Turning Point

In My  Discovery

I am no longer relying upon the James Strong compromises; but digging deeper.

James Strong always provided the numbers for the source of how any word is formed.  He also gave the compromise which are words to help bridge the gap between the historical teachings, what was published and what he had discovered.

These compromises intimate what the words actually meant in their given time.  However knowing how the words were formed and what they literally mean makes it possible to fit the jigsaw puzzle pieces together; despite the 750,000 English words dumped on top that merely cause confusion.  Builds the English Tower of Babel, confusion of languages.

Had this not been done, there is no doubt the work would have been rejected.  Instead it is accepted world wide as a valid way of understanding scripture.

Going to the source gives a much clearer understanding in the light of the creation story as it is told over the centuries of writing.  A story about creation; not about individual human persons.

I will be referring to these compromises in future blogs and some strong examples.

A Unique Language Buried Under TheTower of Babel

A Unique Language Buried Under TheTower of Babel

Babel Means Confusion of Languages 


Following is a graphic depiction of the historical evolution of the  infusion of English words. Then the continual dumping of more English words on top of the old scrolls; thus burying a Unique Language. 

This language rests in Lower Egypt/earth under the heavy burden of 750,000 English words.  It is the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest. (more…)