Are You Also Confused

Are You Also Confused

Tower of Babylon means Confusion of Languages

Some have said they are confused by my writings, videos, graphics, etc.  Desiring me to wave a magic wand that will open blind eyes and deaf ears.

I have no magic wand but I do have a Strong Bridge that has supported me for 25 years.  Years of passionately seeking the unconditional love.

Ears and eyes tuned to Christianese language created through the many INTERPRETATIONS was a stronghold for me to break through.  Break through until I could hear the beautiful stories of creation that we the human wrote 3000 yrs ago.

Stolen Property

     Our stories written between 1845BC and 0AD do not belong to the Christian (more…)

1100 + Versions of the Bible are Not Enough

One More Bible to add to the Tower of Babel

The solid rock Petra gets richer and richer on what does not even belong to them.

A new  St. John’s Bible is being displayed in Santa fe NM starting in October 2011. Yippee skippy, one more bludgeon to use to force people to believe they are wretched, sinners, who are going to hell if they do not convert.

Two thousand years of studying the Bible, creating more Bibles, thousands of interpretations, sermons, ad nausem has not brought any clarity.   Billions of dollars spent which has only added to the confusion of languages.  The Tower of Babel, gets higher and higher.

Until we go back and discover  what our human pen scribed between 1845BC and 70AD we can never understand the Bible.

Our pen scribed words, long before Jesus and long before  there was any such thing as an organized church.

Our writings were chosen by so called leaders of a church and has the world believing that some how, some way, God just dumped those words upon the church. ” It is the word of God and you must obey it.  No questions asked.”

My people perish for lack of understanding, ignorance and following after blind leaders. (more…)