Who/What Builders?  Who/What Father?

The word in the original text that means builder is translated into list of a variety of words in the KJB.  See the list at the end of this blog.  This blog is addressing the neutral builder translated as father.  Touching on daughter, son, mother/mother.

When we use the real meaning builder instead father, daughter, son, Egypt, Assyria, Grecian, youth, etc. a very different picture emerges.  Most often the word son is used in religious habitual stories.  With the inference that is is a male gender,with more importance than female gender.

Please, remember there is no gender in the original texts; else we have same very weird looking people. (more…)

Why was White Light Translated Wolf?

Why was White Light Translated Wolf?

Why does the SRP use the wolf as an example of something bad, evil outside of itself?

White light is lucas, the same as LUKE, the light bringer.  Forked tongue of INTERPRETATIONS does not even acknowledge their words wolf and Luke come out of the same root word.

Can sweet and bitter water come out of the same fountain? James 3:11

The answer is yes, “the little book is sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly.” Rev. 10:9 The bitters have to digest out all of the added English words and INTERPRETATIONS that distort the original texts, creating gender, wars, pestilence, famine ad nauseam.. (more…)

What is the OXhead Symbol All About?

What is the OXhead Symbol All About?

Why is Ezekiel’s Wheel in a Wheel clogged up?

Number 1 UNITED  and letter number 1 English A, Egyptian athoim and Hebrew aleph OX represents unified force of one.

This unified force of one gains power as it moves through the cycle of wisdom #9.  Which is  also represented by  letter #9 serpent.  It gains power, energy, size, etc. when the pregnancy is completed and there is a turning to the next full number.

There is always and only ONE UNITED OXHEAD.

There is always and only ONE UNITED OXHEAD after completing the turn of a  cycle of wisdom9.

We have lived in a world of divisions, wars, strifes, etc. for far too long.  Jesus asked who made me DIVIDER OVER YOU.  and the answer is we did.   (more…)

Progressing the Story

Progressing the Story

The First Copulating Door

Translated as Genesis 4.

The power of the meaning of the numbers, letters and words of the original text tell us what we wrote.  Provided we do not add anything, such as all the English grammar words that more than tripled the original texts and infused the toxic element of gender.

Destroying the beauty of the Garden of Pleasure/PleasureEden. (more…)