Genesis Story Captured by NASA

Genesis Story Captured by NASA

Genesis Story

Genesis Story


This picture is a depiction of a moon of Saturn but it beautifully expresses the words of the author of Genesis.  Words which reveal a mass of rocks floating in an ocean encapsulated in ICE.

Gives a perfect example of the WHITE SKIN reigning supreme.  Not of WHITE SKINNED people; but of the ice and snow that held the black soil (adam) captive. Expresses in  a picture how the faint first rib of the LIVE GIVER (eve)  revealed this stage of evolution.

Shows us the first ray of SUNLIGHT (samson), not yet strong enough to melt the WHITE SKIN supremacy.  As it grows in strength it did  reveal the RED SKIN (esau) of the earth .  This RED SKIN (esau) is the holder of the birthright of all the seed that would ever spring forth; including humans.  Humans which today are estimated to have been birthed in the last 30 seconds of creation.   A newborn babe with the ability to do anything it chooses to do and to believe it can do.  Question is what have we chosen? (more…)

Birthright Passes to the Erect Palm Tree

Birthright Passes to the Erect Palm Tree

We continue our studies at the Lucky Bean Cafe and Coffee House. Every Sunday 11 Santa fe, NM.

Last Sunday we explored the passing of the birthright from the RED SOILesau to the SWOLLEN HEELjacob twin of the red soil.

When we look at each step of the generating of the RAPIDLY MOVING SOILADAM and its mate the FIRST RIB OF LIFE GIVING LIGHTEVE  a very different picture emerges.  A picture quite different from the religious myths that have abounded for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.

Religion insists on the stories being human.  However, in human genealogies the birth orders do not change with circumstances; but progressively pass down, creating a new generation.

So the CELEBRATED that comes from using the power of the open handjudah could not possible be found in the same generation as its HUMAN parents.  It would be the next generation and therefore have a different sequence number.

Nonetheless in the 24th generating of the DUAL LIMITSegypt, the birthright passes from the SWOLLEN HEELJACOB (twin of the RED SOILESAU) to the CELEBRATEDjudah.  If this were a human father siring a human son it would be the next generation. (more…)

Total Sun Eclipse Reveals the Hidden Past Story

First Rib of Life Giving Light

A total eclipse of the sun captured on camera clearly depicts the FIRST RIB OF LIFE GIVING LIGHT outlining the black earth.

NASA captures the total eclipse of the sun over Australia.  I remember observing  the same in my early youth; quite a spectacle.

We described this FIRST RIB OF LIFE GIVING LIGHT  in a writing called FIRST  about 1688 BC.   The translators of the Bible 1640AD used the word Genesis.

Today we are studying it from a far different view point.  It is the same story.  In  1688BC, we did not have the equipment available today.

However, we did have our eyes, ears and knowledge of the guidance of our elders, the starry host of the DUAL LIMITS.  DUAL LIMITS was translated as Egypt and the transliterated word MIZRAIM.  Which is also the EGYPTIAN TREASURY OF GLORIOUS REST.  All of which equals heaven and earth.

The First Rib of Life Giving Light and the rapidly moving soil, the sea monster are our parents.  We are the seed that was created by the plural gods (elohiyms) wind, water, fire and earth.

Translators and interpretors use the word ADAM and EVE and tell us that these were human beings.  We did not write about humans as if they were individual personages.  Those stories are religious myths.

We did not write about flawed first parents….for wind, water, fire and earth are not flawed.  Nor is the RED SOILesau and the SWOLLEN HEELjacob of the RED SOIL flawed.  The first birthright holders still hold the birthright.  The right to sprout seed of any kind, plant, human, bird, reptile, insect, etc. etc. etc.

Religious myths say that the FIRST RIB OF LIFE GIVING LIGHTeve came out of THE RAPIDLY MOVING SOIL the sea monster.adam.  Thus does it appear so….this does not mean that woman was taken out of man.  Unless we understand what those two words actually mean.

The intent and purpose of this website is to reconstitute the TRANSLITERATED words into their original meaning and intent.  For the purpose of reclaiming what our human pen described starting almost 4,000 years ago.

Our view of the universe and its creation has been lost, buried under 750,000 English words that keep building the TOWER OF BABEL…confusion of languages…..higher and higher.


Where’s the Flour for the Cake

Where’s the Flour for the Cake

Recipe for Cake

Calls for flour, sugar, shortening, eggs, vanilla, salt, milk.  A pan either glass or metal to bake it in.  An oven which requires heat from wood, electricity, gas.

I went to the cupboard to find the flour.  There was none.  I went to the store for flour and there was none.  I went to the miller for flour and there was none.  I went to the field and there was no wheat.  I went to the seed store and there was no seed.

So I went to the field, mother earth and discovered only elements and water in the soil.  That which is the source of the flour, missing from the cupboard.

I go to the refrigerator to find the milk.  There is none.  I went to the store and then the dairy and there were no cows, sheep, goats to give milk.  Then i went the pasture and still no cows, sheep or goats.

Then I went to the dual limitsEgypt.  I first traveled  to thelower limits, to the earth mother. (more…)

What is a Toe is it a Finger?

What is a Toe is it a Finger?

When we read, speak, think toe, we do not expect that word to mean a finger. When we read, speak, think, finger, we do not expect  that word to mean a toe.  Especially reading a story we have been taught is about humans.

When we read finger or toe in scripture, do we know what we are reading?  Answer is not unless we have checked out that particular word.  Not if we believe the religious  myths that finger and toe relate to individual humans.

There is a word translated as BOTH FINGER AND TOE.  Which comes from the concept of grasping that comes from a primitive root TO ROAST.  There is the same meaning from a different language; translated the same way; so the two languages agree.  They have just been assigned different numbers in the James Strong Concordance. (more…)