Literal Take Bible Literally

The Bible is a partial translation of documents taken from the human library.

A great portion of the Bible is only TRANSLITERATED.  Letter from one language to the letter of another language…..does not convey meaning.  So those words are not literal until their meaning is uncovered.

English language requires gender.  There was no gender in our writings, so gender cannot be taken literally. (more…)

Updated Revised James Strong Concordance?????

Updated Revised James Strong Concordance?????

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This title caused me to think that possibly some of the Persian, Egyptian, Babylonion, Syria, etc,, words had been given their meanings.  This would have been an awesome addition, updating.

I call this a DOWNGRADED EDITION.  Links between the assigned JSE numbers and the scripture have been broken for hundreds maybe thousands of scriptures.

You can find the scriptures where a given TRANSLATED WORD is found.  But the links to their numbers is not available.

One Instance that is extremely damaging to the scholar trying to use the JSE, is the translated word THIS.  You can find all the scripture references to the translated word THIS.  But  what has happened by removing the links is destruction to another portion of the bridge.  The bridge to the meanings that our pen set down.  Long before the RELIGIOUS MYTH TELLERS took hold of it.  Took hold and twisted what our pen wrote  into their stories they want us to believe.bridges King James to original text





ONE EXAMPLE:  Three different original words THIS, THIS, SHEEP were lumped together in the translation as THIS.  These three words each had more than 400 scriptures for their distinct meaning.

SHEEP translated as THIS is a crucial link to the story.  It helps define the GREAT EWE.  It helps define the sheep land, sheep country, etc. etc. etc. (more…)

Annular Solar Eclipse

Annular Solar Eclipse

For those in a Given Pathway

Japan across the Pacific Oregon, NM and Texas, residents can view this event head on.  That is they will see the ring of fire of the sun surrounding the moon as it passes across the face of the Sun.

Makes me think of the first rib of light, the Life-Giver that revealed the shape of the sea monster, the rapidly moving soil that had formed in the primordial waters and heat of creation.

This original text rendition, which we today call the Big Bang, was translated in the Bible as a myth about Adam and Eve and then interpreted as the human parents that failed the children.

Not only failed the children, but the children killed each other.  Not even close to what we wrote.

The parents of Life Giving Light and fertile soil have not failed yet.   The Life Giving Rib of Light caused the soil to become Redesau.   The limits of lower Egypt, earth. The heel, the twin, of the Red Soil swelled  and reached for the limits of the Queen house, upper Egypt heaven.

The heel is the birthright holder that looks, feels and smells like its twin, earth.  It is the neutral branchtribe from which grows the BRANCH EXTENDINGTRIBE.  There is only one united oxhead of creation; there never were 12 nor 13 tribesbranches.  Those are divisions made by mythical religious stories that steal our inheritance.

One vine, one branch climbed over the wall into the everlasting hills and has never stopped growing.  Despite the efforts of religion to stunt its growth.

Time to rethink our religious myths that we hold so dear to our broken hearts.  Waiting for a mythical God to do something.  Something was already completed.  Nothing is lacking except to walk in the fullness of a perfect creation.

I say mythical God because that word is created from 14 different word recipes.  Which God are we waiting for to rescue, heal what has always been PERFECT?  A perfection that is constantly, continually changing, LIVING.

The FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY has never lacked anything.  But much has been stolen through belief in religious myths that steal our power and teach us that our first parents failed, so how could we possible ever succeed.

Time to reclaim what is rightfully ours, the original text from which came religious books that distorted what our pen declared.

English Test

English Test

What Do You Choose?

Of these 8 different word meaning taken from the original text, which one/s accurately depict the English word CATTLE based upon the English language as we use it today?  Which one/s would you use instead of CATTLE to convey what CATTLE means to you?

  1. mute, dumb
  2. bought that comes from be erect
  3. pushing that comes from rush
  4. deputyship that comes from dispatch
  5. eating that comes from kindle
  6. sculpture that comes from to sling
  7. beeve that comes from to plough
  8. to erect

All eight were translated as cattle; but also translated into which of these words?

  1. beast
  2. flock, herd
  3. possession
  4. purchase
  5. substance
  6. ewe
  7. lamb
  8. sheep
  9. business
  10. industrious
  11. officer
  12. thing
  13. use
  14. workman
  15. manship
  16. curved figure
  17. carving
  18. graving
  19. inquire
  20. search
  21. attain
  22. buy
  23. buyer
  24. teach to keep cattle
  25. provoke to
  26. search
  27. got
  28. jealousy
  29. possessor
  30. purchase
  31. recover
  32. redeem
  33. surely
  34. verily

All 34 plus others were used in place of CATTLE.  If I read sheep, lamb, flock, my mind would not go anywhere near the word CATTLE.  Let alone any of the other words, like jealousy, without qualification of some kind.

If I read workman, I do not think of cattle in English terms.  However I know that the word man is mortal and is not exclusive to humans.  Which means one step closer to the original text meaning.

Which of those above words would cause you to think CATTLE?  So unless we understand what any given word means in the original text, we wallow in a cesspool of confusion.

A word means what it means in any language and unless there is some other qualifying, explanatory reason alongside giving a broader definition, the meaning is not altered.

bridges King James to original textThis is the confusion presented in the Bible translation.  There are so many different words used to define something we cannot even associate the translated word with the original meaning and therefore dismiss, displace, refuse the Strong Bridge.

The bridge was properly built, structurally sound.  It is our confused mind that needs setting straight.

The redemption is found in the vast portion of the Bible which is actually not translated.  We can begin to build an understanding by using some basic words and their real meanings.  Replacing what we have been commonly taught.

See tomorrow blog for examples of that.  A simple task, but changing old habits takes intention, diligent application and endurance to attain.  So this task may not be so easy.  There is no magic wand, magic pill, secret hidden chamber, locked door, lost key, that is not resident within our very beings.

I hope this intrigues you into a journey with me, exploring what our human pen actually scribed.  It belongs to us the ONE UNITED OXHEAD,  the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY.

It has been misused for too long.  Time to reclaim our property.  Time to slay the fatted religious calf.

Let me know what you think.  How did you score on the quizz?

There are many ways to redeem our writings; just like there are many different shapes, sizes and colors in a jigsaw puzzle.  Just difficult to see how they fit when the box has been loaded down with unnecessary pieces.

Forgetfulness Has No Future

There is a banner on an old building in Santa fe which reads something like this.

“A Nation that Forgets its Past, Has No Future”

Humanity who forgets its divinity has no future.

We have forgotten the Sweet Little Story of Creation, we humans wrote it again and again.  We wrote it in many places, many eras with words from many languages.  We have forgotten humanity is the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD with all the faculties to create whatever it desires.

We have forgotten our elders the gods of fire, water, wind and earth.  These gods are our parents that formed the creation and provided all the needs of every seed of all kind for all time.

Just because religious zealots took our writings and twisted them to fit their own purposes does not change the wisdom and the truth that we scribed on animal skins, cave walls, papyrus, paper.  We continue to day to scribe on the airways.

We are without excuse, the creation has never hidden itself from us.  We are the ones in hiding.  Hiding behind the skirts of a few chosen frozen self appointed gurus, masters, pastors, priests, theologians.  Too caught up in their own religious zeal to take the time to go back and rediscover what our pen actually had to say.

The choice has always been ours.  The truth has always resided within each and everyone of us.  It came with us.  We are the falling stars bringing light to the planet.

Time to reclaim our heritage of BEING HUMAN.  We are  human beings, not human doings.   We are the salt.  We are the flavor.  We are the pleasure. We are the color.  We are the song and the dance.  We are the way, the truth and the light.