High Father With Dominant Head

Father of a Multitude of Nations

These are not the same.  When we take two different original words and make them be one personage; we fail to grasp the story.  It is not about personages; it is about creative processes

Without the High FatherAbram with Dominant HeadSarai that fell from the Flamesur of the Eastchaldees; there would be no Multitude of NationAbraham.

Still the religious entities fight over who came first  LaughterIsaac or Will HearIshmael or Yah is SalvationJoshua/Jesus..  They have no interest in teaching the masses the truth.

The Contestmidian was ended with the InitiatedHenoch Father of KnowledgeAbida, the Strength of KnowledgeEldaah.    This is found in the FIRST WORD OF THE HOT DAY  translated as 1 Chronicles.

Chapter 1, verses 1 – 54 paint a very clear story of the creative progression starting with the Ruddyadam to the Gentle Bullocksdukes of Redesau..  

We have a choice to continue to let this planet feed on sour milk and rotting meat or discover the simple truth of what was documented thousands of years ago.  Simple  truth that has been defiled by sour milk and rotting meat stories.

Failure to seek understanding  of that which we already know and understand deep in our own being has led to allowing the religious entities to feed us their sour milk and rotting meat.

There are no keys, no secrets, no magic formulas that are not already resident in our holy temple/body.

We lack no good thing; but when we feed on sour milk and rotting meat we become weak, frail, at dis-ease and die.

Historical Roots of the Firstborn

Tracking the Generating of the Firstborn

As stated many times the meaning of numbers, letters and words do not, cannot lie.  When we add in words that did not exist in the original text we create untruths which create confusion of languge, Babel..

Error of Interpretations

When we insist upon making words be individual people then it is impossible to move those people into positions in the geneologies of man.   Therefore we make the assumption that the King James Bible translation is in error.

These words that generate the creation, do not appear in the same place in a birthing order of humans.  Why?  Because they do not represent people.  These words are used to describe the story of creation, which includes people, plants, animals, rocks, etc, etc, etc..

It is not the translation that is so much in error as the teachers of English that erred in interpretations.  Still insist today on their concocted stories that hold no weight on the scale of yesterday.


One View

One way of keeping track of the generating of the Firstborn or any other part of the creation is to look at the specific order of generating.

There are two (two fold) generatings; both are tracked from the Black fertile soiladam..

  1. Black Madonnalower egypt/earth.
  2. Queens houseupper egypt.heaven.   [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

The latter has a differentiation of 2 cycles, which I will not explain here.  This means  for example, that  the 10th generating of the Black Madonnalower egypt/earth.,  is also the 12th generating of the Queens houseupper egypt.heaven.  12 is the ONE UNITED OXHEAD10 governing  oxhead1 house2.

Again I will not try to explain this here; but it has to do with the transference of the headship of heaven from the Station of the head to the Queen.  This difference will always be there.  There will always be WatchingIschah from the StationTerah of the Queens house in the Flamesur of the Eastchaldees.

There will always be the strength of the sunlightSamson the warmth of matingdove emanating from the Queens houseupper egypt/heaven to the Black Madonnalower egypt/earth the lofty self entity at RestNoah.

Similar Transference

This is similar to another transference of headship, later on.  The Egyptian Head of Double Fruit becomes the head that Causes the Forgetting of the Sorrows of the Worm’sJacob house (it’s twin Earth/Red Soilesau.)

This Egyptian head  of Double Fruit is recognized by its conspicuous positionsnames Multitude of NationsAbraham, LaughterIsaac, Rules as GodsIsrael.

An Egyptian head of Double Fruit is a REMEMBEREDmale word.  Non gender male means something has been recalled, reclaimed, remembered from the past.  This head came from a Portion of the SunAsenath and the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious RestJoseph.

Historical retrograde of the Firstborn Divine Child

We start with the 29/31 generating.

  1. 29th (house cycle of wisdom) of the Black Madonnalower egypt/earth.
  2. 31st (the completed10 oxhead1) of the Queens Houseupper egypt/heaven

The FIRSTBORN came through a window5; Sickness, Movement, Warmth of Mating, Queen, Delightsome.  A description of a pregnancy.

