These words are more than mathematical calculations.

They represent the creative process we wrote about 1845BC to 70AD.

When we understand these 10 symbols and their processes, then the other 11 are easy to understand.  Then of the combinations using these 22 symbols are easy to understand and apply to scripture.

They are the copulating door of creation.

We devised them, we used them, we wrote about them and they belong to us….the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY.

They have been reduced down to mathematical calculations by INTERPRETERS, who understand English and German, but who seem not able to recognize the difference between 1 and one, 2 and two, 3 and three, 4 and four, etc.

Why did the Bible TRANSLATORS use the words and not the math numbers?  They could just as easily used 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 20,100,1000 etc.

In the 1800s  more than 100 persons worked to create a database.  This database became the  James Strong Exhaustive  Concordance….the Strong Bridge the JSE and was published in the early 1900’s.

The database is slowly being eroded away by NEW, UPDATED VERSIONS.  The bridge is being bombed.  These so-called updated versions are removing the connecting numbers between the original words and the King James word.

One of the more recent editions has eliminated thousands of those connections.

If you search for a first edition of the JSE you discover the first editions of all the revised, 1997, 2009, 2011, etc.  Why?

  • Who has made these decisions?
  • Why is the number trail being eroded away?
  •  For what purpose?
  • For what reason?

Is it to continue to support the RELIGIOUS MYTHS?  Myths which dissolve away when the original text is uncovered.

Or is it merely a fatted calf of cash flow?

How long will be willing to let our knowledge be destroyed by well-meaning, well-intentioned profit seekers?

Wonder what the source of one, two, three four shut the is????

Advanced technology does not necessarily equate to advanced knowledge.

When Five Primitive Root Words Converge

When Five Primitive Root Words Converge

What Do They Have to Tell Us?

We start with primitive root I have assigned #1 which has nothing to do with the JSE numbers.

Words by themselves reveal their true meanings and their growth processes.  They cannot lie. Humans take words and connect them to create what they want them to mean.  Here is but one example of how the word meanings reveal their truth.

The graphic and the following information, is by no means exhaustive of the primitive root word that means BE HIGH.  This is merely an example of how to use primitive roots to clarify the muddy waters of religious myths.

Starting with primitive root #1 we can construct a rabbit trail that helps us reclaim what we wrote 1845BC to 70AD translated into the Bible in 1640AD,

The JSE numbers lead us to discover that there are  14 growths coming from this primitive root.

There is a PUNCTUREDfemale non gender growth directly off of the root #1 which means BE HIGH.

There is also a PUNCTURED female non gender word as a secondary branch from the primitive root word BE HIGH.

Four branches are joined by growth from other primitive roots to form other words.

English translators  took 10 of these word meanings  and capitalized the transliterated word..
English translators added gender  and place designations to these transliterated words.
English translators then take these 10 words and translate them into 12 different words.
English interpreters teach those words as if they are human and or places.
The other growths coming from the primitive root word BE HIGH are translated as haughtiness, height, X high, extol, lift self up, height, on high, haughtily, far above, dignity, haugtinenss, height, most hihg, on high, high one, high place,loftily, upward.

English translators then translate the primitive word meaning BE HIGH in these terms: bring up, exalt self, extol, give, go up, haughty, heave up, be high, lift high, upon high, make on high, set up on high, too high, higher, high one, hold up, levy, lift, lifter, lift up, be lofty, X a loud, mount up, take way, take off, take up, breed worms.

Which of those words are the synonym  for BE HIGH?  What does breed worms have to do with BE HIGH?  There is an answer if we understand what the worm is and where it comes from ad what it produces.  Not discussed here.

How does X a loud a synonym for BE HIGH?

Note none of these word meanings are REMEMBEREDmale words.  Why because they have nothing to do with gender which is infused by the nature of the English language.

Two are PUNCTURED female words; but neither of these designations has anything to do with gender.  It is about creative process.  When we use this information about creative process we can reclaim our property.

If you are a premium subscriber you can have access to more details about this graphic plus additional information.  Such as the primitive root I gave the #2 which means TO EXIST is part of more than 2000 other words.


What is tsalmonah/shadiness?

What is tsalmonah/shadiness?

Yesterday We Looked at DEBAR DEATH

The fruit hanging on three of those same word trees combined with a different root of the fourth tree  produces something quite different. There is an energy quite opposite coming from that different root.

tsalmonah meaning shadiness of the shade that come from the hovering shade that is equal to tinkle and tumble came from and hangs on the three word trees.

The other portion comes from a different primitive root and it tree.  That foot means DEATH comes from TO DIE.

tsalmonah meaning shadiness is the transliteration.  It was capitalized and the spelling was changed to Zalmonah.

The translations never identify the punctured female and rememberedmale non gender words.  All words are treated neutral and then gender is infused. These designations are also key in understanding what our pen wrote 1845BC to 70AD.

