When is Seven Not 7?

When is Seven Not 7?

Most of the Time

  1. We the INTERPRETERS  see seven and think 7.
  2. We the INTERPRETERS see seven times seven and think 7X7=49.
  3. We the INTERPRETERS see seventy times seven and think 70X7 =490.

Furthermore we do not see the distinction between SEVEN and SEVEN.  The neutral form and the REMEMBEREDMALE form.

Seven is not always 7, as we think of it today.  When it is translated as seventeen we do not see nor think seven.  When it is translated as  70, 70th, 17th  we do not see nor think seven.  We see something else.

Nor do we have an inkling of what our original pen scribed and intended to convey during the time frame 1845BC to 70AD.

Nor do we consider if it is a neutral or REMEMBEREDMALE word.

No  attempt is being made in this blog to explain the differences.  Unless we look at every instance of the word seven and trudge across the James  Strong Bridge to discover its meaning; we are forever lost in the number 7.

Therefore we come out with some distorted understanding.  Then we continue to recite the religious myths that we have been passing around the planet for far too long.

Some questions arise.

  1.  When is seven neutral and when is it not?
  2.  Which comes first?
  3.  Why is primary root number also the source of the neutral and the rememberedmale forms?

These forms coming out of the primary root number create another cyclic building block tool.  A very useful  tool buried under 750,000 words today.  A crucial took in Egyptian math Will Add.  Egyptian math is always increasing, never dividing the power of ONE UNITED OXHEAD.

Unless we understand these difference and look at each individual scripture (without the added English grammar words) we will never understand SEVEN/SEVEN when we see only the number 7. 

p.s there are at least 7 different meanings in the original text, translated as seven.  Which we have treated and taught as if it is the number 7 as we use it today.

What Does Father Mean?

Prime Word Father Added to Other Words

Yesterday we viewed the neutral prime word father.  Touched on the words existent and strength that were translated as God and explored in other blogs.

Today we look at father when combined with other words to form new words.  We saw that the word father is a basic building block that has nothing to do with gender.

Father coming out strength coming out of strength coming out of the same root as to twist.  Translated as Abiel.  Abiel has absolutely no meaning for us in English except as the name of somebody in a long list of geneolgies.  Gross Error!!

Father to Gather, Father Hillock, Father Revolution of Time, Father Existent that comes from Exist.  This would be one of the words translated as God.

Father he/she/it. Father force. Father Dew, Father Roar, Father Impel, Father Agreeable, Father Gathers, Father Strength (once again that word strength translated as God). Father to Jut, Father Glistens, Father Populous, etc. etc. etc.

The previous list of father words were not translated into their meaning as given above, but recorded as a long list of what is taught as names of people.

The Bible really has never been completely translated.  Only a partial translation that has created a huge TOWER OF BABEL, confusion of languages.

Until we take the time to look at ALL OF THE ORIGINAL WORDS and their meanings.

Until we remove all GENDER BASIS.

Until we give up our religious teachings that have kept us victims of a punitive God who requires sacrifice and struggle.

Until we leave off beheading women and children and burdening men with excess heads to bear.

Until we are ready to assume our rightful position as FIRSBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY.

Until we are ready to recognize our PERFECTION that changes even before we can say the words.

Until we truly want a different world.

Until we are willing to change our thinking, our beliefs.

Until we are ready to be ONE UNITED OXHEAD always increasing the power of one, the basic principle of Egyptian math, Will Add.

Until then we remain gridlocked in the religious spider web that we created.  The religious snare that feeds on the very source of its creation, we the people.


What is a Prime Word?

A Major Building Block

Like a foundation brick, foundational energy, foundational premise.  Touch stones for reference.

There are quite a few prime words.  They are not necessarily the same Old Testament to New Testament.

There are many ways to view the original text and prime words is one way.

Today we look at four of them.  Translated as father, brother, mother, handmaid.

Notice all  four of them are neutral words.  None are punctured female words nor rememberedmale words.

Putting it in Context With Other Words

We have been looking at the words a master, existent and strength; all three are also neutral words.  They are not prime words they are created words.  Nonetheless they were translated as husband/owner, God, God.

Which presents the question where did GOD come from then, if GOD is created.  Who/what is this word GOD?  Whatever GOD is part of, must also be GOD.  That would include the major portion of words in the Bible. (more…)

Did Existent Come First or Second

Understanding what a word meant in the original text is one thing.  Words formed from a combination of other words is a little different.

We have been looking at HUSBAND, EXISTENT, STRENGTH as individual words.  When we look at combination of words that create new words, sometimes EXISTENT, HUSBAND or STRENGTH come first and sometimes they are second in forming a new word.

The position is important just like making a cake.  If you forget to combine the shortening with the sugar before you put in the flour or the water or the egg, the results are not the same.  That result most likely will not look anything like the recipe is intended to look like, a cake.  Show the house to the house.  Use the recipe of creation and discover who we really are. (more…)

Free Radical Husband

Neither in the Original Text nor the KJB

The Free Radical Husband is the creation of the religious entity that has flooded the planet.  It is neutral, has no power; but is a controlled substance that inflicts great damage.

All matter is the result of negative and positive energies being married.  Just like we saw the growth from two primitive root words be married and create another word.

Free Radicals with no connect to the opposite energy destroy and kill their own environment.  Left to rampage it destroys the twofold house it lives in. (more…)