This window5 was created when the FIRSTBORN  28/30 was birthed.

  1. The BMLEE house2 pregnancy8. 
  2.  The QHUEH is completed and has the power of ten = 30.

Prior to this pregnancy there was  a  NAIL6.  A nail both punctures and then holds fast.


  1. The BMLEE house2 weapon7.
  2. The QHUEH house2 end of cycle of wisdom9.

Pit of Shame, (came from) Conspicous Position of Knowing, (that the) Ridge coming from Neck, (is the) Right of Gods, (the) Portion, (of) Helplessness. = Nail6

What does this mean to you?

A key. The neck that loves Justice was given to the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest. The neck connects the head with the heart of the Egyptian head of DOUBLE FRUIT that Causes the Forgetting of the Sorrow.  This very neck had been and is still cut off by the instruments of cruelty HearingSimeon AttachedLevi to a bad report.

(This nail of six came from)  HEAP OF TESTIMONY (coming out of a) Depression (that came from a) King Bridge.

The HEAP OF TESTIMONY (came from a) Salesman (and) FIRSTBORN (that had no buildersdaughters).

The Salesman (womb matebrother of) Reward of Gods, a prince (coming from) The Rock Has Ransomed (that came through the) Right of Gods. 25/27  house window/house weapon.

All of which is generated through the Egyptian Causing to Forget the Sorrows of the house of its twin, the  Red SoilEsau.  The Red Maggot/wormJacob had a twin.


Hang in there it takes time to think in a different way other than our English language heritage.

I have not identified for you the words used in King James except as noted by hypertext.

Here are some others Jeezer, Helek, Asriel ,Shechem, Shemida, Hepher, Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, Tirzah, Gilead, Machir, Pedazur, Ashriel, Maachah, Talmud, Gamaliel, Manasseh, Ephraim, Zelophehad, Dinah, Ur, Chaldees, Terah,


Did you Ever Ponder

The Common Stories Learned in Sunday School?

 Ponder what stories you have heard about Enoch, Cain,  Abel, Lamech, etc. 

  • Were you taught about 2 powers translated  2 Lamechs? 
  • Were you taught about 2 Inititated, translated 2 Enochs?
  • Did you learn that Life Giver was the first rib of light of creation?
  • Were you taught how to follow that first rib of light to the Complete Light Dianna.
  • Did you learn that Complete Light was Sky Fallen, that is Jupiter?
  • Did you ever ask why should we not seek the Goddess Dianna, the Complete Light?
  • Good time to ponder it now as Jupiter is falling in the sky and Mercury is rising.


Blue subscribers can access the download Three Words, Hebrew, Egyptian, Israelite.  It includes a table.   Thre is an outline of the first 20 steps (first 20 generations) of the creation. 

Egyptian letter number twenty, rasith and Hebrew, resh both represent the head. There were four main heads in the 20th descent. One died, one fell to lower Egypt with the Dominant Head and drank of the well of Living Water.  One is still snoring, but the Queen still rules the heavens, upper Egypt.

Ponder what you learned in Sunday School and what has been repeated around the world as the WORD OF GOD.  Does it match what the Divine Firstborn Child, YOU,  knows to be true in its inner self?

First graders must first learn from first grade books to comprehend basics.  The PHD stories of scripture are still there in the original writings, some of which are more than 3000 years old. 

The English translation skews it because that English demands gender and many other pointy words.  It is its nature. That does not prevent us from learning the old languge.  However learning any new language takes effort, time, patience; but mostly desire.

Continuing to make INTERPRETATIONS of that translation using the English added words is the same as staying in the first grade.  Remove all the added English words and the story line remains in the seemingly endless geneologies.  Those words and their meanings do not need help.

We have free will and can choose to believe and repeat first grade stories or dig deeper and find the well of living water that has always been there.


