Wolves Change the River

Wolves Change the River

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Wolves change the River an incredible documentary regarding wolves and Yellowstone Park.

Why this blog?  Religion has long taught that humans are superior and indeed masters of animals.  Original text does not bear that teaching to be valid.

Everything in the universe is the elder of human.  We have been babes in the cradle screaming for help.  Are we ready to begin to listen….listen to our elders are we yet ready to

  1. be SIMEON which means hearing?
  2. be ISHMAEL which means god will hear  (we are that god).
  3. be ISAAC which means laughter.  the inheritance of the MULTITUDE OF NATIONS abraham  (waged in a bloody religious war of who was firstborn)

The authors of the 66 books that are the so called basis of a book called Bible had a much different view of animals than what religion teaches.  They had the eternal view of the animal life in the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE (interpreted as a plethora of words, joshua, jehoshua, jehoshuah, jesus, hezekiah, etc.)…..the sky, the universe, the unknown but the seeable.  (original languages did not use capital letters; added and misleading by modern language)

The STRONG BRIDGE DATABASE will allow anyone to search out for themselves what the original text actually documented.  It is quite a different story than the religious myths perpretrated upon the planet for eons of time.

The first Pope Peter died in 64 or 67 AD  (the original 66 writings  date from 1845BC).  The first public Bible was written in the mid 1600’s AD.  Huge difference in time between these dates.  The STRONG BRIDGE DATABASE closes the gaps and helps us to see and hear more clearly.

bridge with red heifers crossing opposite directsion

Perhaps the historical view in this video of wolves, bears, deer, birds, water, trees, etc. will help us to see they are the ecosystem of the planet.  Human is the destroyer that has the latent ability to create.  The little kid on the block has chosen to follow religious belief systems that place it as the superior being.  History proves this is not so.

All Word is Powerful

Laughterisaac is Alive and Well on the Planet

Laughing yoga originating in India is spreading like wild fire across the planet.  It is good medicine.  Proven medicine as the after affects are clearly visible in the physcial realm.

This is not rising up through the religious houses that base their beliefs upon documents written between 1845 BC and 70 AD.

Read on for a few examples of those writings regarding laughter, seen through the word meanings of the original text.

1845BC We Wrote


Happy Birthday Divine Child YOU

Happy Birthday Divine Child YOU


You are the prophet, priest and king forming in the pregnancy of the Rebellious Tower, translated as Mary Magdalene.  That pregnancy has never stopped birthing the gods that will rule….translated Israel. Lovingly ruling over self.

YOU are the stream of gold, sunlight and the silver moonlight that came from the Queens house, upper Egypt/heaven to Mother lower Egypt/earth.  You are the star that fell to bring light into the darkness.

Let no one nor nothing steal/rapture you away.  Stay and be the gold and silver streams of light sorely needed in this time of great change

The smoke screen by English infused gender makes it difficult to see what our pen wrote 1845BC to70AD.

Did you ever ask why those particular writings were chosen and why religions have built their own kingdoms upon  our writings? (more…)

The 7th Holocaust Step

The 7th Holocaust Step

800 years after Islam appears on the planet, the Guttenberg printing press is developed.  This instrument allows what the pen had written on paper to be reproduced in a very quick manner. 

All writings could now be decimated to the planet.  A plethora of ideas, writings, concepts, beliefs begins to flood the minds and hearts of humanity.  Consider the ramifications of that invention.  Don’t forget Rumi.

  • 57 years later, 1517AD Martin Luther posts the bans.
  • 105 years later, 1543AD Nicolaus Copernicus on his deathbed published De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (On the Revolution of the Heavenly Spheres) adding fuel to the fire.  He waited knowing that the information would not be received by the religious orders of the day.
  • 57 years later Giordano Bruno, a Dominican monk spoke out this information and was burned at the stake.
  • This was followed by Galileo, 1564 – 1642,  the father of astronomy, physics, science whose teachings were condemned by the religious orders of the day.

Nonetheless these new ideas were published and circulated.  How much influence did these writings have on the 1645 AD translation of the King James Bible? 

A translation that whitewashed over the original beautiful word pictures of creation.  Then on the whitewashed canvas, Dick and Jane stick figures were drawn infusing gender where no gender exists.

