Black Dome of the Rock or Mt. Kalish?

Wesak or Vesak, Oiled or Enlightened?

The RELIGIOUS KING that dominates the planet is a divisive king.  Not human; but human devised to control the masses.

This beautiful  planet has two places, 2 black rocks that the RELIGIOUS KING has convinced people to  bow down to as the one special place a special place  chosen by that particular RELIGIOUS KING.  This is not exclusive; there are many places and times that the RELIGIOUS KING demands homage from its followers.  We are looking at two BLACK ROCKS today.

Wesak or Vesak is being celebrated some time during the month of May 2014  but the date varies drastically country to country.  See chart below.  Why different dates?

The RELIGIOUS KING also dictates the calendar which divides humans. The RELIGIOUS KINGS are not human; but are human devised to control the masses.

Consider that there is a black dome of the rock that the three major RELIGIOUS KINGS have declared as the holy place and have proceeding to kill each other over who has the right to dictate who and when will visit this DOME OF THE BLACK ROCK.  A BLACK ROCK  encased in a human box and controlled and guarded by humans who deem themselves holier than thou.

The control passing from generation to generation.  The THREE MAJOR RELIGOUS KINGS killing each others followers to regain control.  When control is established;  then allowing certain others to enter in on certain days….others have to go underground to get near the rock… the city BUILT ON TWO HILLS formerly known as PEACE (Salem).  Which today we call Jerusalem?  A city quartered by the RELIGIOUS KINGS that rule their followers.

Then there is the other BLACK ROCK celebrated by another RELIGIOUS KING.  Which is the mountain of Mt. Kalish; upon which no human foot has ever touched.  That is except the religious myth taught by the RELIGIOUS KING about some person who did ascend the mountain.

The point being that the planet does not belong to humanity.  Humanity belongs to the planet.  Dividing and chopping up the planet as if one part is holier than the other part is the most ridiculous idea the RELIGIOUS KINGS ever came up with it.

Perhaps it is time to honor the planet each and every day.  Setting aside a special time is in and of itself not a incorrect idea.   The idea that this is the only day to honor our source, the place from which we emerged separates us from the very breast that feeds us.

The RELIGIOUS KING has done quite a number on this planet and it is time to stop and take thought about what we are doing…what KINGS are we are allowing to rule, divide and conquer us.

What are we trying to rule, divide and conquer???????????  Time to light our own lamp and remember who we have always been…one species on the planet amongst all our brother and sister species.  Every species formed and nurtured  by the same original gods, wind, water, fire and the earth elements.

The RELIGIOUS KINGS tell  us that the FIRST (Genesis) is the word of God; yet disguise the original text which tells us about the elohiyms, the plural gods of wind, water, fire and earth elements.

Why?  To protect their kingdoms from the revelation that the human pen put to paper 1845BC to 70AD and what they wrote does not match what the RELIGIOUS KINGS want us to believe.



Year in AD Thailand[12] Singapore Laos Myanmar Sri Lanka Cambodia Indonesia Nepal & India China Malaysia
2007 31 May 2550BE 31 May 31 May 2550BE 30 April 2551thBE 1 May 2551thBE 1 May 2551thBE 1 Jun 2551thBE 2 May 24 May 31 May
2010 28 May 2553BE 28 May 28 May 2553BE 27 April 2554thBE 27 May 2554thBE 28 April 2554thBE 28 May 2554thBE 27 May 21 May 28 May
2011 17 May 2554BE 17 May 17 May 2554BE 17 May 2555thBE 17 May 2555thBE 17 May 2555thBE 17 May 2555thBE 17 May 10 May 17 May
2013 24 May 2556BE 24 May 24 May 24 May 2557BE 24 May 25 May 2557 BE 25 May 24 May 24 May
2014 13 May 2557BE 13 May   13 May 14 May   15 May 2558 BE 14 May   13 May

According to the web the celebration this month is when the ENLIGHTENED ONE and the OIL (Christ) come together.  Where does this occur in the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.  The RELIGIOUS KING has humanity believing that the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE is a person (Jesus, Joshua, Jehoshuah, Jehoshua, and several other words).  All of which mean the same thing.  Putting a capital letter on the word meaning EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE gives the impression to English speaking reading people that this is the name of someone, something, or some place special.

The RELIGIOUS KING is very clever and has the planet locked into believing it is the ruler of not only the planet; but the universe.  How long will we bow down to the RELIGIOUS KING?

How long will we follow, like dumb sheep whoever sets itself up as the leader.  That is what sheep do, follow the leader thinking the leader knows where it is going.  Even over the cliff.

