Hanged Man….that’s us

All writings on this blog site refer to my passionate close relationship of 20+ years with two books only; the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance 1940 edition and the King James Bible published 1640AD.  The JSE is keyed to the KJB.  The JSE is the work of 100 scholars who in the 1800s AD built a bridge for those who desire to cross over to the other side of the religious myths perpetrated upon the planet.

Why do we walk around thinking that we are upright on the planet?   We all know that the earth is round.  So who is upright?  If someone is upright; then all else must be sticking out at angles.

This is the difficulty when we take the words hidden dark, parched, face and roar and interpret them as meaning directions; north, south, east and west.

Here we are dangling in the sea of  heaven. Nurtured by the water god.  Energized by the fire god, manifesting the elemental god; but blown about by every wind of  religious doctrine.  Dust balls in the wind.

Gravity is our friend it holds us just close enough so that we can act, move, live and have our being  walking the land while abiding in the sea of heaven.  Acts 17:28*

Heaven touches earth; these are the DUAL LIMITS.  The limits of heaven and earth. Interpreters decided that the letters,  e’-jipt which means DUAL LIMITS,  was the name of a piece of the earth named Egypt and also the name of a so called person MIZRAIM.

This occurs because a capital letter was added to the original transliterated letters….. e’jipt…giving the reader the illusion of name.

We are the hanged man.  If we let go we can grow.  If we demand that we are upright then we decay, rot and go back into the source. the earth god.

We wrote about the four gods in the very firstgenesis  chapter of the very firstgenesis book of the Bible.  Not the oldest writing just the one placed first by the interpreters.

If we practice being upside down, being the hanged man and letting go; we expand out into the sea of heaven; the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE**.  Gravity is our friend and will not let us fly away to la la land somewhere out there.

*Acts mouth = oxhead10 + weapon (inside) house10 = head pregnancy.  We get quite a different view when we look at what the words (not numbers) actually represented.  When we begin to apply the correct meanings, the pictures shift dramatically
** this meaning EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE  was interpreted as at least  7 different names.  By adding the capital letters to the transliterated letters we arrived at Jesus, Joshua, Jehoshuah, Jehosuah, Hezekiah, Isaiah and others.  Not to mention all the words that are formed from the same meaning EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.  The database soon to be released will make it easier to understand and determine the actual original intent/meaning of our writings.
Review Time Challenge

Review Time Challenge

We Begin a Journey

The original text can only be seen when we throw out all of the added English text. Placed there as explanation.  When  ten words are expanded into 30 words by way of explanation, something gets lost.  The ten words and their original meanings get lost in the co-mingling.

Then we think the word ten means different parts, when it actually means ONE UNITED OXHEAD to the power of ten, which is an open hand.  The only hand of power is open to all.

The Challenge

The difficult part is when we begin  retraining the mind.  To think differently when it sees a word.  The mind likes what it thinks it knows.  Doesn’t necessarily like to be changed.

We cannot see differently until we think differently.  We cannot think differently until we put on the OILEDCHRIST MIND.  A mind that is not stuck in the mud of yesterdays beliefs and teachings.  A mind that has been ground to a halt by mythical stories jamming the gears, cannot function, it is immobilized.

Many original word meanings were translated into many different words that can lead us astray, when we have forgotten the creative process.  This creates many jigsaw puzzles that are difficult to put together.

Every journey has a beginning, one step at a time completes the journey.

We can begin the JOURNEYING even though the SPREADING OUTHANDMAID is TIMIDBILHAH and the way may be difficult.  We have to leave the Ice House Being DestroyedBethuel  in the Flames of the East, the upper limits of the Egyptian Queens House.

Frozen thoughts will thaw as we begin to rethink, REMEMBERmale what we wrote long, long ago.

Let Us Begin With an Easy Project

There are many words that were not actually translated, these are easier to track through all the original manuscripts.  If we ALWAYS use the meaning instead of the foreign word we begin to build a foundation.

If we leave off believing that these long lists of words are names of individual persons.

Then there are some words that were translated into a single  English Word.  These are foundational words and they do not change meaning either.

It is easier to change our mind when going from a foregin word to English than taking an English word we think we know the meaning of and replacing it with another English word that does not seem to fit what we were taught in Sunday School.

Example; dark translated in one place as left hand.  Right translated in another case as left handed. (thousands of these of cases).  There are but two of the at least 16 different original words translated as hand.  Two of which are PRIMARY WORDS.

This subject is not addressed in this blog but certainly in many blogs.  These are difficult jigsaw puzzle, best put together once there is a strong foundation of other words.

Let Us Begin With a Few Word Meanings

When we begin to REMEMBERMALE PERFUME, a neutral word, when we see Ketura, it is easier to see PERFUME instead of a person.  Then it becomes easier to understand how the descent of PERFUME into the OLD DRY WELL drew out (the) EGYPTIAN WILL ADD.  This is a tiny ALLAHascent  in OILING the mind to think differently. (more…)

Building Block Primary Word Father

Building Block Primary Word Father

What Happens When Father is Combined with Existent He/She/It?

