Primeval Astronomy

Yesterday we learned that our human pen wrote about the sun, moon, stars, the 12 houses, the passing of the age of the RAM to the age of the BULL, etc, etc..

Stories absolutely unrecognizable in the RELIGIOUS MYTHS.

In 1882 E. Claxton and Company published a book Primeval Astronomy or The Gospel in the Stars.  This would be about the same era as the work of the James Strong team that pulled together the incredible work titled Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance.

Obviously something was on the horizon of the human consciousness that was connecting back to what our pen scribed 1845BC to 70AD.  Writings taken from the HUMAN LIBRARY, the library of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD…HUMANITY.

Primeval Astronomy, The Gospel in the Stars  was republished in 1972 by Kregel, Inc. as an illustrated edition. Reprinted 1997, 98, 99.

Scriptures are cited to support the writings.

If we did dig deeper into the original text from which the Bible was translated; we discover even more solid evidence that the RELIGIOUS MYTHS that have circulated on the planet for erons of time have no substance.

More evidence about the creation story, starting with the BIG BANG created by the plural dieties, wind, water, fire and earth.  Plural dieties, elohiyms were lumped together into an English created word God.

Just one of the 14 recipes for that created English word, God, but also translated as god and devil.

Will the real God please stand up.

An English created word that supports the RELIGIOUS MYTHS and denies the plurality of FIRST, translated as GENESIS.   Denies the plural dieties of wind, water, fire and earth without which nothing exists.

The Bible is only a partial translation and that translation was created to support the RELIGIOUS MYTHS that already abounded.  Taking the fruit, leaves, twigs, branches and using them as if they are the main root word, causes great distortions.  Distortions that are a Tower of Babel “confusion of languages”.

Nonetheless the King James Bible is a necessary element alongside the Strong Bridge.  They are married to each other.   (more…)