Forgetfulness Has No Future

There is a banner on an old building in Santa fe which reads something like this.

“A Nation that Forgets its Past, Has No Future”

Humanity who forgets its divinity has no future.

We have forgotten the Sweet Little Story of Creation, we humans wrote it again and again.  We wrote it in many places, many eras with words from many languages.  We have forgotten humanity is the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD with all the faculties to create whatever it desires.

We have forgotten our elders the gods of fire, water, wind and earth.  These gods are our parents that formed the creation and provided all the needs of every seed of all kind for all time.

Just because religious zealots took our writings and twisted them to fit their own purposes does not change the wisdom and the truth that we scribed on animal skins, cave walls, papyrus, paper.  We continue to day to scribe on the airways.

We are without excuse, the creation has never hidden itself from us.  We are the ones in hiding.  Hiding behind the skirts of a few chosen frozen self appointed gurus, masters, pastors, priests, theologians.  Too caught up in their own religious zeal to take the time to go back and rediscover what our pen actually had to say.

The choice has always been ours.  The truth has always resided within each and everyone of us.  It came with us.  We are the falling stars bringing light to the planet.

Time to reclaim our heritage of BEING HUMAN.  We are  human beings, not human doings.   We are the salt.  We are the flavor.  We are the pleasure. We are the color.  We are the song and the dance.  We are the way, the truth and the light.


Word Formations

Word Formations

Understanding How a Word is Formed Increases our Understanding

The manuscripts from which the Bible was translated, were written over a time frame approximately 1845BC to70AD.  Scribed by a variety of authors in a variety of places, using a variety or words from a variety of languages.

To decipher this Sweet Little Book about Creation we need to understand how each word in the original text was formed.  Meanings do not change. FIRE in any language scribed by any symbols and expressed in any sound;  still means FIRE.

Fire happens to be one of the very few Primary words in the Old Testament.  Actually I have only found 7 of them.  Six of them are neutral words.  One is the puncturedfemale word for a neutral word, the word is BROTHER/BROTHER.

We cannot possibly understand this if we insist on gender, which is infused by the nature of the English language during the translation.  Neutral brother in this case is a primary word doing nothing but holding place. It is a building block. Brother is the growth process; but still a primary word.  A primary building block without permanent measure, it is growing, changing, evolving.  The graphic below is a better portrayal of this than words

The building blocks are held together by another PRIMARY WORD, BOND the glue which is translated as mother, still a neutral word.

Out of the BOND comes the word meaning, MOTHER MEASUREMENT translated as cubit.  See the arrow on the following graphic.  These are neutral, non gender words.

This graphic depicts the above description for better understanding.  The BOND is neutral, the CUBIT is neutral, but the measures,height, width, depth, corners, angles, columns, copper, brass, socket, gleam, light, termination, testimony are all puncturedfemale words.

If this is female gender, then male gender has no height, width, depth, angles, sockets, etc.

There are very, very few REMEMBEREDMALE words.  Grasping the concept of  NO GENDER is vital to understanding the original Sweet Little Book of Creation principles, based on Egyptian math Will Add.

When we make a word mean mother as a female gender person we cannot see the BOND, the glue.  Nor can we see the building blocks, the primary words let alone the primitive roots.

See the graphic below, available to premium subscribers.  The JSE numbers are not provided, however personal discovery will uncover them.

What is a Prime Word?

A Major Building Block

Like a foundation brick, foundational energy, foundational premise.  Touch stones for reference.

There are quite a few prime words.  They are not necessarily the same Old Testament to New Testament.

There are many ways to view the original text and prime words is one way.

Today we look at four of them.  Translated as father, brother, mother, handmaid.

Notice all  four of them are neutral words.  None are punctured female words nor rememberedmale words.

Putting it in Context With Other Words

We have been looking at the words a master, existent and strength; all three are also neutral words.  They are not prime words they are created words.  Nonetheless they were translated as husband/owner, God, God.

Which presents the question where did GOD come from then, if GOD is created.  Who/what is this word GOD?  Whatever GOD is part of, must also be GOD.  That would include the major portion of words in the Bible. (more…)

Why is the House of the Warmth of Mating

Why is the House of the Warmth of Mating

Equal to the House Ring

That came from the Succession out of Meandering?

Unless we understand what we wrote 1845BC -70AD; we still read 2 pigeons or 2 turtles  offered as a sacrifice.  Which leads to the conclusion there was some sort of sacrifice was required.

If we understand the creation story as it was written; then this is easy to understand and it has nothing to do with sacrificing birds and animals.  Let alone fathers offering up their sons as a sacrifice. (more…)

Update on Existent Open Wide Free

Update on Existent Open Wide Free

Two more Words Added

In several recent blogs I referred to a graphic depicting Existent Open Wide Free.  This graphic displays the words of so called people that all mean the same thing EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.

There are in fact several different graphics based on the word EXISTENT translated in KJB as God, Lord, Jehovah, etc.  As stated before the meaning of any word does not change just because it is rendered in a different language with different letter symbols and sounds.  Fire always means fire.  Water always means water.  Existent always means existent.

Another word need to be added New Testament Esaias.  Just because words are spelled differently due to being written in different time frames and places; does not change their meaning.

Knowing this can, however change our view of the stories that have circulated for thousands of years.

There is another graphic with the Existent that is half of creating other words.  One of those words means EXISTENT TO BEND.  Which points us back to the HUSBAND TO BEND.  We need to add the New Testament word John to that list.  John means EXISTENT TO BEND.

Not to helpful unless we understand the creation story and what words actually meant. The graphics on this blogsite are available to Premium subscribers in all cases.  Some are available simply as a free subscriber.

Others are available in the store.

This is much like sorting the jigsaw puzzle pieces.  First getting them all facing up and then finding the corners and then looking for shapes, colors, that fit together.

It has taken almost 25 years of diligent seeking to bring me to the point where I can begin to share what I have discovered.

So while it may seem scattered so are the pieces of any jigsaw puzzle.  When the thousands of pieces  of other puzzles are dumped on top, it makes it more of a challenge to discover what pieces actually belong in this puzzle.

Creation’s story written over and over again 1845BC to 70AD.  It is possible to recover the Sweet Little Book, just takes desire to know, time to discover and an OILEDCHRIST mind to slip in between all the extra pieces that do not belong in this puzzle.