Buddhist Threaten to Unleash Tranquility on the West


While this article is not based on my research; it certainly is within the scope of the 66 authors who scribed the 66 books that are the so called basis of the book titled Bible.

WASHINGTON—In a 45-minute video posted on Tibetan websites Thursday, Tsuglag Rinpoche, leader of the Buddhist extremist group Kammaṭṭhāna, threatened to soon inflict a wave of peace and tranquility on the West.

Speaking in front of a nondescript altar surrounded by candles, burning sticks of incense, and a small golden statue of the Buddha, Rinpoche did not specify when or where an assault of profound inner stillness would occur, but stated in no uncertain terms that the fundamentalist Buddhist cell plans to target all Western suffering.

“In the name of the Great Teacher, we will stop at nothing to unleash a firestorm of empathy, compassion, and true selflessness upon the West,” said Rinpoche, adding that all enemies of a freely flowing, unfettered state of mind will be “besieged with pure, everlasting happiness.” “No city will be spared from spiritual harmony. We will bring about the end to all Western pain and anxiety, to all destructive cravings, to all greed, delusion, and misplaced desire. Indeed, we will bring the entire United States to its knees in deep meditation.”

“Wisdom and virtue to America!” continued Rinpoche. “Wisdom and virtue to all living things on earth!”…

go to link below for full details and a short video clip….listen to the messages of water….where all memory is stored


Time for us to rise up in our power; the power of tranquility that accepts all of our elders and all things will work together for the common good.

We built our very bodies from a spark of light in the water; where memory helped us to REMEMBER/REFORM/REARRANGE a single cell into our magnificent body….why have we forgotten to remember that memory of TRANQUILITY as we lay in our mother’s wombs creating ourselves.

Perhaps it is time to REMEMBER, who and what we have always been, a unique expression of the Divine Creation.

Buddhism, Hinduism Native American Coincidence?

Buddhism, Hinduism Native American Coincidence?

Fascinating These Three

I find it intriguing that the Buddhist, Hindu and Native American traditions, beliefs and stories parallel what we wrote,  1845BC to 70AD

How is it then, that  the three major religions on the planet claim to base their beliefs on the WORD OF GOD.  Those beliefs do not reflect the same beliefs as the BHNA? Nor do they reflect our writings nor what was intended.

How is that we wrote about creation?  We wrote about the interrelated, interactive beautiful dance of ONE UNITED OXHEAD, one creation, unified by, honoring and respecting all parts of the creation.  No part better than any other part.  Looking to the elders for direction.

Humanity is the Firstborn Divine child; but the littlest kid on the block; with the greatest giftMatthew.  The gifMatthewt of Bringing LightLuke that has been squashed by the religious entity consuming human energy.  Causing us to miss Existent MarkJohn

In 75 years on the planet I have never heard a teaching on the water builders of  PERFUME of a Multitude of Nations of Laughter.  Let us take a closer look.


Buried under 750,000 English Words of Today

Buried under 750,000 English Words of Today

This site is about the King James Bible translation of 1640 AD.  Today the unique language created by a variety of words from a variety of places is buried under 750,000 English words.

As stated in other blogs, the original writings occurred between approximately 1866 BC and 430 BC.

However there were other writings also.  So today I will give you a sampling of some other writings.  Some of which are much older than those cited as the Word of GOD.

There is only one pen and it is human.  Human wrote all of this.  Human is the chosen First Born Divine Child.


Holy Dog

This story connects the Egyptian Anubis, opener of the way to the Holy Dog of the Lakota and the original text about the dog.  The 3000 year old story is about a house; that is twoparts, a dog and Yah is Salvation forming a head, the man of war, that saw a good report in the promised land.

This is the model of the mastership Egypt; for the master human kingdom to follow.  See good in all situations.  Every attempt is a bullseye if we see it that way.

Some Other Views

Perhaps this modern dog in the following video  has a message for us humans.  Every kingdom is the elder of the human kingdom.  Perhaps this dog is saying dance more, love more, laugh more, enjoy life more.

Or maybe the Dancing Horse is the messenger.  What do you think? Who is blessing who?  Is it the youngest kingdom blessing the elder, Holy Dog, the horse?  Or is it the elder blessing the younger?



In Addition 

The PBS Nature series on Horses reveals that man learned to ride horses about 4000 years ago.  This wonderful view of the Mongolian Buddhist horsemen with Julia Roberts gives us more insight as to how our elder, the horse has taught and impacted the human kingdom.

My Strangest Encounter with Dog

I had occasion to do a medical mission trip to the Phillipines, Mindanao Island to be exact.  I observed the human and the dog kingdoms existing side by side as if the other did not exist.  This was a very strange thing to me, having had a lot of dogs as companions in my life.

I questioned why the dogs did not seem to even know that humans existed.  The answer was a practical one.  Dogs were carriers of rabies and so the humans simply ignored them.  Never invited an encounter and thus provided a form of protection.

Perhaps the lesson from dog here is ignore what seems to be a threat and live life as if the threat does not exist.  This approach is opposite of  chaining up, enclosing or euthanizing the problems.