Breaking the Religious Habit

Of Using Today’s English to Understand the Past

As stated before, changing our thinking about scripture is not necessarily an easy task.  We cannot simply learn an original word meaning and always apply when reading the scripture.  The reason being most original word meanings are translated into many different English words.

However, there are a very few that always mean the same such as LOVING is David, PEACE is Solomon, SUNLIGHT is Samson, HAPPY is Asher, ATTACHED is Levi, FRIEND is Ruth, STAR is Esther, etc.  These words were chosen as names to build the translation around.  They remain constant; but represent only a tiny drop in the bucket.

We must understand the word meanings that surround these few or we remain locked in religious myths.

Evens so, when we read these words we think of the English name, we do not consider the meaning in the setting and order of the scripture.  This leads to gross misunderstanding.

We can begin to change some of our thinking as we read the scripture by using the above examples.  It is a tiny step, like the first step of a child learning to walk.  I believe we are suppose to be childlike in our approach to life.

Many steps translated as holocausts are offered on this site.

Another Word We Can Begin to Use

One original word meaning that can be applied in almost every case is MOTHER MEASURE in place of the English word  CUBIT.

The PRIMARY WORD mother BOND is the source of the MOTHER MEASURE.  Both words are neutral.  From the BOND comes the MEASURE.  This is a basic Egyptian math Will Add component.  It has nothing to do with gender.

So wherever we see the word CUBIT and begin to think MOTHER MEASURE (that comes from the mother bond), we are taking a step toward changing our thinking about what we are reading.  This helps us to apply Egyptian math, Will Add.  No subtracting only increasing the power of one THE UNITED OXHEAD.

What is being measured in the original text?  Where does it come from in the original text?  What was bound, glued and is now being measured?  Then we can see how to apply PUNCTUREDFEMALE words such as wall, foundation, testimony, corners, annuciation, etc.

Notice these words are NEUTRAL.  Mother, father, brother, all three, are neutral PRIMARY words, have nothing to do with gender.  Have everything to do with creative process and Egyptian math Will Add.

MOTHER MEASURE can safely be put in place of CUBIT when we read scripture in the KJB.  MOTHER MEASURE is also translated as HUNDRED, MEASURE and POST.  When we read hundred, measure or post it most likely is NOT the MOTHER MEASURE, except in the cases where it is.

CAUTION  The James Strong Concordance is keyed to the King James Bible.  There are 1100+ translations which have changed the words that are used. So when using information from this site, it is always about the King James Version.  The ideas being put forth may not work if a different version is used because the English words have been changed.

This  has not brought more clarity; but built the Tower of Babel, Confusion of Languages, higher and higher.  Do you wonder why the translators used hundred for the MOTHER MEASURE?  Why the POST for the MOTHER MEASURE.  Wonder what the post is, maybe it is not called post, maybe it is called stalk or tree.

We, THE FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY  know the truth that is resident within us .  We are told that we are made in the image of God and the Bible is Gods word.  Ever look around and see the many faces of God?  Are they HAPPY, smiley faces?

What we know to be truth inside does not  match what we have been taught and what we read.  Failing bring the two together  has prompted us to make MORE TRANSLATIONS, based upon the religious myths and not on the original WORD MEANINGS.

The outcomes are as different as night and day.

I am not surprised that the theological community has not tried to set the INTERPRETATIONS of the translation in order.  It means a major revamping of what has been taught for hundreds/thousands of years.  To change that would dismantle the religious myths on which religious habits depend.

That would mean the collapse of the financial system based upon religious habits.  Billions of dollars pour into those religious habits and still war rages on, death, pestilence, hate, hell fire and brimstone abound on the planet.  Famine, starving children, children without parents killed in the religious wars.

Time to lay down our weapons of warfare and beat them into plowshares.  Reclaim the beautiful story of creation as it was told over and over again for thousands of years.

Have we ever wondered why so many different manuscripts were chosen as the basis of the Bible?  Did we even know it?  Why was the same Sweet Little Story chosen?  The very tiny book written over and over again and then selected from the human library.

Have we ever considered how it has been distorted, made ugly with INTERPRETATIONS of war, sacrifice, gender domination.  Concepts that have infected the planet with DIS-EASE instead of the PROMISED  RESTNOAH/MANOAH,NOHAH

Have we considered the money spent to support the religious structures?

Do we ever ask why we believe these myths?  Why we defend these myths?  Why we get angry when they are called myths?  Why do we continue to contribute to the proliferation of these myths?

A Few Happy Builders

Beginning in the 26th generating from the QHUEH and the 24th generating of the BMLEE we find some Happy builders.

They are found in the First Word of the Hot Day Weapon: inside is the One united oxhead to the power of 30.  Otherwise translated as 1 Chronicles 7:30

Some Happy Builders

Prosperity of the open right hand will Level.  Level the Superfluity Evil. (more…)

Anna the Prophetess in the Light Bringer

Anna the Prophetess in the Light Bringer

These stories are given in the original meanings of the scrolls from which King James was translated. Note: Most New Testament words refer back to the Old Testament words.

Buried under the 750,000 English words of today is a clear message for us today.

Strong BridgeThe original word meanings never fail to reveal Grace and Truth.  Using the Strong Bridge helps us to rethink in terms of the original writings.  This takes practice and time; but well worth the effort.