What is the Warlord of Religion

What is the Warlord of Religion

It is Not Human Nor Even Humane

 Nonetheless it controls humanity by HABITS.  Anything done religiously becomes a HABIT.  So religion is not necessarily religious orders, sects, governments, families, nations nor people groups.  Whatever controls us is HABITUAL WARLORD.

Still the three major Warlords, Christianity, Islam and Judaism with their HABITS of rites, rituals, prayers, songs, teachings, gatherings that demand adherence by humanity are strongholds upon the planet.

Regardless  of whether or not a human has even ever entered a church, synagogue, temple, mosque, ashram, etc. they have been influenced by the religious HABITS, the religious teachings.

The three major  Warlords agree. This makes an Egyptian gomer which means complete or what Martin Luther called the trinity.  Regardless the three are bound together by the first five books of the Bible.  The three are in agreement that this is the WORD OF GOD.

The original text from which the KJB was translated tells a far different story, than the stories commonly taught; especially in Sunday School. 

FIRaxeST (Genesis) is about creating upper and lower Egypt, heaven and earth.  At the same time in the womb of Egypt, which contains all the seeds of everything that will ever be, is the growing embryo of the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM.  The embryo was seeded from the water of the White Mountain flowing down into Black fertile soil of lower Egypt.

It is the embryo (the completed weapon) that comes to rule everything because the conspicous position means WILL ADD.  Only adding creates.  War conquers and then divides the spoil.  This story is totally ignored and therefore the connection with the Old Testament and the New Testament cannot be made. 

I will address this over and over again.  Read the e-books We are All Egyptians for research on the subject.

A classic Sunday school story about a father offering up a son in sacrifice on a mountain, does not read that axeway. 

The Dominant Head of High Father fell from the Flames of the East and drank of the well of Living Water, lower Egypt.  The enlarged  well of water became the father of a Multitude of Nations.

The father of a Multitude of Nations offered up the only soul of Laughter unto the Lord.  Laughter received the entire inheritance of a Multitude of Nations.  The inheritance of the Master human kingdom is Laughter.

  1. God Will Hear (Ishmael)
  2. Laughter (Isaac)
  3. Yah is Salvation (Joshua/Jesus)

QUESTION  Which one  of these three came first? 

Billions of humans have been slaughtered in the name of religion, fighting over which came first.  The chicken or the egg?  The Laughter or the Hearing of Laughter?  Hearing the good news that we are the Divine firstborn child or Laughing about it?

Billions more have been impacted by the possibility that maybe a god of unconditional love might require a child to be sacrificed.  Further substantiated by the slaughter of the lamb.

We teach the little children they are lambs and then in the next breath describe what happens to the lamb when it does not conform to the world’s opinion, to the HABITS of the Warlords of religion.  Children are literal until old enough to reason and make sense of cause and effect. 

Nonetheless the nagging story about sacrifice continues to plague the planet.   WHAT IF IT BE TRUE!!!!!

Offering up the only soul of Laughter is quite a different story then  a father being willing to burn the son as a sacrifical offering.  In addition, the child has to carry the wood up the mountian.  gag puke

In 1944 I earned a Children’s Bible Story book because I was a good little girl and memorzied words that meant nothing.  I was eight years old and already had 5 years of religious HABITUAL training in me. 

Not from my family; but from the church that always found me, no matter where we lived.  It was depression time, no work, no water, no crops and so we traveled and alwys the church found me.

Only in the past week after many years and hours of searching out the original text, have I discovered why I never liked to read those stories.  They are not true.  We, humanity, is the divine firstborn child and we know in the very core of our being what is truth and what is a lie.

It is written on our hearts and impregnated in the waters of our being.  We are seed from the Other Side  (Eber) of a Little Earthquake  (Joktan/Peleg) therefore Hebrews.

We sprout and grow in Egypt and therefore are Egyptians.

We Rule and Reign,  Prophet, Priest and King over our own Temple body, the ark of the covenant, the ark of the Testimony, the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest and are therefore Israel (Will Rule as Plural gods).

