What is the Source of the Bible?

It would seem logical that the learned church fathers who prepared the manuscripts for the printing of the KJB would have had access to the original texts.  The texts from which they interpreted the 66 books.  The same text used almost 300 years later by the team of 100 scholars used to shed light upon the original writings.

If so, then why did they only translate a handful of innocuous words?  Words whose true meanings would not in any way detract from the religious myths that had been taught for hundreds of years.

Why did they use the transliterated groups of letters; which were not words. But represent the true meaning in the original languages.  Why in some cases did they give us the meaning of those transliterated groups of letters.  Then using the same group of transliterated letters add a capital, which was then used as a word; instead of the true meaning of the word?  Capital letters infer the name of some person, place or important thing.

If on the other hand, for some reason, they did not have access to the same original documents as the 100 scholars that developed the James Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance; then what did they use as the basis for the Biblical stories?  Stories, i.e. religious myths that had been taught for hundreds of  years prior to the Bible.

Not to mention the glut of added English words to tell the myths.

Revelation tells us that it is a very little book; sweet in the mouth; bitter in the belly.  Bitters are digestive aids.   First we must digest out all of those added English words.  Then use the true meaning of words used by the original authors.

What is left is a very tiny book.  What is noticeable absent is the concepts  of sin, shame, blame, guilt, judgement, condemnation, etc.  What we discover is the view of the authors who scribed the 66 books between 1845BC to 70AD.  A view of creation, the passing of the ages; the stories written in the heavens.

There are no translations.   There is only interpretations and thousands of other Bibles all based on the KJB.  None of the original texts were written in Latin, nor Greek.  They were written  in Chaldean and Hebrew using words from many different languages, Persian, Babylonian, Aramaic, Egyptian, Oriental, Syrian, etc.  Not to mention words whose original languages were not identified.  None of these languages use capital letters.


Roar With No Birthright

Roar With No Birthright

We stand at the edge of the roarsea and listen to the sound of the lion’s mouth which has no birthright.

The mouth celebratedJudah from using the hand powerten roars louder than the golden streamlets flowing from the Garden of Pleasureeden.

The birthright holder, Egyptian math Will Add continuously and consistently adds more and more power to the One united oxhead of creation.  More and more power of Egyptian restNoah and Egyptian  peacesolomon building with the strength of Egyptian sunlightSamson a lovingDavid Egyptian creation.

This is what the pen of the Firstborn Divine Child/Humanity wrote.

12 Neutral 1 Female 0 Male Disciples

12 Neutral 1 Female 0 Male Disciples

Why  Only One Female Disciple No Male?

It is a clue to the 13th disciple. Number 13 does not appear in the New Testament.  Ever wonder why?  Ever wonder why someone decided that 13 was an unlucky number?

Why would the 13th disciple be female and the only female disciple?  And most especially why is it a GazelleDorcas/Tabithah?

If we forget about gender, then we can see what this means. (more…)

There is a Formula

There is a Formula

Understanding What We Wrote

There is a formula we can use to understand what we wrote 1845 BC to 70 AD. 

 A way to remember the pearls of wisdom.  Labor intensive; but rewarding. [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

  1. Pearl in an oyster shell represents WisdomFirst lay aside all concepts of time, dimension, measurement, directions, gender and all pointy words.
  2. Forget about correct grammar
  3. Understand what the letters, numbers, words mean. 
  4. Use only those meanings at the time of the writing; not today’s understanding.
  5. Start with the meaning of the book, then the chapter, then verse, then words in the verse.
    1. Not the words used by King James; but the words used in the original manuscripts.
    2. bridges King James to original textDiscovered by starting with the King James and then walking across the Strong Bridge and remaining there until the light comes on.


This formula will reveal what was written.  What has been hidden, buried under 750,000 English words of today.

Biggest hurdle is to let go of what we think we know, what we have been taught for hundreds of years. 

The autonomic nervous system does not like this; but the fruit of the search is rich.  It is the Egyptian head of DOUBLE FRUIT. Birthed out of the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest.

