The 6th Holocaust Step

The 6th Holocaust Step

As we have been seeing, the main stream of humanity continually grows, learns and begins to understand things in a different way. 

 Instead of the mass or any given religious, national, familial, cultural coalition expanding and adding in the new ideas and concepts,  it tends to break away from the old.  This causes an increased fragmentation of the mass of humanity.

Is This an Error?

This is not necessarily an error; as the status quo can be a stabilizing factor.   Roots stabilize the plant.  The main stem or trunk stabilizes the branches.  The branches stabilize twigs.  Twigs stalibize leaves, etc. 

Without the root of knowing we are the DIVINE FIRSTBORN CHILD, the entire human plant loses its footing, topples and dies.

What Happens is We Forget the Egyptian Math

What  did/does happen is the new concepts are often rejected by the masses due to a plethora of reasons. Mainly due to the religious habit having been formed, now has a strong hold that resists change.   This in turn causes us to forget that the basic Egyptian math is WILL ADD.  A continual adding to, increasing, growing; not division and fragmentation.

When we forget Egyptian WILL ADD we lose the root of our inheritance.  Egyptian WILL ADD is the thread that connects us back to the root of our being.

We began as the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, HUMANITY.  Family broke into tribes, then nations, cultures, etc.  This included different religious groups.  

Remember we are looking at the three major religions, that today influence the largest portion of the planet, Judasim, Christianity and Islam.  This does not limit nor exlude all the other the religious and non religious influences; they are merely the example being used.

A Pattern of Thinking

The pattern of forgetting can be applied to any  part of our thinking.

These three not only broke away from an old form taking along some parts of the old form, but also taking from the outside. This is REMEMBERING, RECALLING, REFORMING which is a male non gender process. 

 These in turn broke internally into sects of Judaism and denominations of Christianity; which disagree and fight with each other; all the while holding onto some basic premises.  

This same pattern held true for the new kid that appeared on the block in 622 CE (common era or AD after our Lords’ death) Islam.

Islam is the 6th step in our forgetting the womb of the Black Madonna lower egypt/earth.  Which in turn caused us to forget where we live; we live in the Queens house upper Egypt;heavenWe do not die and go there; we already live in the Garden of PleasureEden this very moment.

The Weapon

These three major influences on the planet are enabled to spread their doctrines, beliefs and ideas when the  7th  holocaust/step comes into play.  Letter number seven represents weapon.  This weapon increases the divisions, separations, wars, struggles, strains and despair on the planet.

The Second Holocaust/Step

The Second Holocaust/Step

Step One is Forgotten

The purpose of stating these holocausts/steps is not to give the details of the individual parts. 

These are broad brush strokes aimed at showing how, even today we engage in holocausts/steps that erase our past rememberance that we are the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.

We are looking at the specific sequence of historical events that shaped the belief system of the major part of the people on the planet.

Purpose is to help us REMEMBER, what we have forgotten.  We are the PERFECT FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.  We have brainwashed ourselves into believing something else.

In step 1, we begin to forget our common source, the black void from which the entire creation came. 

Developing languages, symbols and their meanings separately and then creating rituals, ceremonies, styles of dress, types of housing, ideas about time and how to use it, etc. moves us into step two, forming groups.  Groups of like mindedness.

Form Groups

The commonality of language around certain beliefs, ideas, concepts, rituals, etc begins to separate the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD into groups.  Gathering together around common beliefs, interests, ideas, religions, etc.  Beliefs different from the Other.

Vegetable Garden

All kinds of vegetable plants share a common garden. The fullness of flavor does not come out until the vegetables are put together in a stew pot with a little salt. 

The boiling brings out the flavor.  If the carrots decide they do not like the salt, the stew is flat tasting.  If the onions do not like the potatoes, that flavor is lost. 

We forgot the garden of PleasureEden we live in and have lost the flavor that comes from co-mingling in the boiling stew pot.  The vegetables don’t fight each other, they blend and make new flavors. [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

Groups form, that do not necessarily include the entire former group, of family, friends, tribes, nations, etc.  These groups form around a set of common beliefs, ideas, habits, rituals.  New beliefs, ideas, habits, rituals, ceremonies, food types, housing types, religious orders, etc. develop.

brain washingThe argumentum ad nauseam is that a particular group is better, knows more and therefore is above the others.  Therefore should be the teacher of the others.  Should be the head of the household, the nation, the tribe.

