The 8th Holocaust Step

The 8th Holocaust Step

Setting the Stage for the Pregnancyeight


This German priest  did not agree with a particular arm of the church built on the solid rock of PetraPeter/Pope which then was the Catholic portion. 

Although today, all denominations of Christianity declare that this solid rock is the place that Yah is SalvationJesus is building the church.

Not true, the church being built by Yah is SalvationJesus comes from the open punctured Egyptian pile of rock.  Same Egyptian pile of rock, that could not hold the mortal body down.  KJB makes no distinction between the two pile of rocks and rock.

GOD OF WARMARTIN SOLDIER OF THE PEOPLELUTHER posted a document on the door of the Catholic Church challenging its teachings.  This act was the seed of great pregnancy of  unrest amongst the people.

German Bible

GOD OF WARMARTIN SOLDIER OF THE PEOPLELUTHER  writes a Bible in the German language.  We know the result of that years later; white supremacy, black subjugation.  Slavery was not new; but now it had the blessing of the church. [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

In some respects slavery still has the blessing of the church as women and children are basically slaves to their husbands and fathers.  This teaching is totally unsubstantiated when we look at what our pen wrote between 1845 BC and 70 AD

This is not the first Bible as there were several before this, however none were distributed amongst the people; but used in the church to teach the people.

Teachers of German

Teachers of a German language is no different than the teachers of the English language that would come after the publication of the English King James Bible in 1645 AD.  Neither were they teachers of spiritual truths passed down through the centuries; but teachers of language.

To understand what we wrote, we must understand the language.  This does not mean we have to learn Hebrew, Chaldean, Egyptian and all the other languages from which words were taken.  Understanding the language is imperative.


GOD OF WARMARTIN SOLDIER OF THE PEOPLELUTHER  coins a new word TRINITY.  This word is a seed planted in our minds that there is a male gender father with a male gender son and that makes the WHOLEHOLY  SPIRIT. 

The pregnant idea of male dominance was planted, took hold and has resulted in an untold holocaust to humanity.

Male gender is now required to carry two or three or more heads on the shoulders, thus bowing the back.  The insistence of the clergy, the priests that this was Gods will for them.

Female gender and children were beheaded; ability to think, reason, hear, see and act on their own behalf was taken away.  This is stil lhappening today across the planet.  The pregnancy did not end it continues to produce seed blown about by every wind of doctrine.

Males have labored for generations under this heavy unreasonable load put upon their backs by the GOD OF WARMARTIN SOLDIER OF THE PEOPLELUTHER .  Not an original idea; but a powerful one that resulted in a birthing of increased inhumanity

Instituted by a priest to whom many were looking for spiritual guidance.  Many believing even today that what the priest says is Gods word.  Afraid to challenge God, just in case it might be true and then they will die, be judged and go to hell for disobedience.

This is not to say that this load was put on the backs of males exclusively by the GOD OF WARMARTIN SOLDIER OF THE PEOPLELUTHER.  

Obviously it is embraced by all the religious doctrines of the planet who proclaim this to be the word of god and therefore must be adhered to.

axe“Lay the axe to the root of every tree that does not bring forth good fruit.”  LIGHT BRINGERLUKE.

Egyptian Math Will Add

Egyptian math is all about adding.  Three joined together make an Egyptian gomer, which means complete/completed.  It is a basic building block of creation. 

Thirds are female separated/punctured, joined they make a male non gender COMPLETED form, ie TRINITY.

The builder of the FIRST Egyptian gomer completed is hidden in the FIRSTGENESIS chapter one.  You will not find this root builder in the KJB unless you know the word that the builder of the Egyptian gomer was translated from.

The first completed form was water, energy bonds holding 3 gases, 2 oxygens and 1 hydrogen .  A result of the big bang of FIRSTGENESIS..  You will not find the big bang reading the KJB, you have to go back to what our pen wrote in the first place.

GOD OF WARMARTIN SOLDIER OF THE PEOPLELUTHER set the stage for the biggest brainwashing the planet has ever experienced.

One thousand five hundred and seventeen years later it has a strangle hold on the Multitude of NationsAbraham who were given the full inheritance of LAUGHTERISAAC..

Where is the LaughterIsaac, where is the Father of JoyAbigail in these doctrines? 

 Even the KJB says that God is neither male nor female, Jew nor Gentile, black nor white; still the belief in male dominance persists.