Or is it Existent Father combining with HE/SHE/IT?  Or is HE/SHE/IT combining with EXISTENT FATHER.  Depends on how the word was created by the author.  In all cases these are neutral words.  NO GENDER.

Yesterday we looked at the primary words brother/brother, and bond, the glue translated as mother.  The graphic giving a better description than my words.

What happens when the primary word FATHER is combined with other primitive root words. Again a graphic is being supplied to premium subscribers.

Two Examples in This Graphic

  1. Primary word FATHER, a neutral word, combined with a primitive root word that means TO SURROUND.  Depending upon which author and which time frame and which place these words are put together creates a different outcome.
    Combining the primary building block word FATHER with the primitive root word TO SURROUND gives us either FATHER TO SURROUND or TO SURROUND FATHER.
  2. In this case there are three words joined together to create a fourth word. Actually we could say four words combined to form a fifth; because the primitive root To Exist poduces EXISTENTbefore it is joined with the other three words.We have been looking at the word EXISTENTwhich was translated as God and other words.  Just one of the 14 different word recipes used to create the English word, God.In this example the primary word FATHER was combined with EXISTENT and also  a word that means HE/SHE/IT.  All of them neutral words.

    What is the end result of joining those three words?  How many different words were used for this.  Existent appears hundreds of time.  We saw one example where EXISTENT was combined with OPEN WIDE FREE which was translated as Jehoshuah, Jehoshua, Joshua, Jesus, Esaias, Isaiah, Jesaiah, Jeshaiah.  There may be others that I have not uncovered yet.

    The following graphic presents questions.  What is FATHER HE/SHE/IT EXISTENT?  How can father be she or it, if FATHER is gender?

    The answer is easy, there is no gender in our writings.  It was infused by the nature of the English language creating a Tower of Babel, confusion of languages.

    Just because a religious group confiscated our writings from the HUMAN LIBRARY and decided to build religious doctrines of demons and devils, dogmas of control, does not mean those teachings are what we wrote.

    Most of the Bible is not even translated, it remains in words that are foreign to English.  So religion treats them like lists of names of people and miss the story line.

    In the following graphic the broken green lines indicates the direction of growth in forming a new word.  Where the lines intersect with the solid green, in this case the PRIMARY WORD FATHER, is the point of formation of the new word.

    So in case one there are only two words that form a new word.  In case #2 there are three words combined to create a fourth word.  Or as stated above 4 combined into five.  Five is a window,  the window reveals more to us.  Reveals a step between TO EXIST and EXISTENT.

    This poses another question if EXISTENT is God, then how did God come into EXISTENCE out of TO EXIST?  English words TO EXIST is future?  Who/what is this God that comes into EXISTENCE?

    The first appearance of the English word God actually means plural gods.

Who What is God?

If Jehovah is God and Jesus is God then all of the other names are also God

The following graphic is by no means an exhaustive list, there are thousands of words containing EXISTENT which is translated as God, Jehovah, Lord, etc.

Then taught as if this is an all mighty everywhere present, all seeing, all knowing, all judging male personage somewhere out there.

Unless we understand the creation story, the Sweet Little Book, then even these word meanings have little value to us.

When we use the real meanings instead of the translated words the light begins to dawn.  After thousands of years of teaching what is NOT GOOD NEWS.

The following graphic shows the source of EXISTENT which is translated as God, Jehovah, etc.  The graphic shows a list of so called names such as Jehovah Nissi.  Beside it is the same list only not the KJB translation; but the meaning of those words.

We again revisit the word EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE translated as Jesus, Joshua, Jehoshua, Jehoshuah, Isaiah, Jesaiah, Jeshaiah,

Instead of Jehovah Jireh we have EXISTENT TO GLEAM.  We also get another glimpse of the word BEND which is associated with HUSBAND being explored in other blogs. Premium subscribers can view this list.   (more…)

Open Wide Free What is It?

Combined with Existent

We have already discovered that the 2 combined words create a word that means EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.  This was translated in the KJB into 8 words Jehoshua, Jehoshuah, Joshua, Jesus, Isaiah, Jesaiah and Jeshaiah, Esaias.

What would happen to our thinking, if we used the original words meanings instead of those 8 words wherever they appear in scripture, books, movies, plays, etc.?

This would be a tiny step, so long as we also forget about all of the added English/German grammar words. Forgot about gender, time, directions as we think of them today.

What would happen to our thinking and understanding if we used only the original word meanings without all of the added in every scripture?

For instance if we used the original word meaning, OPEN WIDE FREE instead of the following other KJB words used in the translation for that word meaning OPEN WIDE FREE.  The following list is not exhaustive. (more…)