One Such Group

We are looking at just one of those groups.  In step two, of this example is a group that formed Judasim.  This is not the only group forming; however, it is the source of step 3.

Those that  pulled away from the Judasim group, called themselves Christian. This created a new group, cult, sect, belief, habit, religious order, whatever word you choose to use.

As all groups do, it centered around a common belief system, habits, rituals, ceremonies.

This new group drew from the writings of 1688 BC which is its commonality to Judasim and Islam, step 6. 

The result of the holocaust/step of 3, is  is seen in step 4.  Four is a door, when opened creates a window, step 5. 

Christians wrote their own documents over a period of time. Adding in other writings ranging from 1845 BC to 430BC. Cumulating in step 10 produced the King James Bible for the common people.

What Should We Remember?

The Firstborn Divine Child Wrote About the Garden of Pleasureeden

Steps that negate the previous steps cause us to forget that, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, us lives in the GARDEN OF PLEASUREEDEN

PLEASUREEDEN is a male word and therefore is a REMEMBERED word.  We can remember it if we want to.

Pleasure Remembered from What?

Our mother, the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH was bathed in the first rib of Life Giving lightEve.  This life givereve provided the energy from the fire energizing the black fertile soiladam. The black fertile soil became the place where all seed contained in the womb of the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH, could grow.

What Do We Need to Remember?

This black fertile soil, was not human; although it acted as a slave, a servant, providing the environment for all the kingdoms of this world to sprout and grow from.

The argumentum ad nauseam wants us to believe that it was a human male gender from which came a human female gender.  Totally antithesis to laws of creation.

Seed of each kingdom sprouted in an orderly fashion, each supporting the next kingdom to come.

Remember Our Sister Patience of Which we Can Have all we Want.

The seed waited patiently for the  tears from the HOUSE OF THE QUEENUPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN to rain upon the black fertile soil. 

The floods came and lifted the three wombs of the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH, above the white mountain of ice.  Waters of creation frozen, were released by the full sunlight.

High Father with a dominant head fell from the Flames of the East, striking the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH with a bolt of negative energy, that energized the black fertile soil to produce.

Remember the Womb.

We, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD were in that womb along with all of our womb matesbrothers...  We were the last of the RED KINGDOM to be birthed.  We have yet to raise up the gentle bullocksdukes of humanity.

The first Red EarthEsau raised gentle bullocksdukes, long before the maggot/worm/heel catcherjacob. did.

This is not the time nor place to expound on the maggot/worm/heel catcherJacob.  Suffice it to say that this was the embryo of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.  It was not an individual male gender person.

Major question is if this was a male gender individual, then why is the geneology only through one, WILL ADD?   The unique language  we wrote in, cannot be understood with English grammar slapped on top of it.

These are the stories we wrote in 1688BC; but the teachers of English did not recognize it and so wrote and  taught  different stories.  See steps 5 -14


Question?  Did we write a story about coming out of an ice age, 70,000 years ago?  Did we conclude that previous humans were destroyed in that ice age?  Who came through?  

Who survived?  Those who did not stay with the old habits but adapted to new weather conditions.  This created a new human group.  Is this what our writings of 4000 years ago are really about?   A flood that killed the previous inhabitants; only the seed survived?

New groups are not necessarily a wrong next step; it can be a growing process.  Forgetting the previous steps can be disastrous. Creating divisions about them and us is distastrous.

Forgetting that we are the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD has been disastrous.  Whenever and wherever humanity was birthed, we came through the  last ice age and wrote about it.

These documents are not the only documents we wrote.  All of what we wrote came from a single pen, the human pen.  The various documents across the planet are but pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that we created.  We can fit the pieces together. 

Jesus said who made me divider over you?  The answer is we did.

The preceding is an exerpt from the BLACK MADONNA in the QUEENS HOUSE, an e-book to be released in the future.

Blue subscribers will have access to the graphic depicting these 14 steps.


Huge Misconception Leads to Errors

Huge Misconception Leads to Errors

The general belief that scriptures of Islam, Judasim and Christianity were written for those entities; is not true.