Sun Dog Star Caleb Descended

existent open wide free dog (star) descended.
versus the Bible story about 2 men Joshua and Caleb who crossed the Jordan River

The dog star, the sun star,  was renamed Serius by the Greeks and the Bible interpreters called it Caleb.  All English renditions of the Bible state they are translated from the KING JAMES BIBLE according to the  GREEK.

The original stories were not written Greek.  They were written, mostly in Hebrew with words from the languages of  Babylonian, Chaldean, Hebrew, Aramaic, Egyptian, Persian and a variety of other languages; some unidentified.

So let us look at another story about the existent open wide free dog (star) from the original text..

existent open wide free builds perpetuity….dog(star) builds, (what) will be prepared
vs Joshua the son of Nun….Caleb the son of Jephunneh.

Which view the original text or the religious myth view gives us the most information?  Let us look at a specific scripture.

Numbers 26:65 For the LORD had said of them, They shall surely die in the wilderness. And there was not left a man of them, save…Caleb the son of Jephunneh, and Joshua the son of Nun.

If the  existent open wide free dog(star) was all that was left….then there was still  the sun in the heavens.

  1. If Caleb and Joshua were the only  human male beings left….how did they reproduce themselves?
  2. How do two male persons bring forth life?   In order to answer this question; other myths have to be created to substantiate the religious myth that the existent open wide free dog(star) was two male persons.

What if we use the original viewpoint and let the words of the original text tell us their stories?  Instead of the long held religious viewpoint that existed long before the first Bible was released to the general public.  Evidences exist all over the world’ cathedrals, monasteries with depictions of Crucifixions built long before the Bible was developed for the masses.

The Bible was simply a way to reinforce the long held religious beliefs and a way to keep the masses aligned with those beliefs….saying this book is the WORD OF GOD and MUST BE OBEYED.  Question is which God?  Whose God?

Thus 1100+ interpretations of the Bible trying to figure out how to obey something that seems so contrary.  Something that is interpreted by thousands of different denominations and non-denominations, as well as the general public.  None agreeing with each other; just what we are to obey.

The new database will make this a much simpler task.  The information at the back of the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance, the numbering reference system is being brought into a a different format….same information….just much simpler, faster and easier to use than the hard copy.

Everyone can search for themselves and decide what they choose to believe….the long held religious myths about  human beings or the beautiful stories about creation and its processes.

This database does not replace the hard copy; but is an addendum to it, to facilitate an easier way to explore, so each one can come to their own conclusions.  There is only one of us. one human race; time for us to get it together.  Not as clones; but as beautiful individual expressions of creation.  Everything is our elder and we the little kid on the block have much to learn.

We will be able to pull up all sorts of data, such as the primitive root words and see what grows on them.  Compare them at a glance.  We will not find oranges growing on grape vines; nor apples on a cherry tree.

For the first time we will be able to pull up all of the unused root words; which were not assigned a number by the JSE team; but were identified and the meanings of those unused root words was given.  Now they can be broken out and see what grows on them.

We will be able to pull out all of the puncturedfemale and rememberedmale words and see they gave absolutely nothing to do with gender.  Have everything to do with form and function and how the authors used the same words in different ways.

There are not many words in the original texts; just a lot of repetitions…these can now be reduced down into a simple dictionary of the simple meanings of the original text.

Hanged Man….that’s us

All writings on this blog site refer to my passionate close relationship of 20+ years with two books only; the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance 1940 edition and the King James Bible published 1640AD.  The JSE is keyed to the KJB.  The JSE is the work of 100 scholars who in the 1800s AD built a bridge for those who desire to cross over to the other side of the religious myths perpetrated upon the planet.

Why do we walk around thinking that we are upright on the planet?   We all know that the earth is round.  So who is upright?  If someone is upright; then all else must be sticking out at angles.

This is the difficulty when we take the words hidden dark, parched, face and roar and interpret them as meaning directions; north, south, east and west.

Here we are dangling in the sea of  heaven. Nurtured by the water god.  Energized by the fire god, manifesting the elemental god; but blown about by every wind of  religious doctrine.  Dust balls in the wind.

Gravity is our friend it holds us just close enough so that we can act, move, live and have our being  walking the land while abiding in the sea of heaven.  Acts 17:28*

Heaven touches earth; these are the DUAL LIMITS.  The limits of heaven and earth. Interpreters decided that the letters,  e’-jipt which means DUAL LIMITS,  was the name of a piece of the earth named Egypt and also the name of a so called person MIZRAIM.

This occurs because a capital letter was added to the original transliterated letters….. e’jipt…giving the reader the illusion of name.

We are the hanged man.  If we let go we can grow.  If we demand that we are upright then we decay, rot and go back into the source. the earth god.

