To Work or Be a Worshipper That is the Question!

To Work or Be a Worshipper That is the Question!

To Work or Worship Husband?

The words of the Sweet Little Books that we scribed 1845BC to70AD were translated into many different words causing confusion.

Interpretations have buried them.

Husband Translated Many Different Words

There is a primitive root word that means be master.  Out of the root comes two words, both mean master/husband/owner translated into many different words.  This means we have to know what translated words mean master/husband/owner and what is being written about.

Master/owner/husband of what? where? why?  We did not write about male gender persons called husbands bound by mans law to female gender persons called wives.

Making these assumptions has led to mass human suffering through religious teachings. (more…)

Are We Stuck in the MotherShip

Are We Stuck in the MotherShip

Solar Sail Stunner Birthed by FASTSAT

Only one spacecraft has done anything like this before: Japan’s IKAROS probe deployed a solar sail in interplanetary space and used it to fly by Venus in 2010. IKAROS is using the pressure of sunlight as its primary means of propulsion—a landmark achievement”  

 Pressure of sunlight? Samson.  Remember the blogs of The Little Streamlet and Strength of Sunlight which KJB termed Samson and Delilah?  Strength of Sunlight has not diminished.

Nasa launched a NanoSail-D in November 2010.  A spacecraft destined to clean up all the garbage floating around the earth; mostly garbage we humans have put up there.
“We couldn’t get out of FASTSAT”  Nasa is pondering why the NanoSail was stuck in the womb of the Mothership for 2 months.  It was birthed on Jan 17, 2011  Two months beyond the expected delivery date. 

In terms of the ancient meaning of number and letters this would be the Oxhead, (1) mouth (17), window (5).  The Oxhead found the mouth of the birthing window.  So why didn’t it sail through that mouth of the window? (more…)