Christmas in July 2012

Christmas in July 2012

Religious Myth Being Disputed by the Apostle Stars

Seen from the Blood of Oilchrist Mountains, Sangria de cristo, southern end of the Rocky Mountains, Santa fe, NM

Home of the oldest house 800 yr
Home of the oldest church
Home of the oldest Public Bldg
Home of the oldest government capital building
Home of the oldest Our Lady of Guadalupe Church on Sparks Street, now Alameda
Home of the miracle staircase built by the power of the hand of the unknown carpenter.
Major stopping point for the Old Santa fe Trail, the Camino de Real, Old Pecos Trail.
Major portion of the state belongs to Natives
Home of the Seven Nations given sovereign status by President Abraham Lincoln.

The Religious Myth that generates zillions of dollars every year around the planet is being played out during the month of July, 2012.  I call it Christmas in July.  We have an opportunity this month, this year to see the actual play; capitilized into a holiday called Christmas.

The religious myth says that 3 wise human men followed a bright star to a place where a human son was birthed to a faith-filled woman…never had sex.  Sex being the reason for the fall of man.

The pen of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY wrote no such story between 1845BC and 70AD.  Our writings were taken from our human library and put into a book called the Bible.  Religious ignorance has passed down commonly held myths for thousands of years, that have no weight on the scale of what we actually wrote.  These myths do not line up with what our pen scribed. (more…)

Pieces of Silver is Not Money

Pieces of Silver is Not Money

Pale Was Translated Silver in the Old Testament

But it is not money.  We wrote about the pieces of light coming through the dark.  The pieces of paleness, the pale light of the stars.  Out of the same root comes the word SILVERY, the shining of the pieces of paleness.

Even more interesting is the New Testament 10 pieces of silver that the LIGHT BRINGERLUKE described.  Described in the SUPPORT15 of the ONE UNITED OXHEAD10 PREGNANCY8

Ten is the ONE UNITED OXHEAD to the power of ten; the increased power of one creation.

Twenty is the head  with the ability to reason, think and know.  It is the house2 with the power of 10.  Twenty pieces of  silvery light.  What is thirty pieces of silvery light?  What is the 100 pieces of silver?

In the New Testament, the word silver comes from the same root word as the SERPENT.  What SERPENT?  The silvery serpent created by the same pieces of PALENESSSILVER of the Old Testament.  We writing about the creatures we saw formed by the silvery light of stars.  Our guidance system.

What PREGNANCY? (more…)