The head that wears the crown of stars in the Queens Houseupper egypt/heaven.

The 8th Holocaust Step Addendum

The 8th Holocaust Step Addendum

Remember this website is about the King James Bible and the bridge of the James Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance.  This bridge allows us to look at what we, the human pen wrote.  The approximately 10,000 different words of yesterday are today buried under 750,000 English words.

Remember these  holocausts/steps are very broad brush strokes.  There are many fine details in between.

The mass of humanity, including Christianty believes that the bible is from a single source, which it is not.  That the bibles all agree with each other, which they do not.

If you go to www.threetwoone.org you can look at a diagram of the early historical evolution of the bible.

The Man of WarMartin Soldier of the PeopleLuther , is not the only person to influence the evolution of the scriptures. However is the most popular and most reknowned of reformers.

Before the Guttenberg Press of 1440AD, there were 2 Latin bibles, 2 German bibles, John Wycliff bible in 1397Ad, John Purvey edition in 1397Ad.  The Tyndale of 1530AD. Coverdale Bible 1535AD. John Rodgers 1537 AD,Great Bible 1539 AD, John Rodgers Matthews Bible 1537AD. Bishops Bible 1572AD,Richard Taverners Revised Matthew Bible 1539AD.

Then we come to the King James Bible of 1611AD.  All dates are not necessarily cast in concrete and may vary opinion to opinion.  I have listed but a few of them.

All of these and a plethora of more have all been reproduced on a printing press.  The first to be mass produced was the Tyndale. Who translated the entire New Testament and half of the Old Testament  prior to his execution: Condemned by the church and state of England.  Read the history per the Wikipedia.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyndale_Bible


You can also find all the other bibles listed  by the century, at the end of the citation.  There is no end to making new versions, no end of making books.  Why?

Because we have not yet listened to what we recorded in the past.  We cannot make sense of the Bibles in our current day understanding and so we keep making new versions, that do not clarify but bring more BABYLONconfusion of languages.

Tyndale started the reformation and you can see a list of other reformers on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protestant_reformation.

All of this to say when the phrase THIS IS THE WORD OF GOD is used against the masses, the question arise, which GOD?  The word God appears 2206 times and it comes from the original text that means PLURAL GODS?

We, humanity are the plural gods and these our writings, our reformations, our struggles, our wars, etc. based upon what????  Religious habits, rituals, beliefs spoon fed to us.

Regardless of whether or not you have been in a church, synagogue, temple, ashram or any other such building you have been brainwashed by the concepts perpetrated by well meaning teachers of language.

Teaching language is not teaching spiritual truths.  We are spirit and the truth resides within us.  We need no man to teach us.  Truth came with us from the VOID, wherever, whenever that was/is.

We can walk across the Strong Bridge and REMEMBER/RECALL bring into consciousness, what we wrote about the creation.  It has nothing to do with individual human people.  Gender is the biggest brainwashing of all.

We live in the SKY RECORDSAKASIC/AKHASA. We are the library, we are the record, we are the living epistiles.  We are the Ark of the Covenant. The ark of RestNoah, the Ark of the Testimony, The Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest the Ark Drawn out of the WaterMoses.

We are FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, the human kingdom, the fully conscious kingdom.  We are destined to  be prophet, priest and king of our own temple body.  We are destined for this mortal to take on immortality.

It is time to stop letting the subconsicous brainwashing of the past steal our inheritance of LAUGHTERISAAC.  It belongs to the MULTITUDE OF NATIONSABRAHAM.

Humanity is seed from the OTHER SIDEEBER, came across a LITTLEJOKTAN EARTHQUAKEPELEG and are therefore HEBREWSCHILDREN OF EBER.  Sprouted from the RED SOILESAU, whose womb is the BLACK SOILadam, of the BLACK MADONNAlowere egypt/earth and we live in the QUEENSmilcah HOUSEupper egypt/heave where we RULE AS PLURAL GODisrael in a GARDEN OF PLEASUREEDEN..