What is the White Lion?

What is the White Lion?

Once again our elder the white animal is creating attention.  Whether it be the white buffalo, the white cow, the white lion it is significant in terms of ancient scrolls.

It was a White Mountain of ice from which the Black Fertile Soil of  lower Egypt emerged into upper Egypt. That is not the tiny piece of terra firma we call Egypt today.

Water from that White Mountain contained all the seeds of all creation that we experience today.  As well as all the seeds of that which is to come.  Scripture says the lion is but a mouth and we will be surprised at its roar.

Are we listening to the lion?  Did we listen to the white buffalo?  Here is an interesting you-tube video on the white lion, which we the human family keeps trying to destroy.  Perhaps the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM, the one destined to MASTER SELF, will hear the cry of the white lion.


The lion does not have the birthright, only the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest can reproduce self.  But the lion can call attention to that which we should be aware of.  It has in times past caught our attention.  

The roaring white lion has much to say to us.  Interesting that it  is in the land of BLACK people where the cry is being heard.  Perhaps it is the cry of those who have been the victims of the myth that there was a Black son who Humiliated the Father and forever doomed the black people to slavery.  If this was a black son, then the brothers and the father and the mothers were also black.   Where were the sisters?  (more…)

Ten Builders of Red Earth

Ten Builders of Red Earth

The Window and Nail

Seven builders build the expansion creating a windowThe NAIL of three, build the second Egyptian gomerREMEMBER  anytime three things are joined they create an Egyptian gomer, which means complete.  This has been interpretated, not translated as trinity.

REMEMBER blue indicates a male word, something has been remembered, recalled from the past and creates a form.  Yesterday’s blog we looked at the OXhead, house, the completed Egyptian gomer and door.

We saw the frail red earth replacement was in a house that was the Praise of plural gods.  The growth of that frail red earth was powerful.  Seed of the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM was in that red earth.  The seed is carried in the womb but has not sprouted yet. 

Today we look closely at what built the window and discover it was the Egyptian gomer complete.  The conspicuous position of the hot house expansion was finished.  It is duplicating self.  A lofty self entity can replicate self.

A window, like a door separates.  However, the window, unlike a door allows us to see both sides. (more…)