Forever changing creations story into the story of individual human persons doomed to struggle, strain and then die, be judged and either go to hell or heaven.

The Weapon

These three major influences on the planet are enabled to spread their doctrines, beliefs and ideas when this the  7th  holocaust/step comes into play.  

Letter number seven represents weapon.  This weapon increases the divisions, separations, wars, struggles, strains and despair on the planet.  Talk about Dark Ages!!!

Brainwashing the Planet

This printing press becomes the instrument for the greatest brainwashing that ever hit the planet.  Not only did new ideas and old religious concepts proliferate; but it would introduce advertising which today is the biggest influencer of what we believe to be true.  Everything from what we should, eat, drink, wear, but also who we should associate with or not associate with.  Dire warnings of catastrophes if one does not adhere to the messages.

Egyptian Math

Egyptian math, WILL ADD becomes even more obscure.  What the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, human wrote between 1845 BC and 70 AD is  today buried under 750,000 English words and who knows how many words of other languages add to that pile.

Only by removing all of those words can we possible begin to know what our pen wrote about the creation story. 

The stories we documented are not what we have been told for the past several hundred years of brainwashing.  That brainwashing has caused us to forget that we are the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.  Born without religious affiliations, habits and stories.

What Did We Write 1845 BC through 70 AD

We have forgotten that we wrote about  the womb  from which we came, Black Madonnalower egypt/earth.  We have forgotten that we wrote about our home, the Queens Houseupper egypt.heaven.

Not only did/do we forget; but we pass the brainwashing onto our offspring.  Look around, how many know that they are the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD?  How many know that they are already PERFECT?

How many still struggle, strain and try to become acceptable?  Afraid of failing, dying and going to hell, condemned to eternal fire and damnation.  That is not what our pen wrote.  That is what the brainwashing has said we wrote. 

Teachers of What.

Teachers of English taught English; not spiritual truth. 

Warlords of Religions teach war and use the Egyptian King LovingDavid that was built by the Egyptian King of PeaceSolomon as weapons of their warfare.  The stories we wrote are so distorted as to be unrecognizable.

Our Inheritance

It is time to claim our rightful inheritance.  This is what our pen wrote.

The LaughterIsaac of a Multitude of NationsAbraham Will Be HeardIshmael..  What good is LaughterIsaac without HearingIshmael?  What good is hearing Laughter without the Multitude of NationsAbraham to Hear it?

The Major War

This is the major war between the three religions.  Who is the chosen frozen, best, special child. 

The answer is the entire human kingdom is the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.  This leaves nothing to war about. 

This is what we wrote.  We, humanity is the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD that came from Egyptian math,  WILL ADDjOSEPH.

Time to beat our weapons of warfare into plowshares.  We live in the same field, the Garden of PleasureEden.  Planted in the black fertile soiladam. Spouted from the red soilesau ,the twin of the wormJacob.

The single Egyptian eye is constantly opening the place of wakingcity, the Eastern Gate of the rising sun; guarded by the Flaming SwordCain of the morning.  Consistently destroying its brother, the house of vanityAbel, the night.

We continue to perish by lack of knowledge that we, the entire human kingdom is the FIRSBORN DIVINE CHILD.  The child destined to MASTER SELF, is the fully conscious kingdom.

More Neutral Gender Questions

More Neutral Gender Questions

The 22nd Generating of the Creation

Amongst other things appearing in the 22nd generating of the creation are two female words,  both non gender.

  1. Fragrance is translated in KJB as Bashemath and called a daughter of God Will Hear translated as Ishmael.  Is also referred to as a wife of earth translated as Esau.
  2. Plural Fruitfulness is translated as Nebajoth; but the KJB designates this female word  as the firstborn of God will Hear as a male gender son.

How does a gender neutral  NIV Bible treat this paradox?  is Plural Fruitfulness male or female gender in this neutral-gender NIV interpretation of the KJB?

There is virtually no gender in the original writings.  

axeSeems to me that trying to neutralize  gender, which English forced in the first place, simply builds the Tower of Babel higher.  Tower of Babel  means the Tower of Confusion of Languages.

  1. Why wasn’t the past 25 years spent in bringing the translation back to its first non gender status?  
  2. Why is no one will to to rock the boat of the Warlord of Religion? 
  3. Why do we keep building the Tower of Babel higher and higher?  It will fall.