12 Years of Slavery. ..

A true story of black humanity living under the heavy  hand of white humanity is now a movie. White supremacy allowed by the Bible, or so it was and is still taught, allowed this inhuman treatment to parts of our own body, the human body, to occur.  Not only allowed but demanded that it be exercised.

At the same time, mid 1800s, a team of 100 persons were giving us the way to know and understand what the original authors of the 66 books of the Bible actually wrote.  Seems to me they were searching for the truth.

The James Strong Exhaustive Concordance, was published in the early 1900’s; but few have used it to discover the depths of this rich resource.  It has been used mostly to prove what was already being believed and taught in religious circles.

I dream of a white Christmas where we recognize that it was the white skin of ice and snow that ruled supreme over the earth….not WHITE SKINNED PEOPLE. In that dream the STRENGTH of the SUNLIGHT (samson) is seen for what it truly is the LIFE GIVING RIB OF LIGHT (EVE) that melted the WHITE SKIN of ice, opening the Eastern Gate, which released the RAPIDLY MOVING SOIL, THE BLACK SEA MONSTER out into the LIGHT of the SUN.

Isn’t it time we used that resource?  Isn’t it time to end the religious myths?  The retelling of which has caused so much human heartache, heart break, shame, blame.  Destroying the very creature that has the ability to use it’s mind will and emotion to change? To love?

At the end of the movie, there is a line that says the date, time and place of the death of Solomon is unknown. (more…)

Funnel Effect of Husband

Condensing, Altering, Removing

I have given two examples in the past and there will be more of how two primitive root words produce growth.  Then the growths are combined to create a fifth word.  2 roots plus the 2 shoots of growth combined to create the fifth word.   That fifth word as translated does not necessarily and probablity does not reflect the meaning of the 2 roots and the 2 growths as we understand the English language.

Sometimes there is more than a single growth before combining with other words. Sometimes the growth is not equal on both sides.  Many variations of this basic truth.

The Funnel Effect

The other method the KJB translators used in divising English words was to take two words, drop one of them and come up with a third word. The third word often having no relationship to the source in so far as we understand English.

For instance ARCHERS.  There is no totally new word. The JSE  gives two different word reference numbers for that single word.  As opposed to the above example where a single number identifies a word.

Two words #1167 and #2671 are the basis for the word translated as ARCHERS. We have already looked at how #1167 is formed and that it means TO MASTER, TO HUSBAND, TO OWN. The growth of BE MASTER.  Where in the word ARCHERS is there evidence of growing from BE MASTER to doing it?

Here again the common practice in translating was to create pluralties were none existed and make singular a GOD when there are many.  BE MASTER/HUSBAND/OWNER  is not evident in  ARCHERS.  Are all archers masters/husbands of their craft?

Closer Look at Archers

JSE identifies this as a combination of #1167 (to master, to husband, to own) and #2671 meaning PIERCER which comes from #2686 a primitive root meaning TO CHOP.

The primitive root BE MASTER grows and becomes #1167 TO MASTER, TO HUSBAND, TO OWN.  When this is totally dropped in the final word, the concept of  to master, to husband, to own disappears

How can we read ARCHERS in the KJB and understand TO CHOP, PIERCER and TO MASTER, TO HUSBAND, TO OWN?  Whose English trained mind would even go in that direction? In our everyday understanding an archer is someone that uses a bow and arrow.  Archers indicates more than one.

The ARCHERS are MASTERING/HUSBANDING/OWNING the direction being pointed at, the direction the arrow will fly. The target being aimed at that will be pierced.  We lose the true meaning of  HUSBAND, which has absolutely nothing to do with a male gender human being. Let alone a group of them.

This is a tiny sampling of how misunderstood word meanings have led to gross errors in INTERPETATIONS due to lack of knowledge of the original text.  Then instead applying today’s understanding of English words.  We have continually MISSED THE MARK.

ARCHERS is not exclusive to male gender persons nor does the original word HUSBAND refer to persons.  It does have a connection to the HUSBAND FLY, which we have not explored yet.

In the first example progressions/combinations of four different words create the fifth word such as Baal-gad that has absolutely no meaning in our English language.  Not even found in the early English dictionaries.

The only word that appears is Baal; none of the extensions at least in the earlier dictionaries such as the following example.

New Century English Dictionary 1927

The word Baal is there but none of the extension Baal-Shalisha, Baal-Perazim, etc.

“pl Baalim [Heb. Ba’al, lord]” {not consistent with JSE] “The title of numerous local dieties among the ancient Semitic peoples, typifying the productive forces of nature and worshiped  with much sensuality; esp, a solar deity, the chief god of the Phenicians, in general; a false god. Cf Bel and Astarte.–Baalism, Baal worship hence, gross idolatry.–Baalist, Baalite.”

