What Happens When Husband to Bend Dies?

What Happens When Husband to Bend Dies?

Magnificence of Shimmering Gold Water Reigns

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Approximately 1688 BC, our pen scribed words that mean the following.

  :39 “Husband to Bend builder of the Conveyance Ship died, Magnificence reigned.  Conspicuous position, place of waking Screaming Mortal Be Well Strength Builder Propulsive Driving builder Shimmering Gold Water.”

Neutral builder of the Conveyance Ship is dead.  The Mortal Be Well Strength Builder  is active, creative, building the Shimmering Gold Water.

What water is Shimmering Gold?  Where did that Shimmering Gold water originate?  When we accept what the interpreters decided;  that gold is a valuable metal instead of water we dig in the wrong place for the wrong commodity.

Then wonder why we cannot understand scripture as taught today.  Maybe the whole intent of instruction is that we do not understand. (more…)

To Work or Be a Worshipper That is the Question!

To Work or Be a Worshipper That is the Question!

To Work or Worship Husband?

The words of the Sweet Little Books that we scribed 1845BC to70AD were translated into many different words causing confusion.

Interpretations have buried them.

Husband Translated Many Different Words

There is a primitive root word that means be master.  Out of the root comes two words, both mean master/husband/owner translated into many different words.  This means we have to know what translated words mean master/husband/owner and what is being written about.

Master/owner/husband of what? where? why?  We did not write about male gender persons called husbands bound by mans law to female gender persons called wives.

Making these assumptions has led to mass human suffering through religious teachings. (more…)