccan celebration was over and the Christmas celebration was next.  The removal of  the articles of Wiccan celebrations by the next celebrators caused a disturbance.  The mastery of loving other as if it is the self, prevailed and Grace  abounded.

The Next Stage

A series of 6 potlucks in St. Patricks was arranged.  Islam, Judasim and Christianity each had two opportunities to be the host.  Purpose was to talk, see, laugh, dance, sing, intermingle and discover who we are as humans.  To taste the joy of our OTHER self.

To the end that each was stronger in their beliefs.  No need to jump streams, instead, find joy that other streams flowed near by.  All the streams coming from the primordial waters of the the Big Bang.  The womb of our mother, the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH, at rest in the QUEENS HOUSEUPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN.

The Next Stage

Many parts in this growing period, examing and discovering new ways of intermingling.

Breaking Bread

A very bold and brave self called for a sharing of the breaking of the bread and wine.  The circle included all manner of religious beliefs.  Most of whom had not participated in such a ritual.

While we physically did break bread and drink wine, the ritual of it was in sharing  the free expression of every individual sharing with every other individual in the room. 

 Each person inturn was free to talk about anything, the weather, the ritual, tomorrows meeting, yesterday’s lunch, faith, prayer, experiences, etc.

Only one abstained from the physical act.  That one had left the religious stream of the past and jumped into a different religious stream. Consequently could not see a new way of breaking bread and sharing wine.  The old argumentum ad nauseam still had a strong hold. Other was wrong and it is bad

Seeds of Change

A 3 day event took place at Seattle Center,  called the Seeds of Change. 

This was also attended by the Dalai Lama; one of the most influential religious personages of today.

The Dalai changed his schedule for what he termed was a very important event, not to be missed.  Truly we are in a season of great change.

What is the Point

My point in bringing this up is to remind us all that the 14 holocausts/steps of the past reveal much to us about how we forgot we are the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD destined to MASTER SELF.

One of the buildings here in Santa fe has painted on it these words something to this effect. When we forget our historical past, we have lost our way to the future.

When we forgt who we are and who are mother is, we tried to MASTER OTHER with wars, ideas, ideologies, religions, concepts.  Each one using its own form of argumentum ad nauseam.  Beat other over the head until they see it our way.  Exhaust them with weapons of warfare.  Time to beat our weapons into plowshares.

Perhaps the motion (14) of the ONE UNITED OXHEAD DOOR of light will open wide, so that we can understand better how to MASTER SELF, individually. 

When we accomplish that task, individually, we have created a whole different atmosphere for the corporate body of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.

Future Blogs

This symbol will be appearing in blogs signaling an appetizer.  A tiny tidbit that lured us on to forgetting.  These blogs are designed for those who only want a tiny taste; not the full meal deal of details.

This symbol will indicate the meaning of the words as we documented them, during the period of 1845 BC to 70 AD. The meanings distorted because we forgot those meanings when we slapped English grammar on top of them.

These tidbits will be interspersed throughout in no definitive pattern or order.  You can dig deeper by priming the well.  That function is at the top of the column to the right.