Did Existent Come First or Second

Understanding what a word meant in the original text is one thing.  Words formed from a combination of other words is a little different.

We have been looking at HUSBAND, EXISTENT, STRENGTH as individual words.  When we look at combination of words that create new words, sometimes EXISTENT, HUSBAND or STRENGTH come first and sometimes they are second in forming a new word.

The position is important just like making a cake.  If you forget to combine the shortening with the sugar before you put in the flour or the water or the egg, the results are not the same.  That result most likely will not look anything like the recipe is intended to look like, a cake.  Show the house to the house.  Use the recipe of creation and discover who we really are. (more…)

Jehosheba, Jehoshabeath

Word Meanings Do Not Change

Neither time, letter symbols, sounds can change what a word means.  Fire means fire regardless of what word symbols or sounds are used.

The following graphic depicts this concept very clearly.  Jehosheba and Jehoshabeath are cast in the KJB as females; due to the infused gender for grammar purposes.   As can clearly be seen these are not human beings.  Nor are they separate; just spelled differently in different documents in different time frames.

Just because the translators decided to keep the story line hidden in an endless list of what is called  generational names of people, does not mean that is what our pen wrote. Nor does it mean that is what the translators intended.  Interpretations are what have skewed the view.

The word meaning EXISTENT was translated as Jehovah the Lord, God, Yah, The Lord and Most Vehement.  If the word means EXISTENT then it means EXISTENT where ever it is found.  The translators decided that EXISTENT means God, etc. then EXISTENT (God) Is the same meaning in any word where it has a place.

Fire does not become water just because it is in a different tongue.  Just because it sounds different, looks different; does not change it to  a different meaning.

When words are added that create gender then we have confused the meaning.

See the following graphic and explanation regarding Jehosheba and Jehoshabeath, EXISTENT COMPLETE cast as female characters in the KJB.  The meaning of those words is EXISTENT COMPLETE, so these words must be GOD COMPLETE.

Since the KJB casts these words as female gender then the female gender must be GOD COMPLETE.  Problem with all of this, is the words are neutral, they are neither puncturedfemale nor rememberedmale words.  graphic follows (more…)

What is First?

What is First?

Genesis Means First

Everything in Genesis is about FIRST.

We scribed nine different words, with different meanings.  These nine words were all translated in the KJB as first.  Not to mention all the other words in the translation besides first.  For example:

The word united comes from a primitive root to unify and is translated in the KJB 951 times.

687 times as one
36 times as first
36 times as another
30 times  as other
28 times as any
13 times as once
13 times as eleven plus some other word
10 times as even
9 times as certain
7 times as some
86 times as miscellaneous other words.  (more…)

What Does First Mean?

If We Do Not know Then we Assume

In todays world when we say first we are referring to an order of something.  As being ahead of everything else or the beginning of something.

There are 8 different words in the Old Testament rendered as first as well as many other words besides first.

There are 9 different words in the New Teatament rendered as first as well as many other words besides first.

In both the OT and the NT there is only, neutral first or female first, both non gender.   There is no male first, also non gender .   Why?  (more…)