High Father With Dominant Head

Father of a Multitude of Nations

These are not the same.  When we take two different original words and make them be one personage; we fail to grasp the story.  It is not about personages; it is about creative processes

Without the High FatherAbram with Dominant HeadSarai that fell from the Flamesur of the Eastchaldees; there would be no Multitude of NationAbraham.

Still the religious entities fight over who came first  LaughterIsaac or Will HearIshmael or Yah is SalvationJoshua/Jesus..  They have no interest in teaching the masses the truth.

The Contestmidian was ended with the InitiatedHenoch Father of KnowledgeAbida, the Strength of KnowledgeEldaah.    This is found in the FIRST WORD OF THE HOT DAY  translated as 1 Chronicles.

Chapter 1, verses 1 – 54 paint a very clear story of the creative progression starting with the Ruddyadam to the Gentle Bullocksdukes of Redesau..  

We have a choice to continue to let this planet feed on sour milk and rotting meat or discover the simple truth of what was documented thousands of years ago.  Simple  truth that has been defiled by sour milk and rotting meat stories.

Failure to seek understanding  of that which we already know and understand deep in our own being has led to allowing the religious entities to feed us their sour milk and rotting meat.

There are no keys, no secrets, no magic formulas that are not already resident in our holy temple/body.

We lack no good thing; but when we feed on sour milk and rotting meat we become weak, frail, at dis-ease and die.

ArAn # 5 Cain Raised Fruit

ArAn # 5 Cain Raised Fruit

ArAn based upon the INTERPRETATION of the translation of the King James Bible.

 NUMBER #   5  Interpretation of 1645 AD translation

A human being named Cain tilled the soil and raised fruit.  Became angry, that God did not accept the offering.  

 1688 BC GenesisFirst  we wrote this:

The LanceCain of the Flaming Sword of Fire that opens the Eastern gate tilled the Black Soiladam .  The fire and light continued to do so until the full sunlight of the QUEENS HOUSEUPPER EGYPT/GHEAVEN broke open the Whitelaban Ice Mountain  releasing the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH which had increased to the power of ten. 

 This was the ark with three wombsstories which emerged out into the full SunlightSamson of RESTnoah.

The LanceCain of the Flaming Sword of Fire opened the Eastern gate every morning. This  continued until  Red SoilEsau  covered the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH.

  1. Red SoilEsau  from which came the FIRSTGENESIS of Rising of LIghtZerah.. 
  2. Red SoilEsau  from which came the first Gentle BullocksDukes

Red SoilEsau  had a twin, red maggot/worm/heel catcherJacob which was the embryo of the red faced human being.  The FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD grew in the womb of the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH  until its birthing, THESE TREBLEDEXODUS..

Even in the King James translation, this is easily seen.  Ignored, misunderstood because it does not fit the geneologies individula persons.  The UNIQUE LANGUAGE we wrote in cannot be understood with the English of today slapped on top. 

NOTE:  There are rare instances of words that are plural in meanings. God is plural gods.

REMEMBER this website is based upon King James Bible and the James Strong’s Concordance that is the bridge back to our original writings 1845 BC to 70 AD.  These are just tidbits to whet your appetite to learn more.