Buddhism, Hinduism Native American Coincidence?

Buddhism, Hinduism Native American Coincidence?

Fascinating These Three

I find it intriguing that the Buddhist, Hindu and Native American traditions, beliefs and stories parallel what we wrote,  1845BC to 70AD

How is it then, that  the three major religions on the planet claim to base their beliefs on the WORD OF GOD.  Those beliefs do not reflect the same beliefs as the BHNA? Nor do they reflect our writings nor what was intended.

How is that we wrote about creation?  We wrote about the interrelated, interactive beautiful dance of ONE UNITED OXHEAD, one creation, unified by, honoring and respecting all parts of the creation.  No part better than any other part.  Looking to the elders for direction.

Humanity is the Firstborn Divine child; but the littlest kid on the block; with the greatest giftMatthew.  The gifMatthewt of Bringing LightLuke that has been squashed by the religious entity consuming human energy.  Causing us to miss Existent MarkJohn

In 75 years on the planet I have never heard a teaching on the water builders of  PERFUME of a Multitude of Nations of Laughter.  Let us take a closer look.


KJB Thinly Veiled the Roots

KJB Thinly Veiled the Roots

Interpretations Created a Thick Black Smoke Screen

The translators that created the KJB carefully sculpted a veil that covered the original word meanings that reveal what we really wrote between 1845BC and 70AD.

The JSEC, if understood and used to its fullest removes the black smoke screen of sin, shame, blame, condemnation, death, judgement, hell, damnation and devil consciousness.

More than 1100 translations have been made using the black smoke screen of INTERPRETATIONS.  None of which have brought any clarity relative to the original texts.

None of which has ended homelessness, poverty, death, sickness, dis-ease, war, strife, domestic violence, murders and all other manner of dysfunction.

Changed My Mind (more…)

The 7th Holocaust Step

The 7th Holocaust Step

800 years after Islam appears on the planet, the Guttenberg printing press is developed.  This instrument allows what the pen had written on paper to be reproduced in a very quick manner. 

All writings could now be decimated to the planet.  A plethora of ideas, writings, concepts, beliefs begins to flood the minds and hearts of humanity.  Consider the ramifications of that invention.  Don’t forget Rumi.

  • 57 years later, 1517AD Martin Luther posts the bans.
  • 105 years later, 1543AD Nicolaus Copernicus on his deathbed published De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (On the Revolution of the Heavenly Spheres) adding fuel to the fire.  He waited knowing that the information would not be received by the religious orders of the day.
  • 57 years later Giordano Bruno, a Dominican monk spoke out this information and was burned at the stake.
  • This was followed by Galileo, 1564 – 1642,  the father of astronomy, physics, science whose teachings were condemned by the religious orders of the day.

Nonetheless these new ideas were published and circulated.  How much influence did these writings have on the 1645 AD translation of the King James Bible? 

A translation that whitewashed over the original beautiful word pictures of creation.  Then on the whitewashed canvas, Dick and Jane stick figures were drawn infusing gender where no gender exists.

Forever changing creations story into the story of individual human persons doomed to struggle, strain and then die, be judged and either go to hell or heaven.

The Weapon

These three major influences on the planet are enabled to spread their doctrines, beliefs and ideas when this the  7th  holocaust/step comes into play.  

Letter number seven represents weapon.  This weapon increases the divisions, separations, wars, struggles, strains and despair on the planet.  Talk about Dark Ages!!!

Brainwashing the Planet

This printing press becomes the instrument for the greatest brainwashing that ever hit the planet.  Not only did new ideas and old religious concepts proliferate; but it would introduce advertising which today is the biggest influencer of what we believe to be true.  Everything from what we should, eat, drink, wear, but also who we should associate with or not associate with.  Dire warnings of catastrophes if one does not adhere to the messages.

Egyptian Math

Egyptian math, WILL ADD becomes even more obscure.  What the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, human wrote between 1845 BC and 70 AD is  today buried under 750,000 English words and who knows how many words of other languages add to that pile.

Only by removing all of those words can we possible begin to know what our pen wrote about the creation story. 

The stories we documented are not what we have been told for the past several hundred years of brainwashing.  That brainwashing has caused us to forget that we are the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.  Born without religious affiliations, habits and stories.

What Did We Write 1845 BC through 70 AD

We have forgotten that we wrote about  the womb  from which we came, Black Madonnalower egypt/earth.  We have forgotten that we wrote about our home, the Queens Houseupper egypt.heaven.

Not only did/do we forget; but we pass the brainwashing onto our offspring.  Look around, how many know that they are the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD?  How many know that they are already PERFECT?

How many still struggle, strain and try to become acceptable?  Afraid of failing, dying and going to hell, condemned to eternal fire and damnation.  That is not what our pen wrote.  That is what the brainwashing has said we wrote. 

Teachers of What.

Teachers of English taught English; not spiritual truth. 

Warlords of Religions teach war and use the Egyptian King LovingDavid that was built by the Egyptian King of PeaceSolomon as weapons of their warfare.  The stories we wrote are so distorted as to be unrecognizable.

Our Inheritance

It is time to claim our rightful inheritance.  This is what our pen wrote.

The LaughterIsaac of a Multitude of NationsAbraham Will Be HeardIshmael..  What good is LaughterIsaac without HearingIshmael?  What good is hearing Laughter without the Multitude of NationsAbraham to Hear it?

The Major War

This is the major war between the three religions.  Who is the chosen frozen, best, special child. 

The answer is the entire human kingdom is the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.  This leaves nothing to war about. 

This is what we wrote.  We, humanity is the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD that came from Egyptian math,  WILL ADDjOSEPH.

Time to beat our weapons of warfare into plowshares.  We live in the same field, the Garden of PleasureEden.  Planted in the black fertile soiladam. Spouted from the red soilesau ,the twin of the wormJacob.

The single Egyptian eye is constantly opening the place of wakingcity, the Eastern Gate of the rising sun; guarded by the Flaming SwordCain of the morning.  Consistently destroying its brother, the house of vanityAbel, the night.

We continue to perish by lack of knowledge that we, the entire human kingdom is the FIRSBORN DIVINE CHILD.  The child destined to MASTER SELF, is the fully conscious kingdom.