All Word is Powerful

Laughterisaac is Alive and Well on the Planet

Laughing yoga originating in India is spreading like wild fire across the planet.  It is good medicine.  Proven medicine as the after affects are clearly visible in the physcial realm.

This is not rising up through the religious houses that base their beliefs upon documents written between 1845 BC and 70 AD.

Read on for a few examples of those writings regarding laughter, seen through the word meanings of the original text.

1845BC We Wrote


No Lost Tribe(s)

No Lost Tribe(s)

Never Can Happen

Just buried under 750,000 English words.  A puny god that could forget and lose part of its creation, is a god with no power.  It is a god of religious energy created by human energy and it feeds on its very creator, human.

The exiles are still in Babylon, babyland of confusion.  But the exiles are hearing a new drum beat and it is not a religious drum beat; it is the steady yet erractic heartbeat of creation.  The steady heart beat that never misses a beat.  Never loses any of its creation.

Following is a graphic depiction of creative process of bringing forth the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD—-HUMANITY.   If you are a subscriber you can see the basic visual.

If you are a paid subscriber you can view the detaills that are missing on the basic visual.  There is only ONE UNITED OXHEAD  —-ONE BRANCH  — ONE BRANCH EXTENDING.  Despite the fact that branch/branch extending governing, is translated as neutral tribe/tribes. 

It is all part of Egyptian math WILL ADD.  Will Add more power, increase the power of the ONE UNITED OXHEAD so it can extend and not exclude.

The proper place for plurality is gods translated as singular all powerful, all consuming force GOD.  While tribe/tribe is translated a pluralities.

No wonder humanity is still in babyland Babylon, confusion of languages; feeding on the milk of confusion. (more…)

Slow Arrival

Slow Arrival

You can explore a white cake till doomsday and never see how the spice cake was created.  You can fight, massacre each other over the recipe and the ingredients and never even know what a spice cake looks, tastes and smells like.

Slow Arrival

I would have arrived at the understanding of what our native words written between 1845BC and 70AD were saying a long time ago.

I was delayed due to spending many years beating myself up that surely I was not seeing and understanding correctly.  Although I had broken away from the SRP, the influences were still strong in my psyche. (more…)

Roots of Judging and Dividing

Roots of Judging and Dividing

What our native languages wrote between 1845BC and 70AD is not about religion.  It was and is about creation.  It is best understood through Egyptian Math which is always Will Add.  Always increase of the one united oxhead, never division, never subtracting.

Perhaps  that is the reason Jesus asked who made me judge or divider over you?  Light Bringer rules the motion; otherwise translated as Luke 12:14. (more…)