It removes shame, guilt, blame that has been heaped upon the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD  for many revolutions of time.  Deciphering the text is simple; but not necessarily easy as it is labor intensive searching. It teaches us how to MASTER SELF.  How to think and speak in the original text meanings.

Anna the Prophetess.  Luke 2:36 

In the House2 of the Light Bringer, i.e. Luke, there is a completed3 nail6.  What is a completed nail, but the end of a cycle of wisdom9.


This is a brief glimpse of Anna, just a taste.  Become a Blue subscriber and read the rest of the story.


Anna means Grace.  Grace is the builder son of the Face of God.  A  Happy branch  extending out of the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest.


In the Light Bringers House Hearing Simeon blessed the Addition of the Rebellious Mary mother.


The prophetess, I,  was the Favor of the King of RED Edom and Graciousness.  The foreteller, the descendant of the seed from the other side, translated Hebrew.  Descended from the Face of God, the original offshoot of the puffing, blowing  Happy wind in the Garden of Pleasure Eden.


 A Happy wind that comes from blowing straight from the fixed position in the beginning.    I Grace was birthed in the Garden of Pleasure Eden.  [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]


 I, Grace have walked forward in front.  To live amid man, an indefinite number of revolutions of time from the far away baffling wind of my maidenhood.


So let us take a closer look at the descent of that Happy Asher   wind of prophecy, blowing in the temple.  The face of God present in the temple amidst man was Grace.  What is the history, what does that baffling backward wind reveal to man today?


The baffling wind began with the intentions of the plural gods to create a phantom self image in what is translated Genesis 1; but means The First United OX, the totality of all that would come forth.


In the Flames of the East out of the Trickling of Myrrh from the White Mountain came Happy.


A Happy Trickle of Myrrh zilpsh of sevenweapon left Upper Egypt and is buried in Lower Egypt, translated as earth. 


Out of Lower Egypt emerged the branch extending of Happy, the superfluity, the abundance of Happy.


The builder of Happy in Lower Egypt, earth was Prosperity of the Right hand, the open hand of power.


The builder of the Prosperity of the open right hand of Power was He Will Level.


The builder of He Will Level was the level of Happy.


The builder of the Level of Happy was an open superfluity, abundance.


The builder of the Superfluity of the Level of Happy was openly good for nothing.


Openly good for nothing superfluity of the Level of Happy produced, A community, the King of God, Preserved Settlings of wine, a Smiter, An Overhanging Excess and a open Burden.


 Out of the Openly good for nothing Community  the Level Happy, came He Will Deliver, Keeper of the Seal, the Egyptian Bath Daughter of Wealth.


There is a Bright, Pruning, Divider, that Will Deliver the open good for nothing  Level Community. Restoring the  Prosperity of the Happy right hand.  This is the branch extending  out of the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest..


Builder of the King of God is the plural piercings  of Happy; so there is a Trickling of Myrrh.


Through the door comes the  builders of the Preserved Settlings of Wine; a Brotherly, Outcry,  of the Hidden, Highlands.


Through the door of the builder of the Smiter of Happy comes ; Will Expand, He Will Restrain, the Triplet of Toil and Wearing Effort.


The builders of the Expansion, the breadth will Wipe Away, uncertain derivative, of the Jackal Burrower, Fountained Interchange of an Inaccessible Spot of Grandeur, the Desolation, of the Triplication of the Excellent Well of Happy.


The Egyptian Gomercompleted the Overhanging Excess, the builders that  Will Be Prepared, for the Dispersion, of the Lion.


The Egyptian Gomer completed of the open Burden are the builders of the Wayfaring, Favor of God, the Delight of Happy.


This is the descent of the Happy Face of God prophesying  an abundance of happiness is hidden in the far distant Highlands.  The Light Bringer has brought the light to the temple of man.  The Trickle of Myrrh  of Happy from the White Mountain in the Flames of the East can only be found in the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest.  It holds the key to the mystery of the Black Highland.


Grace of the Face of God, is the branch extending of Happy.  The baffling wind has taken us back to the Garden of Pleasure, just a phantom illusion of Happy.


There is a Bright Pruning Divider of a Community that leveled Happy and put in its place the Wearing Effort of Toil.


Happy is the manifestation of the phantom  illusion of Pleasure.  A phantom illusion intended by the plural gods in the First United OX, translated as Genesis chapter 1.




King James

Strong’s #









451 H2582

Favored of Hadad<graciousness and King of Edom









Branch  (key element it is coming forward so is a branch extending)


768 H836




Fem sing, masc plural, the



Fixed position


4260<4253 and 939

Walked forward <in front and walk



To live



Accompaniment, amid



Man  (very few primary words)


2033P #

This is an indefinite number in Old Testament, fullness



Year (very few primary words)  Old Testament open revolutions of time.



Off away



Baffling wind, backward



Maidenhood <maiden



I favored of Graciousness and the King of  RED Edom, foreteller from the original Happy branch extending.  I came from a fixed position and walked forward in the midst of man.  These full revolutions of timeyear from afar back.  This wind has blown from the origins of my maidenhood in the Garden of PleasureEden.  


Blue subscribers have access to the full writing with all of the KJB words and the references.  Learn that Grace is the mother of REBELLIOUS,  mother in law of WILL ADD, helper of TERMINAL where the building of the family of man ends and the building of the family of PLURAL GODSGOD BEGAN.


Find the generating of these 2 lineages that join at the TERMINAL  in Chapter 19 of We Are All Egyptians