The three major religions claim the writings put to paper in approximately 1688BC are the WORD OF GOD. These first five books; not first in time; but first in the KJB, were not written for the religious orders, the churches, the synagogues, the temples, ashrams, etc.

The writings of the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest were laid down by humans over a period of 1200 years.   1845 BC to 430 BC in a variety of places, times and authors.  The story of creation is told over and over again. 

These writings are not the private property of religious entities.

So is it any wonder that the three major religions pick and choose what they focus on.  What topics they teach their followers. Making up their own stories to control the sheep and goats.  Sheep are dumb will follow anyone.  Goats are stubborn and want their own way.

I can speak mostly to Christianity, since I have 70 plus years of history with it.   History that covers a wide range of denominations. The KJB translation was/is interpreted to fit what any individual church chooses to focus on.  The separate factions fight over what the WORD OF GOD  says; all the while maintaining that it is the WORD OF GOD and must be obeyed.

The only way to know what the essence of those original writings were is to use the Strong Bridge, a numbering system that connects the KJB to the original words and the essence of their meanings. 

 Twenty years of research exclusively using the KJB and the Strong Bridge are the basis for this website.

These writings belong to humanity.   Humans wrote it. Just because religious leaders have decided it is theirs exclusively to administer however they desire; should not stop each one of us from discovering for ourselves what was written in those documents.

They belong to the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM.  The kingdom that is destined to master self, not be mastered by religious leaders, concepts, teachings, husbands, wives, governments, nations, etc.

If we understand FIRST(Genesis) written about  1688 BC then we can understand HATED (Job) written about 1845 BC.  Same stories about creation, told in a different time frame and manner.  And retold again and again.

For instance: the FIRST WORD (of the) HOT DAY and the SECOND WORD (of the) HOT DAY.  KJB translates that as 1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles.

Why has the church taught against COMPLETE LIGHT (Diana)? 

Why has religion taught gender bias?  And now putting out a gender neutral Bible where God is still male.

 How can God be male; when the scripture says that God is neither male nor female, Jew nor Gentile, black nor white? 

Those words were written long before their was Christinaity, Islam or Judaism.

So I ask you, who decided on that differentiation? 

Jesus asked the question “Who made me divider over you?  The answer is religious beliefs.

Why has the church ignorerd the HATED HURRICANE?   What was it?  Where was it?  What role did it play in the creation?   Man did not exist yet, to hate it. So what hated the hurricane? 

Why has the church denied the basis of astrology, the MAZZAROTH, overlooked, the Pleiadas, Jupiter, etc.  These words are not hidden, buried; but clearly stated in the KJB.

As stated over and over again, when we make people be in the stories, long before people ever existed we are already lost in BABYLON.  We build the TOWER OF BABEL which means confusion of languages.

In the Garden of Pleasure were all the seeds of all that would ever be; there were no  people in existence.  There was no snake; only a cycle of wisdom.  There was no sin; missed mark.  The mark had not yet been created. 

There was only the image  that would create its own image and then cast a shadow.

The interpreted (not the translation) stories have been and are being used for control purposes.  Any scholar of scripture; knows there is much more than is being told.  To tell it means a massive change in thinking, teaching, believing and expressing. 

 This is the responsiblity of each one of us, if we are to ever master self.

The Strong Bridge has been in print since 1900; but used only to reinforce and  prove what was already believed and taught.  We cannot take todays’ word meanings and apply them to a time frame when those words did not exist.  When we do that, we are lost.

That bridge belongs to humanity; not religious entities.

Do not expect the religious orders to help accomplish the task. 

It is not their job.


We were set free at birth.

Jesus Was A Bachelor

Food For Thought

Jesus Was a Bachelor


This is a song by a gifted minstrel  Greg Tamblyn about the man he most admired.

There are three songs which can only be heard on Broadjam.  I found this particularly appropriate for the messages of this website.

The lyrics can be found after the more button, however these two lines will give the flavor:

What is the Number Six Six Six

It is The Number of Wisdom

So why do we continue to do stupid stuff like calling it the mark of the beast; as if the beast is something to be avoided? 

The first beast was the rapidly moving soil of the sea monster, lower Egypt being formed in the six hot waters of creation.  A sea monster that emerged into Expansion of the Hot House of upper egypt causing the Curse to be Reversed; translated Mt. Ararat. (more…)