We wrote about the four gods in the very firstgenesis  chapter of the very firstgenesis book of the Bible.  Not the oldest writing just the one placed first by the interpreters.

If we practice being upside down, being the hanged man and letting go; we expand out into the sea of heaven; the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE**.  Gravity is our friend and will not let us fly away to la la land somewhere out there.

*Acts mouth = oxhead10 + weapon (inside) house10 = head pregnancy.  We get quite a different view when we look at what the words (not numbers) actually represented.  When we begin to apply the correct meanings, the pictures shift dramatically
** this meaning EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE  was interpreted as at least  7 different names.  By adding the capital letters to the transliterated letters we arrived at Jesus, Joshua, Jehoshuah, Jehosuah, Hezekiah, Isaiah and others.  Not to mention all the words that are formed from the same meaning EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.  The database soon to be released will make it easier to understand and determine the actual original intent/meaning of our writings.
Hark the Messengers Sing

Hark the Messengers Sing

The heavenly host sang at the birth of the RED SOIL breaking free of its ICY COAT.  The transfer of the birthright passed directly to its twin the SWOLLEN HEEL that pushed up through the prison of the ICE MOUNTAIN.


A joyous song about the DUAL LIMITS of heaven and earth.

KJB version is quite a different story.  A religious myth  about a human brother tricking the father into giving him the birthright.  There was an exchange for a red pottage, red soup.

The OILEDCHRIST MASS today is a multi billion dollar extravagance that celebrates a single human being. The true story is only hidden behind the guise of a money making season of celebration.  A season both loved and despised by the world. 

The heavenly messengers sang about the birthing of the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE, the DUAL LIMITS, heaven and earth.  Transliterated word MIZRAIM, translated word EGYPT.

The starry night sky declared the glory of the universe at the advent of the ARK DRAWN OUT OF THE WATERS, the seed carrier.   The ARK OF THE COVENANT, THE ARK OF THE TESTIMONY.    The ARK at rest, the CURSE REVERSEDMT. ARARAT.

The ice mass was the curse that held the rapidly moving soil, the black sea monster captive.

This is the same as the EGYPTIAN TREASURY OF GLORIOUS REST that contained all the seed of everything that would manifest in this world of DUAL LIMITS.  Under the watchful single eye of DUAL LIMITS.  The face of the RED SOIL continually turning to face the STAR OF THE EAST, the sun.

The only star visible in the east from every position of the MIGHTY BLACK EARTHCUSH.

When we make this story be a religious myth about a single human being, we dishonor our true parents.  The rapidly moving soil, the sea monster first visible by the the first rib of life giving lighteve emerged victorious as RED SOIL absorbing the life giving rays of light.  Light shining from the OILEDCHRIST MASS.

Time to begin to honor our true first parents, who by the way never were deceived by the serpent of wisdom in the garden of PLEASURE/PLEASUREeden

It is the religious myths that deceive us that knowledge is a bad thing.  It is stated very clearly that people perish for lack of knowledge….yet the religious myth tellers have denied us the right to have the knowledge of our own writings.

We wrote about the heavenly host joyously declaring the advent of the AGE OF THE BULL  replacing the AGE OF THE RAM.  These are the 12 GOVERNING mansions in the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE DUAL LIMITS.

Is It a Cover Up or Lack of Understanding?

Removing Ancient Landmarks of Word Meanings

The massive research work that was accomplished in the  1800s by James Strong and team was published in the early 1900s.  This work has been accepted around the world by the religious world as an excellent reference source.

New completed updated, expanded editions give us the meaning of some words not identified by  the JSE.  These can be useful additions.   Especially for the language groups that were not even identified.

However changing the original work, not only devalues the original teams work; but it is also misleading.  When we remove ancient landmarks, in this case WORD MEANINGS we skew the view.

Case in point is  a four letter word THIS.  In common English this word is simply pointing to something in the sentence, paragraph etc.

In the original work, 1845BC -70AD, we used words that were translated into THIS, THIS THIS.  

  1. THIS  is a neutral word that works the same way as in English, points to something neutral.
  2. THIS is a REMEMBEREDMALE non gender word also points to something. Something that has been REMEMBERED, RECALLED, REFORMED, RESHAPED.  It was identified more than 400 times in the original JSE work.
  3. THIS is a PUNCTUREDFEMALE non gender word.  It does not point to something it means SHEEP. Also identified more than 400 times in the original JSE work.  Very interesting and vital to know what THIS SHEEP is identified with.
Later editions removed most of these designations for THIS and THIS.  The latest edition I purchased has totally removed the word this from the main part of the JSE where the numbers assigned in the original work appear. (more…)