The Lily and The Egyptian Servant

The Lily and The Egyptian Servant

A Tidbit

Many blogs refer to the repeated teachings to imprint people with ideas.  I call these argumentum ad nausems.

There is quite a few of these teachings embedded across the planet.  Man and wife, adam and eve, noah and the animals, David and the giant, original sin in the garden.  Evil serpent.  Magic wand that caused a sudden appearance of people, animals, plants, etc. Sacrifice, sin, guilt, ad nauseam. None of which hold any weight on the scale of yesterday’s writings .

The biggest portion  of our stories are ignored.  Overlooked because they do not seem to fit into the geneologies of individual people.  The argumentum ad nauseam cannot put them into the context of their teachings.  The generations are not people.


In the following narration, I am not giving you the King James words, I am giving you the original word meanings, which are in bold.  This is what our pen wrote.

These are the literal meanings of the numbers, letters and words with as little added words from me as possible.

This First Word of the Hot Day translated as 1 Chronicles was written in Palestine somewhere between 1279 BC and 461 BC.  Translated into the King James Bible about 1640 AD.

The only way to truly understand this story is to understand the story of FIRSTGENESIS. written about 1688BC.

Perhaps this much of a story written more than 600 years later, will tweak your interest. Spark a desire to know more.  You are the Divine Firstborn Child and as such have a right to your inheritance of LaughterIsaac.  Our good medicine.

The Lily and the Egyptian Month of Sweeping Away Produce a Water Crane

This story of the Lily and the Egyptian Month of Sweeping Away begins in the 27th generating of the Black Madonnalower Egypt/earth, which is also the 29th generating of the Queens Houseupper Egypt/heaven,      [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

  1.  Black Madonnalower Egypt/earth is the 27th (head20 house2 weapon7)
  2.  Queens Houseupper Egypt/heaven, is the  29th (head20 house2 cycle of wisdom9, the Crown)

Let Us Begin

May God Have Pity took a Crown that came from Encircling.

  • The 5th builder of the Crown, May God Have Pity was the window5  which was Strong.
  • The Strong window5 was built by Destructive. (open a door it is destroyed, becomes a window)
  • Destructive was built by Liberal. (window is more liberal than a door)
  •  Liberal was built by Exaltation of the Two Nostrils.  (a house of nostrils, a breathing)
  • Out of the Exaltation of the Two Nostrils  came Saving.  (whose nostrils are breathing?)
  • Out of Saving came the Lily.
  • The Lily gave the building of the Lily to the Egyptian Month of Sweeping Away (flood time).
  • A Wishful builder came forth, then a Timely, Given, Giver, Judge, Serving, Jehovah is He, Jah Has Helped, Strength, God Has Made, Water Crane, a Retribution, Yah Will Rise, God of Hearing. 
  • This takes us to the 47th generating of the Black Madonnalower Egypt/earth, which is also the 49th generating of the Queens Houseupper Egypt/heaven.
  1. We started with generation of the Black Madonnalower Egypt/earth  head20 house2 weapon7 of the Crown.
    1. It became the door4 weapon7The Crown of the head opens the door.
  2. We started with generation of the Queens Houseupper Egypt/heaven the head20 house2 cycle of Wisdom9.
    1.  It became the Queens Houseupper Egypt/heaven, door at the end of a cycle of wisdom.

This is the same story told in a different ways in a different times and places.  A story about creating the Black Madonnalower Egypt/earth which attained the power of ten by growing and adding and then broke free of its ice mountain into the Queens Houseupper Egypt/heaven

What is the Water Crane?

We can view the Water Crane as a bird or the power of water to move, to lift.  I am inclined to believe at this point in time that it refers to the power of moving water which was the first created form.

We do not have something called a Water Crane bird; but do have water birds in the Crane family. An 11 million year old fossil of a Sandhill Crane was discovered in Nebraska. 

Obviously the Lily seed was moved by the water in the Egyptian Month of Sweeping Away.  Lilies consume algae; perhaps this is the spit of the water in the FIRSTGENSIS generating.  A time when rapidly moving soil was being formed.

Many birds and animals depend upon the lily for food, including the turtle, raccoons, ducks, etc..

 Either way there remains the question who is this God of Hearing that can hear both a water bird or the water being moved.  Remember, the word god is a created word and it means plural gods, not a singular all powerful god.  This then is plural gods of Hearing.

This is not a geneology of people, it is the generating of  heaven and earth.  There is the breath of life breathing, wind blowing on the water.

When we misunderstand  the FIRSTGENESIS   story, we cannot comprehend the repetitive retelling by many authors in many places over a time period that began almost 4000 years ago.

Consequently we have built a TOWER OR BABEL, confusion of languages. [/emember_protected]

What is the Parentage of Sunlight?

What is the Parentage of Sunlight?

Where is the Strength of Sunlight Buried?

Remember, this blogging site is all about what the original texts said.  Text from which the King James Bible, KJB was translated.

Sunlight is found in the book EXPOSED, translated in KJB as Judges.  Written about 1126BC in a place called Palestine.  This place may or may not be the same place designated today as Palestine.  However, the writing was laid down more than 500 years after the 1688BC writings of the first five books translated in the KJB. 