No I did not mispell the words, that is how they were spelled in 1927.  That is what languages do, change, evolve, grow, morph. 750,000 English words today bury the original meanings.

Question is where did this information come from.  I submit it came from the translation of the KJB.

When we look up ASTARTE, a word associated with HUSBAND that we will explore later; we discover it is  associated with Phenician, Greek and Latin.  Not sure of the progessions.

“An ancient Semitic deity, goddess of fertility and reproduction [the female counterpart of Baal] as worshiped by the Phenicians, corresponding to the Hebrew Asthoreth and the Babylonian and Assyrian Ishtar.”

We will see the connection and the distortions created by INTERPRETERS of the TRANSLATION.  We can understand what words meant at the time of writing and how the INTERPRETERS attempted to convey that original meaning and then the intent was lost because spiritual truths were not taught.  German and English languages were taught from the BIBLE.

Mid 1600s most people could neither read nor write, so the Bible was used as a textbook to teach German and English languages.  The teachers taught that the words in the Bible were about human beings, individual humans and their geneologies.

Those teachings have never ceased and have led to the grossest of errors on the planet. An error that is the basis for most human suffering today.

If you are a Premium Subscriber, there is a PDF download that explores the word WORLD as viewed through the FUNNEL AND REVERSE FUNNELS EFFECTS.

No I Did Not Study Hebrew nor Greek Languages

No I Did Not Study Hebrew nor Greek Languages

I Did Study American Sign Language for Three Years

Before any written symbols or words there was only body language.

25 years I have researched the individual WORDS that appear in the 66 original texts.  These written words changed in spelling between languages and times frames between 1845BC and 70AD.

Then dispersed like pellets coming out of shot gun into a plethora of English words.  Smothered in additional grammar, gender, direction, time, etc., which do not exist in the original texts as viewed today.


A word is either a root or it is not.  If not then it comes from a root.  Many words can come from the same root; but all those secondary words are related  Many more words come off of those secondary roots forming fourth, fifth, sixth generations.  All are related.

When we explore the width, height, depth of a primary root word we learn a great deal about what the meaning was between 1845BC and 70AD.

Studying the ten plus individual languages from which these words came would have left no time to study the individual words.

I would still then be in the indoctrinated religious world of sour milk and rotting flesh of interpretations, fairy tales, myths that have been concocted over the past hundred of years.

A witches brew that has stupified the entire planet with its nonsensical versions of what we wrote 1845BC to 70AD.  A witches brew that incites brother to kill brother, humans to be deceived by a serpent, all manner of control through war, sacrifice all leading to death hell damnation. (more…)

Welcome to Red Heifer Logos

Welcome to Red Heifer Logos

A Few Things You Will NEED TO KNOW About This Website.

The Basics

Neutral words are just that; they are in a static position.

PUNCTURED was translated as a female word/number; but this is non gender as evidenced by the words/numbers themselves.

REMEMBERED was translated as a male word/number; but this is also non gender as evidenced by the words/numbers themselves.

These three are the basic pattern of creation but cause confusion when gender is applied.  The meaning of the numbers + order of the letters together tell a great deal about what is being said in any given verse.

In addition God Will Strengthen translated Ezekiel’s wheel in a wheel can only be understood using the proper knowledge of the original meanings of the numbers/letters.Removal of all added English words is essential to even begin to study. The NT is based upon the OT. If you remove all of the OT words from the NT all that is left is a skeleton of the new words developed since the original writings.An Important Egyptian Symbol


Mut as Vulture

Vulture kills nothing transmutes death to life.  Is found on many Egyptian doors overhead as a reminder “be transformed by the renewing of your mind”.   This is the instructions to us. The house governs the house within translated Romans 12:2.

  • Same word only translated transfigured is found in  Gift of Yah, mouth of the house translated Matthew 17:2.
  • Same word found again, transfigured in the Conspicuous Position cycle of wisdom of the house translated as Mark 9:2

This one word, transform/transfigure ie the Greek word, metamorphoo creates a huge word tree which is the basis of my  4 e-books We Are All Egyptians.

The 1845 +- BC scrolls, Hated was translated Job.  The 1688 BC scrolls, particularly First was translated Genesis.  They are the basis from which to begin.

Much of my writing is designed to lay the foundation of the story of creation; without which the rest of the stories are lost in the Tower of Babel, which means confusion of languages.

The other scrolls translated into the other 37 books of the bible were written between 1688BC ad 70AD by a variety of authors in a variety of places.

Language changes and so the spelling of names and places change with the country of the author and the time lapse since the last use; but the meaning does not change.

A basic premise of studying scripture is the first appearance of a word.  The first appearance of the original word is far more important than the first appearance of the translated word.


