Unnumbered Four Four

Unnumbered Four Four

Why is there an unnumbered word that means neutral four;  in the New Testament?

TKey in handhe answer lies in the Old Testament.  Again, let me repeat there is no New Testament without the Old.

When we understand that the spelled out word four is far more than a number, wisdom beings to dawn in our souls and memories.

A neutral four is four things separated; they are neutral.  Neither active  PUNCTUREDFEMALE. nor REMEMBEREDMALE words.

A REMEMBEREDMALE word is just that, remembered, recalled, reformed, rearranged; whatever term we wish to use.

A REMEMBEREDMALE  four is not found in the NT in so far as I have discovered.  In the Old it FOUR means COPULATIVE and when looked at through the order of the letters it means a COPULATIVE DOOR.  A revolving door; one that open and closes.

Perhaps we have forgotten how that DOOR was formed and what it was for.  What came through it.

We can study and have been studying the words used by the INTERPRETERS of the Bible until doomsday.  This leads to the same place RELIGIOUS MYTHS.  Which abounded long before the written word was ever produced.

It is the same definition for crazy ….doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome.

Or we can use the Strong Bridge and glean from the original word meanings.   This has been extremely difficult and laborious up until now.  However, with the database about to be released, the task becomes much simpler and much easier to decipher and reconstruct what the original authors intended.

Key in handThe English words are merely the starting point that leads us to the Strong Bridge.  The keys will open that COPULATING DOOR of wisdom and give us a much deeper broader understanding of the original text.  What did the many authors intend to convey?

When we use the keys to unlock the mystery of yesterday; we discover something other than shame, blame, sin, devil, punishment, toil, work, slavery, etc.  All of which are part of the religious myths we have so long believed had a basis of truth.

True seekers of truth  will find answers long searched for when these keys are used to discover the meaning of the symbols the elders put to paper.

For example the white skin that had supremacy was not white skinned people; but the ICE that held the earth captive for a long long while.

How many have suffered been enslaved under this wrong impression?

Christmas in July 2012

Christmas in July 2012

Religious Myth Being Disputed by the Apostle Stars

Seen from the Blood of Oilchrist Mountains, Sangria de cristo, southern end of the Rocky Mountains, Santa fe, NM

Home of the oldest house 800 yr
Home of the oldest church
Home of the oldest Public Bldg
Home of the oldest government capital building
Home of the oldest Our Lady of Guadalupe Church on Sparks Street, now Alameda
Home of the miracle staircase built by the power of the hand of the unknown carpenter.
Major stopping point for the Old Santa fe Trail, the Camino de Real, Old Pecos Trail.
Major portion of the state belongs to Natives
Home of the Seven Nations given sovereign status by President Abraham Lincoln.

The Religious Myth that generates zillions of dollars every year around the planet is being played out during the month of July, 2012.  I call it Christmas in July.  We have an opportunity this month, this year to see the actual play; capitilized into a holiday called Christmas.

The religious myth says that 3 wise human men followed a bright star to a place where a human son was birthed to a faith-filled woman…never had sex.  Sex being the reason for the fall of man.

The pen of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY wrote no such story between 1845BC and 70AD.  Our writings were taken from our human library and put into a book called the Bible.  Religious ignorance has passed down commonly held myths for thousands of years, that have no weight on the scale of what we actually wrote.  These myths do not line up with what our pen scribed. (more…)

Chaldean and Hebrew same Husband

Chaldean and Hebrew same Husband

Duplicated Meanings Reduce Size of Sweet Little Book

This graphic reveals HUSBAND translated as chancellor.  This Chaldean word is equal to a Hebrew word. TO MASTER TO HUSBAND TO OWN.  To master/husband/own what?

We find this chancellor in AIDEZRA.  AID was scribed between 546BC and 416BC in Palestine.

We discover AID has a copulating door (four), chapter four.

 Inside this copulating door we discover the puncturedfemale non gender AID.

  1. Aid has a PREGNANCY8  what is it?
  2. Aid has a SERPENT CYCLE OF WISDOM9 what is it?
  3. Aid has a MOUTH. what/where is it?


Progressing the Story

Progressing the Story

The First Copulating Door

Translated as Genesis 4.

The power of the meaning of the numbers, letters and words of the original text tell us what we wrote.  Provided we do not add anything, such as all the English grammar words that more than tripled the original texts and infused the toxic element of gender.

Destroying the beauty of the Garden of Pleasure/PleasureEden. (more…)