Did Existent Come First or Second

Understanding what a word meant in the original text is one thing.  Words formed from a combination of other words is a little different.

We have been looking at HUSBAND, EXISTENT, STRENGTH as individual words.  When we look at combination of words that create new words, sometimes EXISTENT, HUSBAND or STRENGTH come first and sometimes they are second in forming a new word.

The position is important just like making a cake.  If you forget to combine the shortening with the sugar before you put in the flour or the water or the egg, the results are not the same.  That result most likely will not look anything like the recipe is intended to look like, a cake.  Show the house to the house.  Use the recipe of creation and discover who we really are. (more…)

Hidden Dark Husband

This Hidden Dark Husband appears in three places. All three verses were scribed approximately 1645BC

1. These Trebled Motion House (KJB translated this Exodus 14:2)
2. These Trebled Motion Cycle of Wisdom (KJB translated this Exodus 14:9)
3.Driving a Pasture Completed to the power of Ten + complete = Nail which is the weapon (KJB translated this Numbers 33:7)

Other husbands lie before in between and after this HIDDEN DARK HUSBAND

The next blogs will explore this HIDDEN DARK HUSBAND.

If you are a premium subscriber you can download the research compacted into a table which gives the KJB words. Then the meaning of the original words along with the JSE#s.

If the original word is not a primitive root word; then the rabbit trail is laid back to its root.

At some point in time I will also upload the entire list of HUSBAND in its sequential order.

I may not explore all of the HUSBANDS but we will explore a number of them

Value Deity House

Value Deity House

Value Deity House Has a Door.

Inside is the palm of the hand of power, Light BringerLuke Mark.

KJB translates this as 2 Timothy 4:11

Egyptian math Will Add always reveals what our pen wrote; despite the endless FABLES OF INTERPRETATIONS.  In this case tells us what is behind the door after issuing an earlier warning from the Oxhead Value Diety what not  to listen to behind the door.  Translated 1 Timothy 1:4.


Where is the House of the Little Eagle?

Where is the House of the Little Eagle?

Does one of the 3 billion Christians on the planet know?

Is there even one pastor, theologian, follower, adherent, teacher, prophet, priest in the SRP that knows where the house of the Little Eagle is found in scripture?  Can they teach what it means?

Buried under 750,000 English words and billions of INTERPRETATIONS based on more than 1100 translations, it is extremely difficult to see.

House of the Little Eagle definitely is buried on the reservations of the natives; whose beliefs were dismantled and beaten out of them by the SRP.  We did not need scripture to tell us where the house of the Little Eagle is.  What the house of the Little Eagle means.

Earth’s Natives

Natives of the earth were here long before there was an SRP church.  Natives of the earth wrote the very words that the church chose to use as the basis for their book. Then the SRP proceeded to destroy, dismantle, hide, bury those native words. Twisting them into what they wanted the masses to read and believe. (more…)