What Does Fall From Grace Mean?

What Does Fall From Grace Mean?


brain washingHumanity is frail, fallen, sinful, shamefully weak.  Therefore is broken, scarred, damaged and needs a healing savior.

Through the mother/father Grace Terminal there came a Rebellious Slave.  From the Rebellious Slave came Yah is Salvation.

The mother/father Grace Terminal was the Gift of Yah. It took 66 builders of the Multitude of Nations to complete the Grace Terminal.  The place where the building of the family of man ended.

According to the Bringer of Light, the mother/father Grace Terminal is the place where the building of the family of Strengthgod, began.

Light Bringer tells us that it takes 77 builders to complete the family of StrengthGod which extends all the way back to the Great House and Land, the container of the creation, Upper/Lower Egypt, heaven and earth.

66 = 12 governing = 3 completed Egyptian Gomer  the Gift of Yah
77 = 14 motion =5 window so the Light of the Light Bringer can come through.

If you are a subscriber read on, to see what words the KJB translation used to convey the message of Falling From Grace.  Then you can decide which version do you prefer, the INTERPRETATIONS made by the SRP or the original unique language from which the translation was taken. (more…)

?No Male Salvation but Female Salvation?

?No Male Salvation but Female Salvation?

Tower of Babel

When gender was infused into the translation, due to the nature of the English language it skewed all understanding.

Male and female words have absolutely nothing to do with gender.  However, when we apply the proper meaning of neutral, male and female words, there is a totally different perspective.

If you are subscriber you can read about the mother Jesus who stretched the arms and said behold your builderson.

If you are a premium subscriber, you may download the entire document about female salvation.  The document includes a table with the JSEC numbers, the original meaning of the words and the KJB words that were used in the translation.

In addition is the list of the New Testament scriptures that use the female SALVATION word.  The Old Testament salvation is also female; but is not included in this document.

There is no male word salvation in either testament. (more…)

A Few Happy Builders

Beginning in the 26th generating from the QHUEH and the 24th generating of the BMLEE we find some Happy builders.

They are found in the First Word of the Hot Day Weapon: inside is the One united oxhead to the power of 30.  Otherwise translated as 1 Chronicles 7:30

Some Happy Builders

Prosperity of the open right hand will Level.  Level the Superfluity Evil. (more…)

What is the White Lion?

What is the White Lion?

Once again our elder the white animal is creating attention.  Whether it be the white buffalo, the white cow, the white lion it is significant in terms of ancient scrolls.

It was a White Mountain of ice from which the Black Fertile Soil of  lower Egypt emerged into upper Egypt. That is not the tiny piece of terra firma we call Egypt today.

Water from that White Mountain contained all the seeds of all creation that we experience today.  As well as all the seeds of that which is to come.  Scripture says the lion is but a mouth and we will be surprised at its roar.

Are we listening to the lion?  Did we listen to the white buffalo?  Here is an interesting you-tube video on the white lion, which we the human family keeps trying to destroy.  Perhaps the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM, the one destined to MASTER SELF, will hear the cry of the white lion.


The lion does not have the birthright, only the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest can reproduce self.  But the lion can call attention to that which we should be aware of.  It has in times past caught our attention.  

The roaring white lion has much to say to us.  Interesting that it  is in the land of BLACK people where the cry is being heard.  Perhaps it is the cry of those who have been the victims of the myth that there was a Black son who Humiliated the Father and forever doomed the black people to slavery.  If this was a black son, then the brothers and the father and the mothers were also black.   Where were the sisters?  (more…)

What Did the Little Streamlet Love?

What Did the Little Streamlet Love?

It Loved the STRENGTH of the Sunlight

This story is found in EXPOSED translated in KJB as Judges.  Does not the Judge expose?

It was the strength of Sunlight, that the Little Streamlet loved and desired to understand where it came from.  In seeking the source of the strength, the Little Streamlet kept absorbing that strength, loving, mating with that strength.  The Little Streamalet produced growth with that strength.

The love of the strength of Sunlight produced great growth in the trees upon the bank of the Little Streamlet.  The trees grew  with the strength absorbed by the Little Streamlet of water.   Branches  grew and overhung the Little Streamlet, cutting off the strength of the  seven, indefinite number of strands of Sunlight feeding the Little Streamlet.  Seven is the weapon of an indefinite number.


  • How many strands of Sunlight are there?  How much strength is in those strands?
  • How does the strength of the Sunlight, get to the trees?
  • Do you recognize this story of Samson and Delilah? 
  •  Is there any wanton woman or strong man in this story? 
  • What temple walls did the strength of Sunlight push down?
  •  What is the myth that the religious HABIT has been propagating for hundreds of years?
  • Which religious HABIT will we choose to put on?

Who What are the Parents of Sunlight? (more…)