Loving I AM Self

Loving I AM Self

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”
– Gautama Buddha –

“prefer other”  we are the other I AM
“love other”  we are the other I AM
“honor other” we are the other I AM
“trust other” we are the other I AM
“acknowledge other? we are the other I AM

“dietieselohyims (wind, water, fire,elements) exist say drawing (from) pull
exist say builders (from) build say
will rule as strength (from) strength”

 (transliterated letters used as English words say this) I am that I am and will be what I will be.

14 fish motion

These Trebled Completed (inside) oxhead10 motion copulating door = window

(transliterated letters interpreted as Exodus 12:14)  What does this mean?  Only by using the Strong Bridge can we possible hope to understand what our pen wrote 1845BC to 70AD.  It is not what the religious myths would have us believe.

With the database coming up, we can all learn how to decipher the original text….that is if we have the desire to know….instead of being told what to believe and then killing each other over it.

We can understand what the symbol of the fish drawn on the circular shore actually was telling us.  A symbol drawn by the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE, standing on the shore of a CIRCULAR BODY OF WATER(Galilee).  We are that body of water.  We are that fire.  We are the elements.  We are the breath of life.  We are the dieties.  What have we created? What have we destroyed?

14 fish motion

First job is to LOVE SELF for it is the OTHER SELF.   There is only ONE SELF….the hand does not hit its own face.   The hand does not use a gun to shoot and kill itself.

The foot does not stomp on the other toe to cause it pain.
The heart does not throb for a divided self; but a united self.
United by love of OTHER SELF.

We cannot possibly see that the first word God in scripture are dieties, wind, water, fire and element unless we go back to the original text.  Leaving behind all of the added English words used to make the religious myths appear to be the true stories.

I have been accused of speaking jibberish….ears tuned to the religious myths cannot possible hear with clarity.   Ears tuned to English syntax of language have trouble adjusting to a different sound….doesn’t make it  jibberish that cannot be understood….just because it sounds strange.

The MELODY  of the ages has a sweeter sound than the sound of war; brother killing brother over religious dogmatic beliefs.