Hanged Man….that’s us

All writings on this blog site refer to my passionate close relationship of 20+ years with two books only; the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance 1940 edition and the King James Bible published 1640AD.  The JSE is keyed to the KJB.  The JSE is the work of 100 scholars who in the 1800s AD built a bridge for those who desire to cross over to the other side of the religious myths perpetrated upon the planet.

Why do we walk around thinking that we are upright on the planet?   We all know that the earth is round.  So who is upright?  If someone is upright; then all else must be sticking out at angles.

This is the difficulty when we take the words hidden dark, parched, face and roar and interpret them as meaning directions; north, south, east and west.

Here we are dangling in the sea of  heaven. Nurtured by the water god.  Energized by the fire god, manifesting the elemental god; but blown about by every wind of  religious doctrine.  Dust balls in the wind.

Gravity is our friend it holds us just close enough so that we can act, move, live and have our being  walking the land while abiding in the sea of heaven.  Acts 17:28*

Heaven touches earth; these are the DUAL LIMITS.  The limits of heaven and earth. Interpreters decided that the letters,  e’-jipt which means DUAL LIMITS,  was the name of a piece of the earth named Egypt and also the name of a so called person MIZRAIM.

This occurs because a capital letter was added to the original transliterated letters….. e’jipt…giving the reader the illusion of name.

We are the hanged man.  If we let go we can grow.  If we demand that we are upright then we decay, rot and go back into the source. the earth god.

We wrote about the four gods in the very firstgenesis  chapter of the very firstgenesis book of the Bible.  Not the oldest writing just the one placed first by the interpreters.

If we practice being upside down, being the hanged man and letting go; we expand out into the sea of heaven; the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE**.  Gravity is our friend and will not let us fly away to la la land somewhere out there.

*Acts mouth = oxhead10 + weapon (inside) house10 = head pregnancy.  We get quite a different view when we look at what the words (not numbers) actually represented.  When we begin to apply the correct meanings, the pictures shift dramatically
** this meaning EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE  was interpreted as at least  7 different names.  By adding the capital letters to the transliterated letters we arrived at Jesus, Joshua, Jehoshuah, Jehosuah, Hezekiah, Isaiah and others.  Not to mention all the words that are formed from the same meaning EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.  The database soon to be released will make it easier to understand and determine the actual original intent/meaning of our writings.
Three Kings of the East are not Human

Three Kings of the East are not Human

Three Stars of the East

We did not write about human male person kings ruling, riding on camels over the desert following a star in the east.

These three rulers reigning are not human kings.  This is the 3 heads of FLAMES that fell from the East.  Pieces of the STAR of the EAST, the sun star.

There were four heads in the Garden of Pleasure/PleasureedenThose four heads (the door) appear again, they are FLAMES OF THE EAST, flames from the ONE STAR of the EAST, the sun star.

Three of those FLAMES OF THE EAST fall to the ICE MOUNTAIN, that holds the rapidly moving soil, the BLACK SEA MONSTER captive.  That BLACK SEA MONSTER of rapidly moving soil becomes the MIGHTY BLACK EARTH.

One head remains and that is the STAR OF THE EAST, in the QUEENS HOUSE, which is the upper limit of the DUAL LIMITSmizraim, egypt.

Three rulers, three stars that fell from the FLAMES OF THE EAST rule over the ICE MOUNTAIN.  Three joined together create an Egyptian Gomer which means COMPLETE.

In this case it is COMPLETE rule over the ICE PRISON.  Heat rules ice by melting it.  The priesthood of ICEkorah rebelled in the desert, by  melting.

The story of the birthright, the SWOLLEN HEEL of the RED SOIL is told through the HANDMAIDEN TRICKLE assisting the  WEARY ICE of the WHITE MOUNTAIN.

Next we see the TIMID HANDMAIDEN JOURNEYING EWE of water.  TIMID JOURNEYING EWE of water coming  from the WHITE MOUNTAIN of ice in the FLAMES of the EAST.

When we reconstitute the TRANSLITERATED words and begin to use them…..the story of creation reveals itself.  When we understand the Old then we can understand the New.

Three kings are three FLAMES OF THE EAST.  Is this seen in the day or the night?  It is dark and it is cold and the STAR of the EAST in the QUEENS HOUSE is still maturing.

Of course in the day season we can see lightning where we cannot see stars.  Perhaps these three heads from the FLAMES of the EAST are bolts lightning.

In either case, we did not write about human male person kings ruling, riding on camels over the desert under the stars.

The 3rd/3rd letter of Hebrew/Chaldean is gimel; but the Egyptian third letter is GOMER.   Still, the meaning of these 3 different language groups is COMPLETE.

GIMEL = GOMER = G (English)  We get confused when we look at the TRANSLITERED letters and see them as words instead of LETTERS.

When the letters are coupled with the order of the words, one, two, three (which are not necessarily numbers)  we can see the COMPLETE THREE.  Three separate thirds/thirds joined together are COMPLETE.  NOT three male human kings riding on camels in the desert.

The creative process is always the same order, same manner.  We have taken that creative process, creative order and made HUMAN the center of the universe.  We never were the  center.  We did not write about HUMAN creation.

Evidenced by our lack of ability to come to the PROMISED REST.  We are still  babes in the playpen, kicking, biting, pulling hair, demanding our own way.  Still creation goes on by the laws of creation we wrote about.

While we continue to follow our RELIGIOUS HABITS.  A habit is something done over and over again with the same outcome…….we keep thinking if we rewrite the Bible often enough it will make sense…….NEVER it simply tells the RELIGIOUS MYTHS in a different set of words.

Until we go back to the original text and see what we wrote 1845BC to 70AD we will continue the crazy making behavior….doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.