Remember these five books are not the oldest writings that the human pen scribed.  The oldest is HATED translated in KJB as Job.

In this blog I am not going to give you the words that KJB used.  Sunlight’s parentage can easily be discovered, if there is an understanding about the alpha, FIRST, translated in KJB as Genesis. (more…)

What is the Number Six Six Six

It is The Number of Wisdom

So why do we continue to do stupid stuff like calling it the mark of the beast; as if the beast is something to be avoided? 

The first beast was the rapidly moving soil of the sea monster, lower Egypt being formed in the six hot waters of creation.  A sea monster that emerged into Expansion of the Hot House of upper egypt causing the Curse to be Reversed; translated Mt. Ararat. (more…)

Human Master Kingdom Embryo

Human Master Kingdom Embryo

Developed in the womb of the MASTERSHIP Egypt

In the previous post we explored the original words branch and branch extending.

  • KJB condensed those two meanings into two words tribe and tribes.

 The first appearance of the original neutral branch was in FIRST.  

Where did This Branch Come From

We cannot possible explore the entirety of this subject here but will take a cursory overview.

   There are 13 basic building blocks that created this branch.  These same building blocks also build the branch and the branch extending.  However there are 70 souls buried in Egypt that are the entire source of this branch.  Subject for other blogs.

Letter number thirteen is WATER.  These builders came from water and are water in the womb of the MASTERSHIP Egypt.  Read other blogs about the white mountain, the ice mountain, etc. to discover more.

The 11th embryonic builder was Justice. 

  • Letter number 11 is the palm of the hand that holds the power. 
  •  Justice was loved by the neck of the ASS
  • The neck of the ASS was cut off by the power of ten; the previous 10 building blocks.

These Trebled translated in KJB as Exodus

After the birthing of the HUMAN MASTER KINGDOM, this lover of  Justice is found as the neck that connects the Egyptian Head of Double Fruit to the Egyptian body.  This Causes the Forgetting of the Sorrows of the Worm’s house.

This Egyptian Head of Double Fruit, by loving Justice connects to the body.  This Causes the Forgetting of the Sorrows of the past.  This connects heart and brain.

This newly birthed MASTER KINGDOM OF HUMANITY is the neutral branch. 

  • This neutral branch will stretch and grow which makes  a branch extending. 
  • Is still stretching and growing.
  • It is destined to fulfill the prophesy of Genesis 49:16

The embryo of the MASTER KINGDOM was Attached.  This word Attached has been translated in KJB as Levi, the Levitical priesthood. 

  • That priesthood had no inheritance after the birthing.    
  • It was still attached to the womb by the Allied, translated as Kohath, another part of the priesthood with no inheritance after birthing the MASTER KINGDOM destined to rule self.
  • This lofty self entity was birthed from the first lofty self entity, Egypt.
    • The intention placed by the plural gods in the FIRST UNITED OXHEAD translated Genesis 1.
  • This newly born branch will be the Builder of the Righthand, the open hand of power. 
  • If we stay attached to the old womb, we cannot stretch and grow.
    • We have no inheritance in this new kingdom when still Attached to the old..

The Branch Stretches

Both Builder of Sorrow and Builder of Righthand (New Testament word) were translated in KJB as Benjamin. 

  • We are the builder of the Righthand  when we have the open hand of power extending from ONE-UNITED BRANCH. 
    • This is Benjamin,  builder of this Sheep Journeying Ewe which is still crying today outside the House of Bread  for the builders to come forth.  translated in KJM as Rachel and Bethlehem.
    • The Branch of  the Mastership Kingdom was birthed FROM the House of Bread, Egypt.
    • Builder of the Righthand, the stretched branch was FIRST  birthed OUTSIDE the House of Bread, Egypt.
    • This builder was then birthed INSIDE the House of Bread, Egypt.   Translated in KJB as Bethlehem.
    • It is stretching and growing outside of the old  womb of religion.
  • The MASTERSHIP KINGDOM of human will stretch and grow until it realizes that it is to:



What are the Thirteen Water Building Blocks

  1. See a Builder
  2. Hearing
  3. Attached
  4. Celebrated from using the hand of power
  5. Judge
  6. My Wrestling
  7. Crowd
  8. Happy
  9. Will Bring a Reward
  10. Habitation
  11. Justice
  12. Will Add
  13. Builder of the Righthand

This poses many questions.

  1. Where did this water come from?
  2. Where did those headwaters come from?
  3. Why were there no builders of Justice neither in the original writings nor KJB?
  4. Who/what built the neck of the ASS that  loved Justice.

CLUE  The neck of the ASS that loves Justice that is open, punctured, free flowing is attached to the Egyptian Head of Double Fruit. 

  • Justice freely flows from that Egyptian head to the Egyptian body.
  • This Egyptian head of Double Fruit under the crown of stars of Upper Egypt causes the Forgetting of the Sorrows of the Worm’s House
  • The worm’s house is its twin earth, Lower Egypt.