KJB words used in the translation: Abram, Sarai, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Ishmael, Joshua, Jesus, Mt. Ararat, Laban, Eber, Hebrew, Joktan, Peleg, Israel, Mizraim, Joseph, Hagar, Ur, Chaldees, Ethiopia, Cush.

Where Did the Water of 13 come From?

Where Did the Water of 13 come From?

In the previous blog some questions were posed 

Question Number 1

Where did this water come from that built the embryo of the MASTER KINGDOM.

  1. Came from the Flames of the East in upper Egypt.
  2. Came from the House Being Destroyed of Plural gods, wind, heat and water.
  3. Came from the headwaters of the Queen’s house; the sun in Upper Egypt. 
  4. Flowed down into the Well of Living Water, Lower Egypt. 

Question Number 2

Where did those HEADWATERS water come from?

  1. All waters of creation originated in the FIRST OXHEAD.
    1. Plural gods of fire and wind melted the mass of ice
    2. Melting ice warmed by increasing fire became hot living water.
    3. Hot water evaporated into the mist rising.
    4. The mist rising evaporated and left the dry dust.
    5. The dry dust drank the living water.
    6. The veil of night fell so that the heat and fire of the sun did not dry up all the waters.
    7. The  mass, the White Mountain of ice emerged; which Reversed the Curse of being under water.

The four headwaters translated as rivers flowed out.

    1. High Father with a Dominant Head fell to Lower Egypt and drank of the Well of Living Water.
    2. Mountaineer head died in the Flames of the East; but left the Queen’s house.
    3. The Queen’s house helped the Snorer head; the sleeping head.
      1. These two rule day and night.
      2. We know this because the Veil fell with High Father, the Dominant Head.
      3. Without the veil, the heat of the Queens’ house would have dried up all of the waters of creation.

KJB teaches this as if we are speaking of humanity.  We are except in seed form in the womb of the MASTERSHIP Egypt.

What are the KJB words Used to Describe These Events

God, Lot, Laban,  Bethuel, Hagar, Mt. Ararat, Abram, Sarai,  Milcah, Ur, Chaldees, Canaan to name a few.

It is a gross error to create people where there is not yet an environment to sustain  plant, animal let alone people.

What Has Been the Most Devastating Error of all?

  1. Was it making the creation of upper and lower Egypt be people called Adam and Eve?
    • Thus creating the fable about original sin.
      • Which lead to a weak feeble god unable to create perfection.
  2. Or was it making the builders of Rest be people. 
    •  Causing the devastation to black people that still exists today.
    • Devastation of a horror story about a black son uncovering a black father and humiliating him.
    • What has been the holocaust of that story?
    • By the end of the 18th century,  there were 12 million African black slaves, half of whom died onboard ships.  This is only a drop in the bucket.
    • How many has there been to date?  We send up the hue and cry about a religious holocaust, but ignore this one still going on.
    • How many lives have been and are being destroyed by that one erroneous assumption?
  3. Or maybe it is the idea that men are the head of the house and therefore control the women and children.
    • Where did that monster come from?
    • How many women and children  today are still slaves to that idea?
    • How many women and children are sold into the sex market as slaves every day?
      • Why and how can this happen today?  Where is the root of that stinking thinking?
    • How can the MASTER KINGDOM; of humanity rectify these and a thousand other stories that have been propagated for centuries?
    • These and other stories are  rooted deep in the psyche of all humanity.
    • These trees do not bear GOOD FRUIT.
    • Even those who claim to not believe these stories have that nagging thought in the back of the head, WHAT IF???

What Does The Light Bringer’s Completed Cycle Say to Us.axe

Translated as Luke chapter 3, verse 9   

Now the axe is laid to the root of every tree that does not bring forth GOOD fruit.”   

I ask you, did and do the above stories about original sin and a black son humiliating a black father bear GOOD FRUIT?

Does placing one human, one religion, one nation, one culture over another bear good fruit?

I ask you, will you  help cut down this tree? 

Will you pick up the axe and destroy the root of the tree that bears this stinking fruit?