New Symbol, the Trickster

New Symbol, the Trickster

Coyote and Set/Seth, the Shadow


In most cases, our elder, coyote is considered to be a trickster.  Not necessarily to deceive, but to alert to other possibilities. 

I am adding coyote to the symbologies of this site.  Recognize it also represents Set/Seth, which was the image of the image of the phantom illusion of plural gods.  The seed of humanity. 

Wherever you see this symbol it represents one of the tricks of  the English language.  The language does not intend to deceive; however it must follow its’ own program.  

 If we follow the English language as translated in KJB, without understanding the symbology of the original word meanings, we are allowing ourself to be misled. (more…)

My Cherokee Medicine Bag

My Cherokee Medicine Bag

This new symbol has been added to the blogs.  It represents my personal Cherokee medicine bag.

If my medicine tastes bitter in your mouth.  You can spit it out or not.  Bitters is part of digestion and it begins in the mouth.

If my medicine is sweet in your mouth, it will become bitter in your belly.  Why?  Sweet things need to be digested and that is the job of bitters. 

Example  Concept of peace on earth, what a sweet taste in the mouth of one who speaks it.  The bitter digestive juices begin to flow with the first bump, encounter with a spouse, a child, a sibling, a co worker, etc.

Revelation 10:9 which means Revealing Salvation Oil, open hand of power: cycle.  KJB version with added English words stiken  reads:

“and I went unto the angel and said unto him, Give me the little book.  and he said unto me, Take it and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey”

I will not expound further on this scripture here.  Remember it is revealing  Yah is Salvation oiled.

Active Ingredient

DO NOT interfere in another’s walk.  Doing so pushes them off their path into the deep dark woods.  From where they still have to find their way.


Take as  often as  needed.  Whenever confronted with the temptation to interfere.

Caution  May be hazardous to old HABITS.  May prevent arguments.  May prevent wars.  May prevent misunderstandings.  May present symptoms of disorientation to old HABITS.   May in fact beome a new HABIT.

Side Effects May cause you to stop and ponder what happened to the intention of not interferring.

May cause a shift in perception of other and self.