Wolves Change the River

Wolves Change the River

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Wolves change the River an incredible documentary regarding wolves and Yellowstone Park.

Why this blog?  Religion has long taught that humans are superior and indeed masters of animals.  Original text does not bear that teaching to be valid.

Everything in the universe is the elder of human.  We have been babes in the cradle screaming for help.  Are we ready to begin to listen….listen to our elders are we yet ready to

  1. be SIMEON which means hearing?
  2. be ISHMAEL which means god will hear  (we are that god).
  3. be ISAAC which means laughter.  the inheritance of the MULTITUDE OF NATIONS abraham  (waged in a bloody religious war of who was firstborn)

The authors of the 66 books that are the so called basis of a book called Bible had a much different view of animals than what religion teaches.  They had the eternal view of the animal life in the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE (interpreted as a plethora of words, joshua, jehoshua, jehoshuah, jesus, hezekiah, etc.)…..the sky, the universe, the unknown but the seeable.  (original languages did not use capital letters; added and misleading by modern language)

The STRONG BRIDGE DATABASE will allow anyone to search out for themselves what the original text actually documented.  It is quite a different story than the religious myths perpretrated upon the planet for eons of time.

The first Pope Peter died in 64 or 67 AD  (the original 66 writings  date from 1845BC).  The first public Bible was written in the mid 1600’s AD.  Huge difference in time between these dates.  The STRONG BRIDGE DATABASE closes the gaps and helps us to see and hear more clearly.

bridge with red heifers crossing opposite directsion

Perhaps the historical view in this video of wolves, bears, deer, birds, water, trees, etc. will help us to see they are the ecosystem of the planet.  Human is the destroyer that has the latent ability to create.  The little kid on the block has chosen to follow religious belief systems that place it as the superior being.  History proves this is not so.

Primitive Root Words Reveal Themselves

Primitive Root Words Reveal Themselves

One Way of Deciphering the Work of Our Hand

This is but one example  of one way of how the meaning of words reveal themselves.  They need no help from us; except to go back to the source of the words.

There is a primitive root word that means BE SMOOTH.  Which we translated into deal, distribute, divide, flatter, give (have, -ing) part (-ner), take away a portion, receive, separate, self (be) smooth (-er).

Out of this primitive root word, comes many other words.  We will explore just one of them and see how the original meaning comes through loud and clear.

Out of the primitive root word comes a word that means smoothness.  Both the primitive root word and the smoothness that comes from the root are neutral.  The puncturedfemale form of the neutral smoothness is smoothness.

The word actually means smoothness (of the) smoothness (out of the primitive root word) be smooth.  We REMEMBERmale this by using the Strong Bridge and uncovering the original meanings of this single word.

We translated the word which means Smoothness (of the) smoothness (out of primitive root) be smooth, into these words.    


A Personal Opinion

A Personal Opinion

I have come to the conclusion that the male dominance religious myth came out of fear and ignorance.  The concept that the male gender was the head of the house and therefore the authority of God grew over time.  Just like the concept of what the word God means.

An INTERPRETATION that has caused more grief and sorrow on the planet than can be accounted for.

When we see how many PUNCTUREDFEMALE words and how few REMEMBEREDMALE words are found in the original manuscripits, this could be overwhelming.  That is, if one does not recognize these words have nothing to do with gender.  They are functions.  Just like mother, father, brother, sister, wife, husbands are neutral words.  They are roles and not confined to human roles.

The black and red earth is just as MORTAL as human or animal or plant or rock or living water.  When we eliminate our elders, which is everything in the creation, except  us, we are left without the wisdom of the creation.

So we make up these religious myths about gender dominance.  Does not matter which gender it is, it is a myth.

The cycle of wisdom was assigned a number….nine…but that word means “TURN TO THE NEXT FULL NUMBER”  leave the past, the old cycle, the old myths behind.  Come again into the fullness of ONE UNITED OXHEAD, that is all there ever was or ever will be. (more…)

Laughing Now

Laughter, Isaac is our Inheritance

What a wonderful adventure going back through some of the notes of the past 20+ years and discovering how much has been revealed over time.

How We Can Learn the Unique Language

We start to learn any language with the letters ABC and then the numbers.  From which we can then begin to form words.  Once the functions of letters and numbers to create words is understood we begin to make sentences.  Sentences evolve into paragraphs which evolve into stories.

So this has been my journey of discovering what the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY actually wrote 1845BC to70Ad.  Letters, numbers, words from a variety of languages were translated into stories.  Stories that have been interpreted into myths that have infected the entire planet with dis-ease.

What a Joy to have the PLACE OF WAKING translated as city begin to open even wider.  First seeing there was/is NO GENDER then rememberingmale to eliminate all of the added English words placed there by translators to explain their translation.

The next allahstep was to study the individual letters and numbers moving on to the individual words.  Discovery of how words are formed, where the roots are and where the branches lead is crucial to reconstruction of the sentences, the phrases.  Then the stories can begin to emerge. (more…)

What are Theologians?

What are Theologians?

There are Days When I Feel Like  Yo-Yo Ball

My opinion regarding theologians is in constant flux, constant change, must be in a PUNCTUREDFEMALE mode.

This is my mental position after these many years of diligently, passionately seeking to understand what the human pen wrote that was translated into the Bible.

Unable to decide if theologians are too lazy, too busy, too brainwashed or just too overloaded with data.  Can’t decide if I should laugh or cry, rejoice or bemoan.

Is there a  basic fear of rocking the boat?  Challenging the status quo of elders? Or is there a secret pack to holding back the truth from the populous?

Are minds just too clouded with the TOWER OF BABEL, confusion of languages?

Is there a heavy burden on the shoulders?   A burden of what they know to be true, but unable see the way to dismantle the OLD BELIEFS and so continue to teach the OLD BELIEFS.

Even the OLD DRY WELL received the Egyptian PERFUME which drew out WILL ADD, the Egyptian mathematics;  only ADDING/INCREASING the power of ONE UNITED OXHEAD.

Where is the comfort in the mass sacrifices,the mass murders, the mass burnings at the stake?  Where is the comfort in reciting old myths that do not line up with todays science, math, philosophies, research?

Where is the comfort in failed parents, brothers who kill brothers, women that drive nails into the head of others, women that cut off the strength of their man.  Where is the peacesolomon in a father willing to kill the son?  Where is LovingDavid  in that? (more…)