We will go back into the waters of creation and EXPLORE the INTENTIONS placed there by the plural gods wind, water and fire.  Intentions to build a lofty self entity.  Come let us discover that lofty self entity together.

Plural gods was translated 2603 times as a singular god and taught as the one god of all.  God is a created word, it is not a primary word.

Beginning with the Lofty Self Entity

The first lofty self entity was the mastership Egypt, created in the 50 chapters of FIRST. Then the master kingdom was birthed out onto the dry land.  It was the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest, the human kingdom.   The kingdom destined to lovingly master self; not other and come into that glorious rest.

Elder Keys

Watch for the process of this site to unfold.  The meanings of letters, numbers and words cannot lie.  These keys always reveal their true selves and when combined expose the original intents and outcomes.

They tell our story, reveal our roots, roots common to the entire creation; not just the little kid on the block the human kingdom; destined to master self, not other.

Every other kingdom is our elder.  The KEY to the mastership kingdom lies in acknowledging, honoring, listening to and then following the wisdom of our elders.

We are the secret, we hold the key.  We are the mystery, the magic, all power and authority was placed into the waters of creation in the beginning of the First place in time.

Those waters birthed the Black Madonna, lower egypt/earth out into the Queens house upper egypt/heaven.  Egypt is law, the law of duality of earth and heaven that maintains the integrity for the entire universal free will.

The law will fulfill what is initiated by thought, word and deed.

No New Water

We have shared the waters of creation with all the elders, rock, plant, animal for all revolutions of time that have passed.  As well as all revolutions of time yet to be.

We begin to exercise the wisdom of water, when we is listen to  number nine, the cycle of wisdom and do what it has been saying for ever, turn to the next full number.  That number is the one united OXhead that has turned to the tenth power and is it is the power of the open hand.

The mastership, Egypt waters itself, sending up a mist that only remains nine days in the atmosphere then returns to the mastership for cleansing and refreshing.  That is only 2% of the total volume of water.

Our water cove, translated tongue adds new messages continually shaping the messages delivered to the entire creation.

I wonder what messages are being released today from the melting ice cap.  The White Mountain that has been melting since the first place in time.  Melting under the force of the plural gods, wind, water and fire bringing light into the dark silent void of nothingness.

What did the first sound, the ROAR of water from melting ice say?  That roar was translated seas; what do the seas have to say?  Do we listen?

We think we make sounds; but it is our elder the breath of life that breaths us.  The roar of melting ice was the first sound.

We think we make music on the flute; but it is breath of life flowing through the reed, the wood, whatever elder has allowed us to reshape it into our hearts desires.

The drum sounds not from our beating on it; but because it is responding to the elder from which the the instrument to drum with was made.

Even if our hands of power beat on the drum, it is the POWER of our elder that generates the ability to move the body and hands.  We do not move; we are moved.

Big Bang

We are still the children in the playpen pulling hair, poking eyes, demanding our own way.

We managed to discover the power of the one atom, hydrogen gas that began the whole creation process in the FIRST PLACE AND TIME translated Genesis.  We used it to make a bomb to kill each other with.  Now at least we are beginning to use that power to create a form of energy to fuel our cars.  Cars reformed from the elders; reformed by their permission.

This very website, the computer keys are by permission of the elders.

Our destiny is to be the LOVINGDAVID MASTER our own ship.  Be husband over our own vineyard; and let all the other master craftsmen do the same.

That is the path of a Cherokee; don’t mess in someone elses walk.  You will just drive them off into the deep dark woods causing them to lose their own pathway.  For each must find its own way.

All the tools are already resident in our being.  Listening to tales of death, hell, damnation about a god that demands what a child cannot give has led this planet into a deep dark void place; the silence of death.  Vulture stands by to assist.

The perfect Red Heifer, the Mastership Egypt and the vulture are always cleansing the waters that we drink.  Waters the little kid on the block has played in and made muddy; polluted by using its water cove.

VULTURE does not feed on another life to bring forth life.  It feeds on the dead stuff and brings forth life.  Its feces are clean; not so the human kingdom that feeds on another’s life mislead into believing that it needs it for existence.

The human kingdom is studying the vulture to see how it does its magic: dead stuff into living stuff.  Perhaps the lessons of the vulture will spring forth through these pages.

A Few Abbreviations

  • KJB King James Bible
  • MSE master ship Egypt
    • The lofty self entity lower Egypt, earth, floating in upper Egypt.
  • ETGR Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest built by Egyptian math Will Add
  • MHK master human kingdom, destined to master self.
  • BMLEE Black Madonna lower egypt/earth
  • QHUEH Queens house upper egypt/heaven
  • The symbol page lists the other acronyms and symbols used on this site. They will be added to as time goes on.