All Word is Powerful

Laughterisaac is Alive and Well on the Planet

Laughing yoga originating in India is spreading like wild fire across the planet.  It is good medicine.  Proven medicine as the after affects are clearly visible in the physcial realm.

This is not rising up through the religious houses that base their beliefs upon documents written between 1845 BC and 70 AD.

Read on for a few examples of those writings regarding laughter, seen through the word meanings of the original text.

1845BC We Wrote


Nail in the Hand of the Egyptian Builder of Adding

Nothing About Sacrifice

The story of the nail in the hand of the carpenter on a wooden cross, has absolutely nothing to do with human sacrifice.

Ignorance of what the human pen scribed 1845BC to70AD has perpetrated a story, a myth because there was no way to explain it any other way.  Leadership paints the story daily about a human sacrifice on a cross.  Book shelves are jammed around the world with that myth. (more…)

No Bones in a Coffin

Only Strength in a Gathering

What does this have to do with HUSBAND?   There are many connections; but that is not what I am addressing today.

When I saw that STRENGTH GATHERING was translated as BONES IN A COFFIN, there was an immediate recognition that this could not possibly be a person that was being carried out.  Having already recognized that adam and eve were not people.

If not a person then what?  That discovery was many years ago and it set me on the course of discovering what FIRSTGENESIS  contained from the perspective of the original word meanings.

In the next few years it became quite evident that those famous persons taught in Sunday School, Adult Sunday School, from the pulpit, in the books, movies, magazines etc. were not people. (more…)

No I Did Not Study Hebrew nor Greek Languages

No I Did Not Study Hebrew nor Greek Languages

I Did Study American Sign Language for Three Years

Before any written symbols or words there was only body language.

25 years I have researched the individual WORDS that appear in the 66 original texts.  These written words changed in spelling between languages and times frames between 1845BC and 70AD.

Then dispersed like pellets coming out of shot gun into a plethora of English words.  Smothered in additional grammar, gender, direction, time, etc., which do not exist in the original texts as viewed today.


A word is either a root or it is not.  If not then it comes from a root.  Many words can come from the same root; but all those secondary words are related  Many more words come off of those secondary roots forming fourth, fifth, sixth generations.  All are related.

When we explore the width, height, depth of a primary root word we learn a great deal about what the meaning was between 1845BC and 70AD.

Studying the ten plus individual languages from which these words came would have left no time to study the individual words.

I would still then be in the indoctrinated religious world of sour milk and rotting flesh of interpretations, fairy tales, myths that have been concocted over the past hundred of years.

A witches brew that has stupified the entire planet with its nonsensical versions of what we wrote 1845BC to 70AD.  A witches brew that incites brother to kill brother, humans to be deceived by a serpent, all manner of control through war, sacrifice all leading to death hell damnation. (more…)

Egyptian math Will Add Heighth

Egyptian math Will Add Heighth

The Well Formed Advisor

These two titles pretty much tell the story of the Mark.  Translated Mark 15:43

Here is what our pen wrote.

(Egyptian math) Will Add Height is a Well Formed Advisor.  Expended additional Royal Diety; entered the Extreme Close-pressed to Ask?  the Body Yah is SalvationJesus? (more…)