This word is found in  two scriptures WORDS TO ARRANGE translated as Numbers.  It was written about 1688BC, place unknown.

If we think that the Old Testament is not important; then consider that most of the words in the New Testament refer back to the Old Testament for meaning.

We cannot possibly understand the New without knowing what the Old was and is about.

The Old did not end; a new portion was added in.

So if we look at DEBAR DEATH and DEATH from TO DIE, the only difference is one primitive root.  Which root are we drawing on?  Are we pressing on toward DEBAR DEATH? Or are we pressing on DEATH?

We are the prophet, priest and king of our own body temple.  The only temple there ever was. The temple of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD///////HUMANITY.

Religious myth tellers want us to believe that there way is the only way.  How many different ways of religion are present on the planet?

How many of them use our writings; which have been distorted into their myths?


Time for vulture energy to come in and transmute that death myth into life.  This elder can handle thousands of times more toxic waste than human.



Mut as Vulture

So we are studying them all the while we revile them and exalt the Eagle that does kill.

A Day of Clearing

A Day of Clearing

Word Trees and Transliterated Words

I have posted a couple of word trees and there will be  many more in the future.  I have also showed how words are formed from primitive roots or unused roots or primitive words or any combination of them.

There is another part to be understood and over time it will become clearer.  That is the difference between a transliterated word and a word that is part of a language.

Transliteration is simply taking the letters of one language and transposing them into another language.  The result is not necessarily and usually is not the same meaning as the language it is being transliterated into. Letter for letter is not meaning for meaning.

It is a great gift of the JSE, second only to the GIFT OF NUMBERS, without which the trees cannot be formed.

Not to be fully addressed here is a TRANSLITERATED WORD he that is found only in the first five books, the Torah, the law.  Then she is used.  These transliterated words have nothing to do with gender.  Just because the spelling is the same does not make them the same function nor meaning.

The original transliterated he that becomes the transliterated she is a symbol of he, she or it; but in and of themselves they are only pointers; not gender.  Religious myth tellers use them as if they mean gender.

This is but one example in pile of examples of confused language that builds a tower BABEL; religious myths.

There will be numerous examples of WORD TREES in the future. Placed on the site for the purpose of showing how the tree can inform us of the original meaning of our writings.

Follow any word back through its growth process to the root or roots and each segment tells us something.  The entire tree reveals itself; despite the translated words that were used.

Oranges are  never found on fig trees.  Potatoes do not grow on grape vine.

More importantly they expose the religious myths that abound on the planet as a DIS-EASE.

Time to reclaim our property; what our pen scribed 1845BC to 70AD does not belong to the religious myth tellers.

We do not need another sect, order, community, we need to REMEMBERMALE who we always have been, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY.  The one for which the stories of creation were written.  The entirety of humanity; not just a few chosen frozen special people selected by gurus, pastors, preachers, prophets, kings, governors, ad nauseum.

Time to lay down the weapons of warfare and beat them into plowshares.



Unraveling the Story

Have to Begin at the First translated Genesis

Yesterday’s blog about the apostle stars playing out the old story before dawn in the heavens, is put one grain of sugar.  It is by no means exhaustive of those players.

To try and reclaim what our pen wrote 1845BC to 70AD is difficult to do starting at the end of the story, the New Testament.

However, if we have begun at the beginning at the FIRST translated as Genesis and uncovered the true story documented by our pen; then we can better understand the last chapter, the New Testament

When we understand the beginning and the end; we discover they are the same.  Put a dot on any circle and that is both the beginning and the end.  So it always has been, so it always will be.

Our pen scribed the beautiful story of the powerful energies of the elohyims, the dieties of fire, water, wind, and earth.  Just because the 750,000 English words dumped on top have muddy the water, dampened the fire,  stopped the wind and demolished the earth does not change creation and its story.

Those gods have the power and could have and can eliminate us at any time.  Instead we are held steadfastly and gently in their arms of power.  Still we dishonor them, our elders.

We have forgotten our story by  believing the brainwashing of the religious myths.

So long as we continue to think that the stories are about human individuals we stay locked into religious myths that are killing us.

Most of our writings were never translated, the words were modified into English form of that word, but they are not English words.  We do not know what they mean.

Then INTERPRETERS tell us that those words are names of person, which they are not.  Those untranslated words tell the story of creation and the creative processes that have never stopped being valid.

So long as we stay trapped into believing the religious myths, we will continue to war against our self.  So long as we stay trapped into believing that the elohiyims, wind, fire, water and earth are a single human designed God somewhere in the great beyond, we will continue to die.

The Existent Open Wide Free said mortal is destined to take on IMMORTALITY.  Not die and be judged and then hopefully found worthy to go into some place in the great hereafter.

We, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY sprouted from the lower limitegypt earth and lives in the upper limitegypt the Queens House/heaven.

The PRIMITIVE ROOT words build word trees that assist us on our journey of discovery.  First we must desire to embark on that journey.