Dust from Gray from Dust

Dust from Gray from Dust

There are a number of circular words; especially in the Old Testament.  For instance gray only comes from dust and dust only comes from gray.  What comes from that circular root is very interesting….not the subject of today’s blog.

Point being when we slog around in the words used in the KJB or any other interpretation called Bible; we circulate in the same old view point.   Come up with the same old conclusions.  Arrive at the same old religious myths.  And do not have a clue what the voices of the original authors were trying to convey.

Remember there are no TRANSLATIONS only interpretations.  Interpretations based upon the learned church fathers of their day.  We have  had the resource to delve deeper into the unique language.  The unique language formed when combining written documents ranging from 1845BC to 70AD into one book called Bible.

Documents scribed by a variety of pens  held by a variety of authors. In a variety of places. Presumably men.  Maybe those men understood something; men of today do not.  I assume male persons as female persons were not deemed to have the ability to think nor reason and therefore could not write.

Question is why have the learned church fathers not given us, today, the ability to truly use and understand the JSE.  A rich research project in the mid 1800s that involved perhaps 100 scholars seeking to give us a new tool to use.  Perhaps themselves wanting to know what the original authors actually wrote.

Now the Bible is the property of the pubic except in England where the English crown owns the rights to the Bible.  I can only assume that the crown gave permission to the scholars to delve into the original text.  They gave us a vast array of knowledge.  It is cumbersome to use.

However in the mid 1800s the only way to document anything was by pen on paper.    The documentation of their work has been around for almost a hundred years.  Printed over and over again.  Found in most places where the Bible is found, schools, offices, homes, churches, etc.

We have had the ability to produce a more user friendly way of using the JSE for a long..Instead of f doing that, the church fathers or their representatives simply alter the JSE by removing the number references to words they deem in their esteemed estimation are simple English words everybody understands.

For instance removing the number references to the word THIS did in fact erase a fast amount of information.  Three forms of the word interpreted as THIS are in fact the three forms of words neutral, masculine, feminine.  Each one appears more than 400 times  in the 1940 edition of the JSE.  The THIS and THIS forms function like the English word THIS.  However the THIS literally means SHEEP.  A vast amount of information and details about the original text THIS SHEEP  is lost due to this one example.

No wonder religious followers are referred to as dumb sheep. They have no voice.  Sheep follow whoever is out in front; deeming that one to know where they are going.  Sheep will follow anybody even over the cliff to their death.

But of course, the promise is die and then go to heaven to nirvana to flat line.   Same circular motion as dust from gray from dust from gray.  Sheep following the leader, the leader following the sheep, etc. etc. etc.  all going over the cliff of religious myths. The leader always starting with the English words of the Bible….a futile effort in reclaiming the voices of the original authors.

Why have the learned church fathers not given us an easy to use version of the JSE.  ANSWER it would destroy the foundation upon which the church is founded’ the solid rock Petra.  Which is not what the original text say…..it says upon an open pile of rocks the church is being built.  That open pile of rocks is the earth itself; not some man made structure called a cathedral, church, synagogue, ashram, temple  or any other man made structure.

A structure designed to exalt the leadership and divide the sheep.  A wall of division built upon a sterile, impregnable rock.

Wall of divisions, gender


The 13th Holocaust Step

The 13th Holocaust Step

The 13th Letter Means Water, Ice, Fluid or Steam. 

The result of the previous  twelve holocaust/steps was new messages were spread abroad with the ability to print many copies of many thoughts, ideas, concepts from many different quarters.

Orchestrated by those who could read or write English or had some seat of authority.

Water holds the messages from the very beginning of the beginning. We are that same water.  We live in it, breath it, drink  it and urinate it alongside of all the rest of the creation. There is no new water; only our new messages.

Some of the messages we have put in the water have fouled the waters with death, hell, damnation, male dominance, judgement, end of the world, ad nauseam. 

Using fear as the weapon for the purpose of control. We have been lazy and willing to let others tell us what they wanted us to hear and know. 

 We, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD gave our power away and have acted like victims ever since.  [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

Letter #14 Represents Fish Meaning Motion

The German, Man of WarMartin Soldier of the PeopleLuther led the motion, the cruscade against Petra/Peter, the Catholic church in Rome. 

The governmental power of Petra/Peter, simply shifted to the Protestant England, at the instigation of King Henry the 8th.  Then all power was transferred to the King.

Nothing really changed  except the movement to the new place on the planet with the control and a shift to an individual desiring to have all power over church and state. 

The weapon of fear of the wrath of God has been in motion across the entire planet up to present moment. 

Man of WarMartin Soldier of the PeopleLuther was only one of the the instigators of the motion that has been carried upon the backs of fear filled people. Always the nagging thought, what if there is a punitive God holding judgement over me.

Forked Tongue

One side of the mouth speaking fear and the other side of the mouth declaring the unconditional love of an almighty, all powerful, all seeing, all knowing Father God. 

A god that was too weak and unable to create a perfect child.  Therefore the church was the father God on earth, that told the child what to think, to believe, to do, and not to do.  Else the serpent/cycle of wisdom9 might influence the child to think twice about the teachings.

What that  weapon of fear and control did, was create religious war, crusades, holy wars, jihads. Increasing the tendencies to war already set in families, tribes, nations, etc.

None Are Exempt

No religious order is exempt; all have participated in killing their womb matesbrothers.axe   This has never stopped. Look around the world and see, the basis of our conflicts is rooted in religious habits, rituals that divide us. 

Religious habits are not confined to something called a church, synagogue, temple, etc.  Anything we do repeatedly on a regular basis becomes a habit.  It then goes deep into our autonomic system and goes into auto control. 

We no longer have to consciously think about our beliefs, they  manifest for us automatically.

Common Root

Nothing  needs to divide us, nor can divide us, if we can but see our common root. 

Our beliefs should seal us together as one DIVINE FIRSTBORN CHILD with the power of ten.  Not separate us. 

We cannot bake a cake when our ingredients are not mixed together in the proper order, amount and then baked together in the hot oven.

Laws of Creation Never Fail

We created the world we live in.  Also means we can create a different world.  Not by changing the outside world; but by changing  the inside world of self.   The only one we have authority over.

When I change you change.  When you  change I change, we are ONE UNITED OXHEAD.  There is no other FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.

Laws of creation do not recognize invisible lines in the sky that we humans create by lots, counties, states, countries, nations, families, governments ad nauseam.

Laws of creation follow the pattern of creation.  If we know the pattern, we know how to create purposefully instead of haphazardly.

So what motion  will we create?  What direction will we move?  The opportunity for change has always been with us; it is the gift of creation.  The gift to change self.