Pieces of Silver is Not Money

Pieces of Silver is Not Money

Pale Was Translated Silver in the Old Testament

But it is not money.  We wrote about the pieces of light coming through the dark.  The pieces of paleness, the pale light of the stars.  Out of the same root comes the word SILVERY, the shining of the pieces of paleness.

Even more interesting is the New Testament 10 pieces of silver that the LIGHT BRINGERLUKE described.  Described in the SUPPORT15 of the ONE UNITED OXHEAD10 PREGNANCY8

Ten is the ONE UNITED OXHEAD to the power of ten; the increased power of one creation.

Twenty is the head  with the ability to reason, think and know.  It is the house2 with the power of 10.  Twenty pieces of  silvery light.  What is thirty pieces of silvery light?  What is the 100 pieces of silver?

In the New Testament, the word silver comes from the same root word as the SERPENT.  What SERPENT?  The silvery serpent created by the same pieces of PALENESSSILVER of the Old Testament.  We writing about the creatures we saw formed by the silvery light of stars.  Our guidance system.

What PREGNANCY? (more…)

Three Forms of Jesus

Three Forms of Jesus

A few days ago I posted a song by Greg Tamblyn, Jesus was a Bachelor, which presented the question or was he?

In e-book volume one, chapter 8  We Are All Egyptians I address the three forms that Jesus took on.  This entire research is based upon one word transfiguration and the word tree that it forms. 

Also look at the other forms.

 Remember red words are female non gender, indicate something open, punctured, generative, etc.  Male words are non gender means something remembered, recalled from something else.  The word form means to morphe, shape, adjust parts.  The process is still occurring, the remembering is not yet finished.

The MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM destined to master self is still in the playpen.  Poking eyes, pulling hair, hitting each other over the head with our toys. (more…)