Hanged Man….that’s us

All writings on this blog site refer to my passionate close relationship of 20+ years with two books only; the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance 1940 edition and the King James Bible published 1640AD.  The JSE is keyed to the KJB.  The JSE is the work of 100 scholars who in the 1800s AD built a bridge for those who desire to cross over to the other side of the religious myths perpetrated upon the planet.

Why do we walk around thinking that we are upright on the planet?   We all know that the earth is round.  So who is upright?  If someone is upright; then all else must be sticking out at angles.

This is the difficulty when we take the words hidden dark, parched, face and roar and interpret them as meaning directions; north, south, east and west.

Here we are dangling in the sea of  heaven. Nurtured by the water god.  Energized by the fire god, manifesting the elemental god; but blown about by every wind of  religious doctrine.  Dust balls in the wind.

Gravity is our friend it holds us just close enough so that we can act, move, live and have our being  walking the land while abiding in the sea of heaven.  Acts 17:28*

Heaven touches earth; these are the DUAL LIMITS.  The limits of heaven and earth. Interpreters decided that the letters,  e’-jipt which means DUAL LIMITS,  was the name of a piece of the earth named Egypt and also the name of a so called person MIZRAIM.

This occurs because a capital letter was added to the original transliterated letters….. e’jipt…giving the reader the illusion of name.

We are the hanged man.  If we let go we can grow.  If we demand that we are upright then we decay, rot and go back into the source. the earth god.

We wrote about the four gods in the very firstgenesis  chapter of the very firstgenesis book of the Bible.  Not the oldest writing just the one placed first by the interpreters.

If we practice being upside down, being the hanged man and letting go; we expand out into the sea of heaven; the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE**.  Gravity is our friend and will not let us fly away to la la land somewhere out there.

*Acts mouth = oxhead10 + weapon (inside) house10 = head pregnancy.  We get quite a different view when we look at what the words (not numbers) actually represented.  When we begin to apply the correct meanings, the pictures shift dramatically
** this meaning EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE  was interpreted as at least  7 different names.  By adding the capital letters to the transliterated letters we arrived at Jesus, Joshua, Jehoshuah, Jehosuah, Hezekiah, Isaiah and others.  Not to mention all the words that are formed from the same meaning EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.  The database soon to be released will make it easier to understand and determine the actual original intent/meaning of our writings.

Twelve Governing

We can never understand how the word twelve means governing, until we go back and use the unique language that was used to write the stories.  The OXHEADten HOUSEtwo = COMPLETEDthree

The EXPANSION OF REST  has the power in the palm of the handeleven  to create an EGYPTIAN GOMER which means COMPLETED.  (the DUAL LIMITSegypt, mizraim are completed)

This EGYPTIAN GOMER is the first to reproduce itself and begin to GOVERN.  Not male persons ruling as human kings; but the CREATION RULING itself.

UNITED OXHEAD = land of gog
HOUSE = middle land
COMPLETED GOMER hot effervescing and active
DOOR shall be brought
WINDOW sows a possession
NAIL of desire

Hardly a description of six male gender sons.  The six TRANSLITERATED words used in the Bible are not meanings, they are simply letters….from one language, to English.  I have not given them to you here in this blog.

The words of the original texts come from many different languages, Hebrew, Chaldean, Syrian, Persian, Aramaic, Egyptian, Babylonian, to name a few.  Some were never identified as to their language home.

When we understand the  creative order and symbolism of words the reconstituting of the original text becomes much simpler.

This is not the only portion of CREATION’S BIRTHRIGHT in the 12th generating of the UNIVERSE.  This is merely an example of what is to be discovered when we use the STRONG BRIDGE.  A bridge built in the 1800’s, but barely used to its fullest capabilities.

A remarkable GIFTMATTHEW was given to us.  The work of more than 100 persons assigned numbers to every single word in the original text.

This is a road map to the past; but in my experience has only been used to reinforce and prove the RELIGIOUS MYTHS that the largest corporation on the planet uses as its BASE.

Join us every Sunday 11:00 am at Lucky Bean Cafe, Sanbrusco Center, Santa fe NM….the old Border’s Bookstore.  We explore what can be discovered when we cross the STRONG BRIDGE and abide there.

Learn to use the meaning of the transliterated words so we can rethink what we thought we knew….what we were told….we discover for ourself what we wrote 1845BC to70AD.  The religious myths are nowhere to be found.

Red Cord Birthright of Creation

Every Sunday 11:00 am Lucky Bean Cafe Sanbrusco Center, Santa fe NM we continue to explore what the original text actually said.

We are currently following the red cord, creation’s birthright.  This gives quite a different view then tracing the so called genealogies of  human persons in the Bible.

We will never get back to the original stories until we use a different methodology. 1100+ English translations of the Bible has amply proven the folly of continuing in the same pathway.

A very tiny portion of the Bible is actually translated into the original meanings.  Most of those translated words also appear as their transliterated form.

The magic of recovery is in reconstituting the transliterated words into their meanings.  First we must be willing to let go of our precious religious myths that have abounded long before the Bible ever published.

We must be willing to let go of concepts of gender and embrace the creative process of NEUTRAL/PUNCTURED/REMEMBERED words. (more…)