What is the Source of Husband?

What is the Source of Husband?

A Primitive Root Word

In order to understand the word HUSBAND we need to discover its source.  Words are either primary words, primitive roots or branches, twigs, leaves, fruit, etc growing from the primitive root.

In order tounderstand any word of the original text, such as the one that means


We need to look at its source and also if possible where it leads to; what it nourishes.  What sometimes seems confusing is better understood when we look at the entire plant; not just a twig.

  • What is feeding it and what does it feed and or produce.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  So I am giving you graphic depictions regarding this word HUSBAND.

Today’s graphic is available to any one reading this blog.  However that will not necessarily be true for the future graphics of HUSBAND; how it was translated and where it is found in the original text.  This will require at the minimum being a free subscriber; but most likely only Premium Subscribers will have access. (more…)

To Work or Be a Worshipper That is the Question!

To Work or Be a Worshipper That is the Question!

To Work or Worship Husband?

The words of the Sweet Little Books that we scribed 1845BC to70AD were translated into many different words causing confusion.

Interpretations have buried them.

Husband Translated Many Different Words

There is a primitive root word that means be master.  Out of the root comes two words, both mean master/husband/owner translated into many different words.  This means we have to know what translated words mean master/husband/owner and what is being written about.

Master/owner/husband of what? where? why?  We did not write about male gender persons called husbands bound by mans law to female gender persons called wives.

Making these assumptions has led to mass human suffering through religious teachings. (more…)

What is Husband What is Wife?

Today when we say husband and wife; we are saying, thinking, talking about a male gender person husband bound by law to another human person wife assigned the gender of female.

When we INTERPRET husband and wife as merely gender based words in the KJB; we bury the truth about what our pen scribed 1845 BC to 70AD.

The word meaning husband, master, controller is buried for the most part in translated words intended to keep us on track about what husband and wife is actually about.  Misinterpretations have thrown us off our pathway.

My Cherokee roots say do not mess in anyone’s walk, else you throw them off their track.